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Hai Anh Hoang

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To see how fast quicksort is in comparison to other algos
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Kotaku Australia: The Attack On Titan Movie Will Be Filmed On A Deserted Island.
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Hai Anh Hoang

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Today I learn

(VIM) Comand+=  increases font size
(VIM) Comand+-  decreases font size
(VIM) ]s : next miss-spelled word
(VIM) [s : previous miss-spelled word
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Hai Anh Hoang

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Have him in circles
202 people
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Asciidoctor | An open source implementation of AsciiDoc in Ruby

Asciidoctor allows you to override the built-in templates used to render almost any individual AsciiDoc element. If you provide a directory

Fed up with passwords? These tech experts are seeking alternatives

Backing voice, fingerprint and cardiac rhythm alternatives, a group of researchers and executives is trying to kill one of the most persiste

Java 8: 15 Must Read Tutorials | Takipi Blog

The internet has been doing quite a good job covering all of Java 8's new additions - here's a round-up of some of the best tutorials out th

BTrace: Hidden Gem in Java Developer Toolbox | Javalobby

Today's post is about BTrace which I am considering as a hidden gem for Java developer. BTrace is a safe, dynamic tracing tool for the Java.

Home — Project Kenai

March 18th, 2014: JDK 8 has been released and is available for download here. It contains Java VisualVM tool based on VisualVM 1.3.6. Januar

Chromecast More Than Web Pages: 4 Types of Files You Can View in Chrome

Google’s Chromecast allows you to send anything you can view in a Chrome browser tab to your PC. You’re not limited to just web pages, as Ch

Coding conventions: 9 areas where developers actually agree

When it comes to writing code, programmers can often differ over what conventions should rule. Based on GitHub data, here are a number of co

Khai hội thề không tham nhũng - Văn hóa Giải trí - Tuổi Trẻ Online

TTO - Ngày 13-2 (14 tháng Giêng), tại khu di tích lịch sử văn hóa cấp quốc gia đền - chùa Hòa Liễu, xã Thuận Thiên (huyện Kiến Thụy, TP Hải

Google Doodle celebrates Canada’s coldest day, -63 C

Google’s “doodle” Monday celebrates a part of Canadian heritage we might rather not think about: Our coldest day, set this date in 1947 when

Thái Bá Tân, Hoàng Phong, Nguyễn Trung Đức etc

Tôi chưa bao giờ ưa Thái Bá Tân, tôi thấy truyện ngắn của ông cực dở, thơ thì như vè chẳng có mấy giá trị thì khỏi phải nói, lại thêm cái th

Cheat Sheets - good coders code, great reuse

Awk, Nawk, Gawk, Sed, Ed, Perl, Screen, Emacs, Vi, Shell, Bash, GNU Coreutils, Util-Linux, ASCII, Regular Expressions

Albert Camus : Đam mê viết báo và “4 phẩm chất của một nhà báo tự do”

Giả như Albert Camus vẫn còn sống, thì hôm 07 tháng Mười Một vừa qua, ông có lẽ đã tròn 100...

Nhị Linh

Ai là dịch giả giỏi nhất nửa thế kỷ qua? Với tôi câu trả lời rất đơn giản: đó là Dương Tường. Yên tâm đi, tôi không đi vào những lý luận vớ

BIXI owes $50M, files for creditor protection - Montreal - CBC News

BIXI owes $50 million to various creditors, including $31 million to the City of Montreal, which it is unable to pay.

Special - CHASING HARUKI MURAKAMI - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

Novelist Haruki Murakami has attracted a worldwide following of fans who eagerly await his next novel. What Murakami depicts often seems to

Engineering Managers Should Code 30% of Their Time

Lose contact with the code, and you lose the connection to your team and the project. How then to make the time to manage and code? The cofo

VFF chuyển tiền thưởng của U23 sang cho tuyển nữ - VnExpress

Thầy trò HLV Trần Vân Phát không bảo vệ thành công tấm HC Vàng ở SEA Games nhưng nỗ lực của đội vẫn được Liên đoàn bóng đá Việt Nam ghi nhận

Researchers crack the world’s toughest encryption by listening to the ti...

Security researchers have successfully broken one of the most secure encryption algorithms, 4096-bit RSA, by listening -- yes, with a microp

Xem video Rap News số 3 - VietnamPlus

Xem video Rap News số 3 - VietnamPlus

10 New Chromecast Apps

The number of apps that support Chromecast has increased: there are 10 new apps and most of them are free. Here's the list: * VEVO (Android,