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“The One X's display is, without a hint of hyperbole, the best I've ever seen on a phone. “ Find out what else +The Verge had to say.
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Can can eagles see the pixels? If they can it's USELESS to me
But anyway, I like Sense, but I'd like the option to install stock Android. Will that be possible? If so I'd definitely buy it
+HTC my favorite quote from this article?
"the One X isn’t just one of the best Android phones I’ve ever used — it’s one of the best mobile devices I’ve ever used, period."
+james bricknell - We like that one, too! ;) +Peter Bailey - We don't have any plans to offer that at this time, but we'll be sure to share that feedback with our team. Thanks!
And of course, HTC does offer the facility to unlock the bootloader and install a custom ROM like Cyanogen Mod, but that's a slightly more out-there option to simply putting on a different launcher.
That's what I meant. I tried unlocking my Sensation but it didn't work, but that was early after the launched the bootloader unlocker.
I know how to do it. I've done it a million times on other phones. But it just didn't work on the Sensation
Do you guys at HTC plan to ever bring Sense 4.0 to HTC Sensation XE? I love my Sensation, but I wish it had all the features of Sense 4 in it!
If you made a version without Sense I'd return the Nexus I just bought (or give it to my kid) and get one. I don't want to have to hack my device to get plain ICS.
I'm curious +Gerald Hines , what is it about stock ICS as opposed to Sense 4.0 that you like so much that can't be achieved by simply installing a different launcher?
+Kim Kröger Now now, lets not be spreading lies here. What got updated first? The Sensation family or the Nexus S? Correct! The Sensation family received a continued 4.0.3 rollout before the Nexus S had its return to rollout from the beginning buggy/pulled update. Next, what had 4.0.3 first? The HTC Vivid on AT&T of all carriers, or the Galaxy Nexus? Correct again! The HTC Vivid received an OTA to 4.0.3 BEFORE the Galaxy Nexus. Next time when you try and put down an entire company's portfolio do your research.

-A Galaxy Nexus owner.
+Kim Kröger Oh I know not all UI elements can be changed by a new launcher. I was simply asking for an example of a Sense UI element that Gerald dislikes so much that can't be easily replaced with a launcher or other app, like for instance a lock screen app.
Between a new launcher and a new lockscreen app you can easily cover the vast majority of Sense, if you decide you don't like Sense.
I'm saying that you can cover SO much of Sense that it seems odd to not choose the One X simply based on a dislike for Sense. Obviously there are other valid reasons for picking the Nexus over the One X ( like removable battery, if that's important to you) but I think the "Sense/No Sense" argument is nitpicking.

Saying that both the Nexus and the One X are fantastic and in many way similar phones, that perhaps it becomes necessary to nitpick in order to choose between them.
im not sure what i should do. im on sprint.
should i stay with you and get a "htc one evo" or get the new iphone which will have an ultimate camera. just saying this becasue i hate the evo 4g camera. always lags. and im having digitizer issues with a fresh new digitizer pro. installed
+Kyron Weaver My motto is don't base decisions off speculation. You say the iPhone will have the "ultimate camera" when actually the camera on the iPhone has only ever been on par with what's available on smartphones, never "ultimate". The 8 MP camera on the 4S was really playing catch-up to phones that had 8MP cameras for a while. Saying that HTC has acknowledged it was a little behind the ball on cameras and has really gone out with this camera. Reviews report it as being excellent, better than any camera on a phone with the exception of Nokias.
If a camera is truly important to you then the Nokias are the way to go. The cameras in them are much more orientated towards replacing a dedicated camera. The 12MP in the N8 is often cited as perhaps the best camera available on a phone, and the new Nokia Pureview is quite impressive.
But it sounds like you're holding out for a phone that only exists as a series of speculations and doesn't really follow what Apple has done in the past.
A bit too pricey for me.. I'll settle for a One S..

