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Stop Thinking Get a #Hair_Transplant!
Beat The #Baldness and Regain Your #Confidence!
Hair Transplant With Highly Qualified & Experienced Plastic Surgeon @ #NubelloClinic
To Know Which Procedure is Right For You & What Will Be The Cost: #Hairtransplant #Hairimplant #Hairline #Hairloss #Hairregrowth #Baldness #Mumbai 

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Watermelon Cooler - Summer Drink 🍉🍉
4-5 cups of seedless watermelon (1 medium-sized watermelon), cut into chunks
1/2 peeled cucumber, cut into chunks
5 -10 mint leaves roughly chopped
3 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice
a pinch of salt
Place all the ingredients in a blender, and process until it smooth.

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Get The Look & Confidence You Have Been Looking For.
For Natural Looking Curves !!
#Breastimplantsurgery #BeautifulYou #BreastEnhancement #Mumbaimodels #NubelloClinic #PerfectShape


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Go Green , Eat Green , Feel Green , Think Green
Because Green is Always New 🌏 #EarthDay

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Speed Up Your #Metabolism with These Metabolism #Boosting #Foods!

Although metabolism is #partly inherited due to nature of genetics, eating right can influence your metabolism #majorly. Some are inherited with a slow metabolism whereas some are inherited with a #faster metabolism. When it comes to #shedding down extra weight, having good energy and being healthy, food that boost #metabolism and fat burning is very important. A higher metabolism rate will increase digestion and shed off #extra pounds whereas a slow metabolism can make you feel lethargic and frustration. Slow metabolism also makes you feel #heavy and put on #oodles of #weight.

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Latest Result & Happy Patient Of Hair Transplant @ Nubello Clinic 100% #Natural
Get Latest Offer & Know Your Cost :
Can Also #Comment Your #Number For Free Consultation. 
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Cover Your Baldness , Increase Density & Get Natural Looking Hairs !
Get Latest Offer & Your Free Consultation:
Interest Free EMI Available
#HairTransplant #Baldness #HairRestoration #HairImplant #Mumbai #Nubelloclinic #Haircare 

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Don't Like Your Nose ? Get Expert Advice @ Nubello Clinic
Your Consultation Call:
Smell A New Life !!
#Rhinoplasty #Nosesurgery #Perfectnose #Selfie #Pictureperfect #Beauty #Looks #Mumbai #Models #Nubelloclinic

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Losing Your Crowning Glory Can Be Particularly Difficult For #Women. But There Are Ways To Cope.

In recent years, a number of women–both young and old–have pursued restorative therapies and surgeries to attend to their own thinning manes. Medical and cosmetic practices are picking up on the PRP trend, utilizing the versatile therapy to deliver promising results for #ladies looking for a #thicker, #fuller head of hair.

✴With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is #naturally stimulated.

Advantages of #PRP Therapy -
👉Simple, non surgical procedure
👉Multiple Injections: procedure lasting approximately 60 minutes
👉Safe and reliable results
👉Very quick recovery period
👉Beautiful and above all extremely natural looking end results

✴It is possible to use PRP Hair Loss Therapy alone to promote hair growth or it can also be used in combination with #Hair_transplant or restoration surgery.
Your Free Consultation -
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