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Where will HTC Car take you?
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HTC's car app is certainly much better than the stock Android (it has a clock, for one!). Still, car dock apps all seem to leave much to be desired. I think I'd much rather just have the desktop dock (and yes, I know there are apps that will make that happen, but the desktop dock should be an option when you "clear defaults" on the car dock).
I wish I could customize the car view... At the very least I'd like the music button to take me to Google Music
Apparently nowhere since i am unable to find the application from the HTC Hub or in the Android Market.
+Nicholas Alberson - HTC Car is an app that is being distributed with Sense 4.0 on, for example, the HTC One X. You'll likely never find it on the Market. Hopefully it will come out in Sense 3.6, but I'm not holding my breath.

So if you want it, you'll have to sideload it, and it may or may not work with your non-Sense device.
I have the HTC Evo 3D, supposed to be getting ICS by July. We will see if HTC keeps the schedule and i get this app.
It'll be interesting if they get ICS for the Thunderbolt out although I'm willing to be Cyanogenmod will have a rom for the 'bolt out before late summer.
HTC, make sure you get that fresh ICS to all of use who've used your flagship EVO phones and tablets! Don't leave us behind or we will go to Samsung!
Wish it came with sense 3.6!
When will the car dock be released? Car mode is irrelevant until the dock is available.
+Nicholas Alberson - ICS may not be enough. As +Joe Lopez hints (knows?), you might need Sense 4.0. This car dock may not be available with Sense 3.6.

(note: My Sense 3.6 on my Rezound came with a car dock. I turned it off immediately with an app (and made sure to go into dock settings and tell it to stop playing with my Bluetooth and WiFi settings). When I get ICS, I'll be sure to freeze it (yes, I know I could just install an ICS ROM now, etc. etc.))
No where until I get my hands on the Evo 4G LTE
+David Johnson - HTC phones are pretty easily rootable. I'll never own an Android phone with a crappy camera and an uncomfortable exterior. :-p Take that.
+Ted Pavlic Theres no HTC car in sense 3.6 with the ICS upgrade on the T-mobile Sensation 4g =(
+David Johnson I'm going to get rid of my G-Nex to get the Evo, sorry but as much as I love stock ICS, Sense 4 is a perfect add-on to it.
It would be much better if we had the possibility to select the app for music and navigation, specially. Or is there a way already?
Boo htc for releasing a prepaid version of the evo 3d running ics before the Sprint version gets updated and another boo for abandoning the $700 evo view tablet on honeycomb just because sales of the view and flyer were poor. I've been a loyal customer and i work as a wireless sales rep and I won't be recommending your products anymore. I really like the one x and the lte evo but a device should receive software updates for at least two years as that's the standard length of a contract in the United States. As much as I despise Apple as a company they support their devices for over 2 years. The i-phone 3g still receives updates even though they have many customers that purchase a new model every year.
Sad but true. I can't stand Apple, but I still see people using iPhone 3G. Lots of HTC Android users I know, especially on Sprint and Verizon seem to always have to get another phone because whenever they download updates, their phones lag/freeze/shut down. T-Mobile I don't hear about too much. SMH
I hate such an experience when HTC navigation launches every time you dock your phone and there's no way to turn this feature(?) off - You have to turn it off manually every time after license check.
+HTC It looks really smart! Is it possible to change the Apps on the buttons? And will Sense 4.0 come to the Sensation XL? By the way, is this Car Mode more than only Locations, like on the XL? Because Locations on the XL isn't worthy to be called a real Car Mode, sorry. I use Car Home Ultra, and that's OK for me, but I really like to have the original Google Car Home, or, if it's customizable, Car Mode from Sense 4.0.
We expect a quick update so you can change the shortcuts because right now they are imposing us apart GPS .......

If they please you quickly HTC fairtent
if only the HTC One X car D110 was available .... i'm waiting for it since one month... like the docking station CR S650.
No one of the two accessories are available in France.
just tap at the bottom of the screen you'll see the parameters
No way at moment in my HTC One X, because I can't found how to select other Music Player (like Google Music Player) instead of HTC Default Player.
I have ICS 4.0.3 Sense 3.6 on my Sensation XE and an HTC Car app starts when I place the phone in my car dock. I haven't used it as I preferred Google Navigation/Maps and generally use Vlingo InCar.

There is a 10K Ohm resistor between pins 4 & 5 of the micro USB connector - if you have a dock which doesn't launch car mode and want to, just add it in. Or remove it if you want to launch a different car app.

This is also the case for a desk dock, but the resistor is 47K Ohm.

By the way I accept no responsibility for this!!
Until I can buy a car dock, nowhere!
the Clock will be more usefull when i should see it in the docking station.......but when !!!
Car kit on order since 5th may ....and still 25 days to start journey to Malta...why such a late release ?
Would be nice to have the ability to Customize Music to use Google Music or other music player. And the ability to edit the radio app to Pandora (and other apps)
Ideally yes this would make this the go to car dock application
I love the overall look and feel of the car app.  But it would be a nice feature to be able to chose your Nav Program as well as your default music service.   Allowing customization could be a good thing.  As it is I wont use it, because i use Waze to navigate.
Dear +HTC , please make this app customizable. For example, I don't need "music", but the Voice Commander. I don't want TuneIn, because I paid money to have TuneIn Pro.
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