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Big, bright screens; hours on the phone talking, texting, emailing; and even listening to music or watching the latest movies. Technology continues to move forward - learn how we’re working to improve the overall performance and battery life for your HTC.
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My battery life seemed to improve when my HTC Desire HD got upgraded to Gingerbread. So I'm hoping for a further improvement when you roll out Ice Cream Sandwich to the Desire HD?

Also, one definite way to improve battery life? Unlock the phone, so I can uninstall never-used-but-always-on apps. Really, why would I need or want a 'Mail' app that I can't switch off or uninstall, when there's a Gmail app?
whens the htc droid incredible 4G coming out tired of waiting
Hey, HTC, the battery life of my One X works good, but my screen still flickers sometimes
If you're really listening then give me some decent support over my HTC sensation which is very flaky
Actually no, you're not listening. You don't even reply back to your users on this channel. What's the point then? I could go on and on but why should I? You probably won't read this anyway...
My battery life isn't so good on my one x. After the latest update its a bit better, but there's more possible ;)
So you claim higher mAh requires bigger batteries. Apparently Samsung and Motorola know something HTC does not. The just announced Galaxy S 3 and the Razer Maxx have much larger batteries but maintain thin profiles.
+Louis Bank you're missing the point. HTC is justifying their small batteries with false info (proven by moto and Samsung). How else will HTC realize customers are unhappy with this (you are the minority here). I like HTC products except for the small batteries, and I want them to improve in this area. I'm voicing my displeasure as a customer. You're the whiner here. Don't read it if you don't want to hear it.
It's not just batteries. The new Samsung Galaxy SIII allows you to add memory using Micro SD. HTC latest phones do not! They're falling behind the competition!
What the hell are you talking about Kim? Unibody > SD card slot?
On battery for 32 minutes and I'm at 87%. Just reading news, some browsing, no music, no CPU intensive stuff. How is that good...?
+Kim Kröger You do notice the word I in your post don't you? Have you ever stopped to think that everyone else is not you?
+Kim Kröger I'm sure there are more people out there that would prefer a replaceable battery and a micro-SD slot. So, why should the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many? It's illogical ;) Besides, you could have both. The micro-SD slot could just as easily be like the micro-SIM slot.

And I think you're being selfish. You don't need a unibody design; whatever you do with a unibody phone, you can do without. I, on the other hand (as with others), might actually need a micro-SD slot. And I'm sure others have strong reasons for wanting a replaceable battery.

I would be happy with a true 32GB phone (not 26GB of user space) or with a 64GB version. Samsung released a product with 3 variants up to 64GB with a micro-SD slot and even offers double of Dropbox (I don't really care about this, I'm just pointing it out) space than what you get with an HTC phone. What's up with all that?

It doesn't matter how you put it, HTC failed in the storage and battery department. Everything else is just perfect. If they hadn't though, the One X would truly be the phone of the year and possibly the most selling one. Right now, I'm not sure that will happen...
Nice! Please listen again. :-)

My wife bought the One S a week ago, so I could play around with it. First of all I was quite astonished to see pentile matrix again! It was horrible two years ago in my Desire and it's still horrible today in the One S (for my needs, especially reading texts). And actually---I did not expect it---the One S is way to slim for me ...

The One S looks nice, it's lightweight, has a big display, but it lacks a sharp display, a removable battery and a microSD slot. What a pity! I need a smartphone I can use for different tasks the whole day. It's something I use for assistance to get my work done---and to listen to music. If it looks nice, ok; I appreciate it. But first of all my smartphone has to do a good job: run time for at least 16 hours without external power supply (for reading, texting and listening to music), a high resolution, sharp display and microSD slot for data and my music collection.
+Christoph Bier Your post basically sums up what I'm looking for from an HTC phone because honestly, I'm not fond of any other manufacturer. Except maybe for Sony, but I still prefer HTC over Sony.
+Wouter van de Ridder SD are the past. They are slow to read/write. Why would you want a fast and powerful CPU if you have to deal with low speeds of data transfers from the SD?
+David Guija because it's about choice. Some people store a lot of media on their phones. Cloud storage its great but does no good if you're in a bad reception area or have a limited data plan. For the cost to add an SD slot, it shouldn't even be up for debate, leave it in.
+Louis Bank There's no need to affront people helping HTC to learn about their customers. HTC asked his customers or at least stated that it listened to its customers. I'm a HTC customer. I tell HTC how I will remain a HTC customer. YMMV … tell it HTC.
+Louis Bank Grow up and don't be an idiot. If you can't have a proper conversation with someone with a different point of view than your own, leave the talking to the adults.
+David Guija It's not exactly about the SD slot (not for me anyways) it's about storage space. Like I said before, I would be happy with a 64GB of internal storage and no SD card. Maybe others wouldn't though... I can't speak for them. But 32GB, when it actually is 24GB (I think 2GB of the 26GB of user space is reserved for apps), it's just not enough for me (and many others). And the cloud is not the solution, not in 2012 and/or for everyone in the world.

But I will have to make due with the One X. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice. Because although the HTC phones fail me on storage, that's about it, while the completion fails me on many other details.
I'm still taking a wait-and-see approach. I'm on Sprint so I'll be able to get the new Evo 4G LTE, which is essentially a One X variant, right? Supposedly it's going to have an SD card slot (good as far as I'm concerned, for all the reasons others have outlined above), but an embedded battery (bad, if the real world user experiences I've read about are closer to the truth than what HTC is saying about battery life). But I've been an original Evo 4G user for two years, so I've gotten used to staying near a charger, using Juice Defender, etc. The overall experience of the phone makes it worthwhile, IMHO.
Im happy with the one x battery it lasts all day no problem.
Sam Ng
My OneX just drained itself from 90% to 10% all within 4hrs time. All I did was check email, load foursquare and try to figure out why the sync icon still linger around the notification when I have disabled all sync accounts. This is very bad, even worse than my 3Gs.
+Louis Bank I'm not using the fact that I'm older cause I have no idea how old are you. I'm using the fact that you are acting like a child and a spoiled brat. That's all. And you continue to be an idiot, so I'm not going to bother with this discussion any longer. Not with you at least.
When I had my wildfire, it lasted quite a while, but performance was rubbish!
+HTC One more thing to listen to, rather a question. Why would you have 2 HTC logos on a slab of 4.7 inch? One big embossed at the back into the body isn't serving your brand needs? Why do you have one on front glass?
Little thinking adds elegance to premium brands.
HTC sort out battery problem, and support your old handset, like my beloved Desire HD, or I go and buy Motorola Razr Maxx
ICS for Desire HD is due in late May ive heard
54% left. And I have already charged it twice today.
Any body can let me know what's the build number on AT&T one X ? I think I read its 1.73 . Is it ?? And international version on 1.29 ? Is this true ?
Sam Ng
I am on version 1.28 international version.
I can't speak for the One X users out there but my One S has pretty damn impressive battery life considering. I can go for at least 24 hours on a charge with plenty of emailing and browsing. Note that I do not ever install social networking on my phones as it is the biggest culprit of battery drain. I just use the browser, in this case Chrome. My Nexus S was the same way though, typically just shy of 2 days on battery.
My one x's battery is killed often too quickly, disabling core features such as your data connection is one of the only ways to help. The screen is comes at a cost too great though, eats battery all too quickly even on the lowest settings.
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