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What kind of music do I make? The kind you didn't know you liked - until you heard it.
What kind of music do I make? The kind you didn't know you liked - until you heard it.

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White Candidate Believes She Is A Pioneer By Using The N-Word
"Valerie Smith, a white woman from Southhampton, Long Island thinks that she is entitled to use the n-word because she is a 'pioneer.'"

"The woman, who is running for the Village Board in Southhampton used the slur in a call to police."

"The call has been released in which she claims that 'a bunch of ni—ers' were in front of her property 'drinking Hennessy.'”

She "told the Southhampton Press that she converted her street from a 'rodent infested dump' into an oasis and often intervened in public disturbances while calling people that word."

Sorry, Valerie, you are no pioneer - not even for the cause of idiocy.

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How Worried Should Jared Kushner Be?
1. Jared Kushner urged Trump to fire Comey.
2. When a special counsel was appointed, Kushner urged the president to counterattack.
3. When seeking a security clearance, Kushner lied about his Russian contacts and connections.
4. Kushner was engaged in what a former CIA official calls espionage when seeking a back channel to Russia, operated out of the Russian embassy.
5. How worried should Kushner be?

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"When it comes to religion and prejudice, it seems the problem is not the genuinely devout, but rather the hangers-on."
"Genuine piety can be a catalyst for compassion. But the shared rituals that create a cohesive congregation 'may also produce hatred of others'—especially among those who lack deeply felt spiritual beliefs."

Read more:

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Tokyo's Lost And Found Has Millions Of Items
"In Tokyo alone, 3.83 million [lost] items were recorded by the Metropolitan Police Department in 2016."

"Among the millions of items that were registered with Tokyo’s lost and found center last year was an urn containing someone’s ashes."

"And yet this should perhaps not surprise you — urns are handed into lost and found centers more regularly than you might think. Last year alone, the Metropolitan Police Department’s lost and found center in Bunkyo Ward tried to reunite as many as 10 urns with their owners. In every case, relatives of the deceased refused to come and collect them."

Read more about the lost and found culture in Japan:

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Could Trump sell NATO on joining the US in a military action?
After being chastised by Trump during his visit to Europe, how many leaders of NATO member countries would try to sell a NATO mission to their publics who despise Donald Trump?

A basic reality of NATO is that when there is a mission, countries are not obligated to provide military units for the effort. Each NATO country has its own decision-making process for deploying troops. Leaders of NATO member countries need to sell a mission to their own government and people.

If it is a US initiative (most of the time), then the mission becomes easier or harder to sell depending on who the US President is. Afghanistan got harder to sell after Iraq in 2003. It got easier to sell when George W. Bush, unpopular in Europe/Canada, got replaced by Barak Obama.

And now there is Trump. Could Trump sell NATO on joining the US in a military action? That's something to worry about.

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Connie Beckley | A Fish Against The Flow
from The Aquarium: Sonic Meditations on Life in the City (1997)

Style: 20th C. Classical, Electronic, Non-Music, Experimental, Voice.

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In a fit of pique, Mr. Rogers prepares to hurl his shoe at Mr. McFeely for a less than speedy delivery.

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VHS Collector Opens ‘80s Style Video Store In His Basement
"One Houston, Texas-based VHS collector has taken his nostalgia for the video store experience to a level of awesome that most would never consider. He has recreated an ‘80s style video store in his basement.

J"ason Champion’s Champion Video is a fully-functional video rental outlet that issues memberships and boasts over 4,500 titles. True to the era, memberships and rentals are tracked on an ancient Commodore 64 computer with a spreadsheet program.

"In an interview for, Mr. Champion details the shop’s authenticity:

"'There is a display case with candy, trading cards, VCRs, blank tapes, tape rewinders, and popcorn for people to 'buy.' Also, I have a horror themed arcade set on free play, since a lot of old video stores used to have them. Oh man, there’s so much more stuff like video store promos, posters, horror and 80s collectibles all over the place, it’s like the 80s threw up everywhere.'"

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Ben & Jerry's Bans Two Same-Flavored Scoops To Support Same-Sex Marriage
But shouldn't they insist that all double scoops be same-flavored until same-sex marriage is allowed? It's the two-scoop same-flavor agenda!
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