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Would you buy a pink phone? Few things are as personal as color, which makes choosing the right colors for our phones a real challenge. Read about how we choose colors and other important steps in designing our phones here:
At the Frequencies media summit in Seattle over the last two days, HTC walked us through the fine details on how its smartphones
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Kerri F
I would, but Im a giiiiiiiirl.
No, but a pink Cadillac would do -:)
The color option should be left to case manufactures. The phones should be left to their natural material colors! Except EVO LTE of course! Metallic red just screams EVO!
I'm pretty sure the color is at least half the reason my wife loves her Ryhme so much.
My wife would. She has everything pink. She has a pink cover for her Sensation.
Talk to Nissan about their paramagnetic paint, then we can change the color of the phone whenever we feel like it ;o)
screw a pink phone i want ICS on my EVO3D lol!!
I totally agree with Steve give us a date for ics on EVO 3D
Stop bloating your devices with large amounts of useless apps and Sense (even 4.0 is bloat, at least make it a choice), stop making the dev unlock less and less useful (or actually be useful at all at this point, which it no longer is), and don't make silly hardware choices like you did with the One series such as non-removable batteries and no SD slots. Then I might consider spending a penny on one of your phones.

My wife likes your phones, however, she hates pink.
J Agnew
No to a pink phone, yes to really unlocking them.
Wow: "HTC has even conducted smartphone deprivation studies to see what features the participants missed the most: phones were taken away for two weeks, and during the period people had to document what they missed about their smartphones, as well as noting whether they had found other ways to do what they'd normally do with their phones." I'd love to see those results.
I had an Evo, and now use a Galaxy Nexus, so not a fan of colors. I prefer color as a subtle accent, like the red that peeks through in a few places on my old Evo, and the red stripe going across the back of the new one.

I would never buy a phone for a color, but I certainly would avoid a phone for one.
I will admit the nexus was tempting, but HTC's hardware and design crushes anything else out there. Even if the US SGSIII has the quad core exynos, One X will stomp it, HTC did a very nice job on this phone. Please hear you customers!
Will HTC ever make a stock android phone. It's not like there is a lot of competition in the high-end stock android space.
+Brandon Sobotta My phone is the Nexus. I have to deal with HTC phones because my wife likes them and because of work.

I believe that Sense 4.0 is a massive improvement over previous versions. However, I also believe that it should be a removable theme that doesn't change the very fabric of Android itself. Also, as for bloat, the HTC One S on T-Mobile has at least 27 non-removable system apps that should have been user's choice instead of permanently in place, many of which duplicate each other's functionality down to the letter. In some cases, there are at least 3 apps that do exactly the same thing but are simply made by different developers and are there whether the user likes it or not. That isn't counting all of the hidden frameworks and apps that you can't see, including Carrier IQ which pretends that you can disable the logging. The phone has a non-removable battery AND no SD slot (still a bit upset about that on my Nexus, but the other positive aspects outweigh it) which, when added along with everything else, makes this a non-purchasable phone for me.

Now, I'm an advocate of each user choosing the best phone for them, be it any form of Android, iPhone, Windows, Symbian, MeeGo, WebOS, or whatever floats your boat. It's your phone. However, HTC asked our opinion on their phone, so I'm giving mine.
Non-removable battery?! I live on extended battery.
+Bill Blonigan All three of the HTC One devices have non-removable batteries, and recent statements from HTC imply they are moving away from removable batteries (and hardware keyboards) entirely.
I can say for the OG evo, I would not have gotten an extended battery if it hadn't be purchased for me. But now, between two functional EVO's I have 4 stock batteries and one 3500 mAh's. On CM 7.2 with moderate usage I get about 15 hours.

With the S4 processor, and the 2000 mAh on the EVO LTE I think I may be fairly satisfied...
What? Even though my employer offers a free phone and I'm up for a new one, I doubt I'll switch from EVO 3D with extended battery for the next 3 years or so. Smartphones are useless without capacity for 18 hours of "heavy" use. I leave all antennas on, watch video, and stream music all day with my 4000 mAh Seidio batty. Once you go extended batt, you'll never go back. The designers who think otherwise must have only "light" users in their sights, +Jody Vogt
+Bill Blonigan To clarify my previous post, the Galaxy Nexus has no SD slot but does have a removable battery, just in case my choice of grammar makes that unclear.
I do.t know maybe they'll out, I mean who just swaps their micro SD card over when they get a new phone? Surely nobody uses such an antiquated method everyone backsup... Don't they?... Oh wait thanks to a locked boot loader and no root, nobody can! HTC for the love of all things Droid give your customers what Google wanted them to have! Not a locked out, non removable fixed memory phone.... Sounds like another brand of phone on the market.
A few times did i have to remove my battery from my sensation, just to get it started after some buggy crash. Thanks for removeable batr
I'd buy a pink HTC phone - if it was unlocked!
I have one Black HTC Desire A8181
+Brandon Sobotta +Jody Vogt I personally will choose the phone with the best hardware specs on my carrier. I don't think I will be switching carriers anytime soon because I like data and my money, go +Sprint and for hardware the EVO LTE is going to beat anything hands down. I will continue to petition HTC for a #trueunlock, but there still is an unlock...
one s 好期待!!!
Any body knows where to get HTC one X dual core snapdragon UNLOCKED ? +HTC ?
Wei Loh
Yes, more color variants would be very nice rather than the all so normal black and white choices. Just look at the Nokia Lumia. Similar polycarbonate body.
+Brandon Sobotta HTC also puts bloatware on their phones (Stocks, News, Facebook, Twitter, ...).

No way I 'd ever buy a pink phone, not even if I could teleport with it.
+Lars Van Eynde I guess that depends on your definition of bloatware. Everything you described just now is part of the Sense experience. Having all the social integration, news, stock, etc. built-in is meant to make those things feel less like separate apps and more like they're just part of the phone, which I appreciate. By your logic anything that is not stock Android is bloatware and I think calling it that is a bit unfair.
No way I'd buy a pink phone either. I actually like the size and form factor of the HTC Rhyme a lot, but I wish it had come in silver like it does internationally.
I wouldn't, but my wife & Mother in law would. Unfortunately, both of them just got Epic Touch's... Ask again in 2 years :D
+Sam Gemmet Good point but I don't see the need in preventing people from uninstalling apps that can easily be downloaded for free. I don't consider apps like Facebook part of the Sense experience, they are just apps.
I think, that I would not buy this, but the idea is great
+HTC response awaited. where to buy unlocked dual core HTC one X? Any country carrying it unlock?
Pink? Never. I would however definitely buy a HTC phone if it was COBALT BLUE (if you've no idea what that looks like, do a Google image search for 'Nintendo DS cobalt blue'. In a word....stunning.
I prefer a white phone they look clean and elegant
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