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I don't know since when but I can't make my keyboard to learn new words.
when I swipe up twice to learn new words, usually a little book icon followed with "learned" will appear in suggestion area.
now it's not; no book icon and "learned" and my words not learned. 

please allow us to configure the font type, and font size using in keyboard please.

I keep a lot of words in my dictionary since I'm using foreign languange as my main languange.
the difficulty I faced is whenever I'm going to erase one of the listed words I must search it manually.

can you please make a simple search bar on Dictionary so that it's easier for me to navigate to one words?
or just make a groups for each letters? 

gotta rollback to ver. 2.1.1 because the newest one ver. can't preview Twitpic links 

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Did you have a look at Web Development best practices from Google? Awesome resource for beginners and very useful for experts:

This is work in progress but we don't have to wait till it's June release. It's already in very polished usable state.

#webdevelopment   #webdesign   #googlerocks  

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bug for preview pic posted on Path.

top image: preview pic is available if the post is favorited and seen on Favorites tab.

below image: seen from List (Silver Tongue), preview pic is not available and must be open on browser to see the pic. 

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koplak XD 
Theorem 1: Toasts always land butter side down.
Theorem 2: Cats always land on their feet.
Theorem 1 + Theorem 2 = awesomeness
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so true XD
The life of a programmer before a deadline.  #SoTrue  

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Perlu ini
Tagging like a Charm

taggingJS is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to create an high customizable front-end tag system.


Supported Browsers:

* Chrome 1+
* Firefox 1+
* IE 6+
* Safari 5.1+


Image / Demo:

GitHub / Download:

The MIT License (MIT)

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