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Don’t adjust your screen, all will become clear tomorrow. #HTCOneUp 
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Larry M.
+HTC you guys are so cheesy. I hope I can get my hands on the new phone when it is released here, really liked the last One, my wife has it.
I think it will be awsome
I hope that battery is up to par with all the other flagship phones like lg and Samsung.. 2600 mah just doesn't cut it no more to be honest guys. Time to OneUp that battery. 
Zhen Hong
HTC One Two? HTC Two? HTC One Up? HTC One Down? Seriously HTC, your product naming is such a mess. Just make it followed by year edition. Nevertheless, your product is still better than Samsung. #HTCPlusOne
Your employees were nice enough to upload hands on video on YouTube!
One thing I would like in Blinkfeed is for the ability to hide Retweets of those you are following when you connect Twitter to it. 
Bryce C
+Steve Trevino If the iPhone or Moto X is proof of anything, it's that a bigger battery doesn't directly equate to better battery life. 2600mAh will do just fine as long as the software is light enough.
There are reports that it will be a Verizon exclusive for the first couple of weeks.
Bryce C
+john edwards 2 weeks at most. It'll give them the much needed marketing for this device. Verizon is superb at that. It'll probably generate more sakes because of it.
Seriously? Blur the image? Hahaha. Like anyone haven't seen it already. 
Put a 3000 MAh battery in that sucka!
Can;t wait.......will the event  be web cast!
We know ;) The new One is already leaked :P
HTC I would love to attend since it is being held at my place of work. I am rocking the HTC one in arctic blue since the day it came out on Verizon have loved it since day one . 
+HTC Do you have any alternate feeds set up for your presentation tomorrow that might be chromecast friendly? 
I think we all know the homescreen, don't hide it ^^ 
I wish all the leaks until now were fake ;surprise us +HTC
I just got a HTC One with o2 today! Unfortunately, when the new phone is released I don't think that I could afford it anyway.
I think the new m8 looks really good with Its curves. 
all features for new HTC One leaked no surprise tomorrow 
2600 mah... we shall see. I think I'll probably go back to the G2, that thing took work to kill, my current HTC One dies in about 6 hours. 
+HTC are you guys having the promotional 100$ visa if you mail in your old HTC device in the US again?
HTC desire 816...nobody seems to be leaking that phone ..
+HTC please tell us when this phone will be launched in India 
Yeah 2600 mah battery sounds weak. Hopefully it won't be that bad.
Will there be a max version? If so I'd like to wait for that I have the One now but I think I'd like to try the phablet this go around...
Can't wait. The only mystery to me is what it's going to be called. +HTC also what is your opinion about all the leaks of the m8 and what do you think of them?
OK! Let's sayM8..sincerely ly hope that there is not  a M8+ in a couple of months.
Love my HTC One max!!!
+HTC bad move on making Verizon exclusive. Everyone should be able to purchase this phone at the same time. 
+HTC Just release on each carrier on the same day. No exclusive early release for one carrier. You have dedicated loyal fans on all carriers. 
+HTC thank you for responding hopefully I will catch a glimps of it afterwards when it is all over . I have been Watching them set up for this since Friday . 
Just saw the German leaked video of the new M8. The phones hardware is a piece of art but I'm not sold on sense 6. Same icons and basically the same skin just minor and tiny changes. 
I love my HTC One and plan on getting the New One but I'm going to wait a while to see if +HTC releases a blue one. I just hope it won't be exclusive to best buy again if they do release a blue one. 
the all new HTC One ........I'm waiting for you. :)
+Bryce C and the quality of the battery, being able not to drain so quickly and not getting so warm moto are the king of batteries ;)
I love my HTC ONE (2013) I'd love to get my hands on the new 2014 model just to compare the differences :)
+Bryce C I'm sure it will be fine my HTC one is ok after a 12 hour shift.. Then I see my coworkers and there g2 and one with a razr maxx and by the end of the day and I envy they have over 60% and im plugging mine in at 18%. Or less. :(
Why do you even blur it when it has been completely leaked. (reference to the 14 min video)
Its a bigger mystery what it will be name than what it will look like since everyone knows that..
+HTC, we already know everything about it. We weren't adjusting our screens.
I really hope it doesn't sport a a 4mp... Please htc just dont
We all know what it looks like lol but I give them props on pretending we don't.
I'll see you at 1pm tomorrow at the Verizon store +HTC!!
If the battery lasts as long as my G2, i would consider this over the Z2. 
+HTC what time does it start (uk time)? And what link do we use to watch it live?
It is clear today. (leaked German video) 
Lol +HTC , also the path of success will be clear tomorrow and also hope camera will be more clear ;)
Dan K
What could it possibly look like?
+HTC If this is a verizon exclusive you may have made a fatal mistake
+Ryan Andes LG g pro 2 has bigger but worst battery. All it depends on software and gimmicks. 
It's been "Clear" for a month now... 
