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Our friends at +MobileBurn say that #HTCOne X is their “favorite phone on the market today.” Thanks, guys!
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Waiting for the AT&T announcement.
HTC ONE X White is impossible to locate here in India. I wonder if you can help? Your suppliers in Delhi are behaving like douches to my local dealer. Not picking up phones, ignoring messages from my local dealer. This is not how your regional suppliers should be treating customers.
+HTC Does it comes to T-Mobile USA? I really want it. PLEASE! :)
i am still waiting for galaxy x is rellay amazing device but i am focused on galaxy s3.:)
Same here +Sushubh Mittal I just left AT&T and would never go back no matter what phone they have. I have a SGS2 on T-Mobile after having a HTC Inspire 4g. The SGS3 should be amazing.
+HTC Any chance of an HTC One Tablet? A ChromeOS hybrid maybe, with a keyboard dock?
+HTC please release an unlocked pentaband version of the phone with 32gb. It will be a perfect phone. As it stands right now you've handicapped each version just enough for me to think twice about buying it :(
+Mladen Kovacevic Exactly. It's an incredible device hardware-wise, but it is handicapped just enough to make me think twice and at the very least, be a good consumer and wait to see what the competition holds (i.e. Galaxy S III).
So, +HTC Sprint just announced their new addition, we know what AT&T is getting, what does Verizon get? :D
Well it's the LTE Evo, not really a One series for Sprint. It's a quadcore upgrade though and 4.7 screen.
Yeah your right same phone, I just re-read the post. No quadcore only dual cause of LTE. Their making my decision to wait on the SGS3 that much easier.
Definitely, beats the Samsung note by far great phone
Out of stock in Thailand already
+HTC Why oh why would you let Sprint murder the device's hardware and looks? I hope HTC realizes that alot of Sprint customers will leave HTC because of this shit device called EVO LTE that looks nothing like the One X nor does have have the same chip. My EVO3D is dual core, makes no sense to get another dual core phone. FU +Sprint !
+Adam Maas Honestly, they both suck. The main chip has been downgraded on both from quad to dualcore. They increased the battery by 150mAH on the Sprint version which is cool but not that major of an upgrade! Sprint's version is a fugly device when compared to the original One X. AT&T on the other hand kept the elegant design. Me personally, l will be getting an unlocked version and unfortunately, AT&T is the only compatible service provider with the same frequency so I would be able to get 3G but not LTE. In a couple of words, HTC screwed the US HTC users. Coming from a user who has been an HTC fanatic for over 9 years.
I love the HTC One X! - I pre-ordered one in HK, but it hasn't arrived yet even though they promised me I could get it before the fifth of April!
When can we see it in mainland China?
HTC has bad battery life.
Ya, dinc and rezound both SUCKED!!!!!
I don't know enough chinese to talk about why
I love speaking (some) Chinese. Google translate's grammar 是不好
the one models...depending on their budget and needs.
Which phone have you tested? Both of mine were crap
不是。galaxy s3 是四核机王
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