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Politics, technology and philosphy

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Can anything be done about the insane amount of porn spam I'm getting?

Every single community I'm in and even public posts are showing a bunch of porn. It's extremely annoying as I'm simply trying to browse news stories and posts and every other link is some half naked woman.

I'm about to stop using G+ all together if this doesn't stop. 

"The Bad" From the Ars Technica Review.
A lot of the cons are just feel like nitpicking at this point. My comments are after the -- .

"The sky-high price feels more like a marketing ploy ("We're just as good as the iPhone!") than a justifiable price point. -- But it is, they didn't compromise like on previous Nexus devices and also Nexus devices were probably sold VERY close to cost.

The single speaker is a big downgrade from the Nexus 6P. Google is charging more and delivering less. -- They are delivering more through software and reliability. The Nexus 6p cut corners as well. (I own one)

A rear glass panel adds fragility and ugliness in exchange for... nothing? Just use metal. -- But why? That's subjective, except for the fragility part. I think it looks great!

Other devices at this price point from Samsung and Apple are "dunkable" in water with IP68 rating. The Pixels are not. -- Um how often are you dunking your phone in water? I dropped ONE phone in a glass of milk when I was 12 years old, since then I've never ruined another phone from water damage. How often are people swimming with their phones? LOL

Still no SD card slot even though Google made SD cards much more usable in Android 6.0. -- They made it more usable because other OEMs include them, doesn't mean it's the best solution. SD Cards are still slower than internal storage and probably always will be.

Google's two years of major OS updates can't compare to Apple's iPhone support, which is often 4+ years of OS updates." -- You try using a iPhone 5 with iOS 9? The experience each year gets worse. Also how many people really keep the same phone for over 2 years? I'm sorry, but I don't want a phone from 2012 running software from 2016, it's just gonna suck. 

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On this day in #CONAN history: The Witcher 3 changed Conan O'Brien's life -> #CluelessGamer
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