Even though HTC is pushing the One X as their flagship, the One S has the better CPU. The dual core krait easily out-performs Tegra 3 in CPU intensive tasks. GPU wise Tegra 3 is much better. But the One S has fewer pixels. Wonder which will be faster in real life use..
Well should have my HTC One X on Saturday all been well so will drop a post and let you all know what I think of it. Lets face it, gotta be better than my desire running ICS. :-)
No sd, no removable battery, this a HTC phone or an iphone?
Am with you on the removable battery dude but the SD?? Come on it has 32GB of storage WTF are you gonna put on a phone that needs more than that??
It was a very positive review. the reviewer summed it by saying: "Just give me a One X running something closer to stock Android 4.0, HTC, and I believe you’ve got the best smartphone ever made."
+Kim Kröger thats unfair on the Nokia 808. Its camera blows all others away and to say its gimmicky is quite ignorant; read up on the tech behind it before you judge. No doubt it will keep going after One X battery is dead, better to have a thick phone with a replacable battery and sd card than slick but sealed battery. Its about tech not just fashion. Say what you like about Symbian but it does more than Android with weak processor. Shame Microsoft paid Nokia to kill it for WP7. #pureview FTW
wow.. A symbian fanboy.. I thought they were extinct..
Mines great, except for the bubble in the glass...
+Franklin Nwankwo whilst I agree that the 808 camera is not simply a gimmick in my opinion it sacrifices too much for the camera. The thing is downright chunky. I've never used the replaceable battery in my two year old phone, nor changed the sd card. So to me those are irrelevant features I've never used, even when they were available.
+Prem Suraj :) extinct ? Not when Symbian continues to power the very best phone cameras and audio on meagre hardware. So much so that a Symbian powered phone took top award amongst the many boring slabs at mobile web conference. Let me know when your OS of choice catches up lol.
+Bob Burgess all subjective I guess. In the same vein, some will consider One X as just too big. The 808 is probably not so chunky if you consider it a point and shoot replacement. I am sure glad that Nokia put tech over fashion in contrast to the prevailing form over function madness. Just wait until your battery's charge capacity is expended, you will have to pay to get it replaced or worse, buy another phone. Would you rather be a victim of planned obsolescence ?. See for pros and cons etc.
+HTC the reason I love your phones if that they are the opposite of Apple. They allow an SD card and you can change the battery. If all your new phones like the One X are not going to have this then I regret to inform you I will not be purchasing any more of your products - please solve this problem, your phones are great - but these two features are vital. Thanks, hope to here from you shortly!
You know guys, there isn't much incentive for +HTC to really provide removable batteries and SD cards. The majority of users won't bother with removable batteries seeing that Tegra 3's 4+1 architecture will provide enough battery life. And the 32 GB of internal memory is enough for 90% of use cases.
+Prem Suraj but it isn't exactly a big job to allow people to do so is it? If most people don't use it - some people do - and that should be enough for them to retain it.
+Daniel Baines, I think it is a big job to allow people to remove the batteries. it is very likely that it would affect the design and durability of the phone (once a part can be removed it is more likely to break...)
+Elad Richardson yeah but if they have achieved it with all previous models, then there should be no problem in keeping this design.
My guess would be that adding a removable battery, which means a removable battery, would not allow an unibody design, a slim profile and the general build quality of the handset.
+Kim Kröger irremovable SIM card? Are you serious? That would mean being tied to your contract... forever.
+Bob Burgess I like HTC hardware (one reason I'm following them on G+), just replaced my trusty old EVO 4G with a Nexus. I'm not a Hater when it comes to Sense; I think older versions of stock Android were clunky and ugly, and loved Sense on my EVO for that reason. But ICS (IMO) is beautiful and efficient so there's no need to put an overlay of ANY type over the top. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a phone and then spend a bunch of time putting another layer of ROMs or widgets and launchers over the top of Sense just to try and get it back somewhere close to stock. And for the last several months Sense has been crashing on me a ton which doesn't help.

Plus I use most of Google's services and getting things like contacts and photos synced has always been more difficult in both Sense and TouchWiz. In ICS it all just works with no fiddling.

Specifications aren't everything, ask all of those people who own iPhones and iPads.

And since battery has been mentioned here, stock ICS isn't my only issue; I did have a spare battery for me EVO and used it a ton (I travel a lot). I just got the extended battery for my Nexus (they're actually offering it free now). Other than longer battery life, you can't even tell it's been installed and now I can go more than twice as long away from a charger.

My counter-question for you is, if the One X didn't come with Sense on it, would you even hesitate to buy it?
I wish you would make a perfect phone.... One X is almost a tablet. A big clunker. One S is also bordering on too big for a PHONE. If One S was 3mm thicker, had a 4" screen, had 32GB internal storage, was 30 grams heavier and had twice the battery capacity and usb host mode to run backups to usb sticks it'd be close to perfect.... That said, after eyeballing the X and S I'd probably own an S shortly after payday. Still not a 100% product IMO, just a technologically masterpiece.
Sorry the best size for a phone is 4'' .just I think
Considering how many android phones are in the market, I don't understand why people complain so much (not saying any of you are) instead of bashing a phone, get what you like. The One X suits most of my needs, so that's what I'm getting. Limited memory might be an issue, but I chose the phone knowing its limitations.
Well they are a great phone. Am getting 36-48hrs battery life from normal usage. The old thong I find a bit odd is that it still slows down. By this stupid statement I mean I close all the running apps and it still is sluggish for a bit. Also it can get very hot from just watching a film.
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