+Kunal Doshi bcoz 816 isn't flagship and I think +HTC had revealed it and ya same question about India availability , leak says it will cost nearly 600$ 
The HTC one its a awesome phone I got mine 
I've already seen a few reviews, but maybe we can get a name for the new one.
I'm still going to wait until tomorrow, but if the sneak peaks are true, I think I'll hold on to my HTC One (2013) for a little while longer. I really want to like the new phone. The All New One seems to be going in the wrong direction.
Everything is already clear. You don't even need to launch the phone now just start selling it
The screen resolution looks rubbish!
I think we've seen it even before you did +HTC.. :D
With a strategy like this, you ruin the ''element of surprise'' or how should i put it. Soo much hipe and leaks before the release, it just feels like and 'old' phone. I feel like it is out for months now..
Rumor say 4.1 Main UltraPixel camera And 2.1 mp kamera...Do any of you guys know...❔ The front camera is 5 mp ..? So we get a total of 6.2 mp duo cameras...Hope this rumers are not true...❔ Htc really hope you at htc One up the camera to.Htc m7 Good phone but thousands of htc fans have complain about the camera..Htc one up the duo camera then people will be satisfied...
+Rodney Bolden how is going in the wrong direction? Better camera , better batter, faster processor, bigger display....? 
Rolf B
BlinkFeed is awesome.
I think it's a great approach. The HTC One was one of the best phones ever made. It didn't do great at launch because there wasn't enough hype. People are stuck in carrier's 2 year upgrade cycle, so it's hard to gain momentum if you don't have enough notice. Now, with the success of the HTC One and the teasers we've gotten, I think (and hope) that it'll get the attention it deserves.
+Marlon M In my opinion its going in the wrong direction. I say that because I believe they skimped on the battery, needed a better camera, and I'm not a fan of the excessive bezel. Granted it has a much better processor which in turn gives better battery life, but these days the minimum of 3100 is the goal.
Rolf B
I think this isn't enough. I need more megapixels and more battery. Seriously.
The samy s5 Has a 2800 battery only 200ma not big difference...
a 14 minute video leaked of this phone...Lol. Do people still wonder what it looks like?
So if the launch is the 25th does that mean it'll be available in carriers the same day ??
I hope to see real innovation in the new htc one. Htc the best
I hope Htc manufacture the M8 in red! :)
Can't wait to see how it compares to my current one :)
Eli W
HTC we already know what it looks like! #leaks
mike l
It looks like a really cool phone. I will be getting this. As soon as it's available on Sprint.
Its funny how people think it looks so cool & everyone is going to get it. Did they all miss the 2013 device of the year, about 10 times over now? The M7 won more awards than any device in history, but people talk about the M8 like its something new. Yes it is a great device, it will be just like the Amazing M7 with some minor spec bumps. Ill be getting it just cuz i have Jump & it wount cost me anything but it wouldn't be a big enough upgrade to pay another $700 if i didn't have jump. But we'll see, this happened last year. The S4 came out & it got bashed big time the M7 dropped like the Holy grail & still the GS4 out sold it 4 to 1. Hopefully people wake up & buy the better device this year. 
Please sell the gold one in uk
it already has been, like ages ago 
Wake up -_-
Lol +Yassine Lazaar the "one" took amazing pictures, and since the all new HTC one, has an improved camera, is gonna take really good pictures, I don't really care about the size of the picture, I care about the quality. 
The desire Hd was an awesome phone. The oneX+ even better and the One absolutely lovely. So i am expecting another awesome device. And hopefully soon available in southern Africa... Keep up the awesome work
Hopefully your battery lasts longer than on my HTC One X
please have a red one I want to upgrade my silver one TMOBILE BETTER YET ALL CARRIERS.
I love this phone. 
Hopefully that isn't taken with the new camera module, blurred as **
I had the old one, amazing piece of hardware. Will definitely buy the new one also.
+HTC Really hope you guys haven't done an exclusive with Verizon. You've got a few weeks lead time in the Galaxy S5 and you need your device in as many hands on as many carriers as quickly as possible! 
We will see tommorow if they made some good changes doubt it
Don't think will be worth running to get they just want yout money
There would need to be a lot of changes don't see it
Using the HTC ONE M7 . I simply can't understand how you people are gonna make a better ONE . But it's HTC so I can expect the unexpected . I'm really looking forward to the next ONE because my wife is jealous of this ONE . So I want to buy the latest and the best ONE 😉 . All the best for this ONE too.😎
+Andy Garcia what new additions did u get? I thought it was pretty worthless. They gave some Zoe stuff but bumped the old, so thats a wash. Made some MINOR changes to blink feed & turned the status bar an ugly white. Did you get the real KitKat with all the cool changes the rest of us didn't get, or are you just easily impressed? Thats ok too, i just have to ask when people act excited about that waist of an update. 
+Joel Davis This is a global product.  Carriers operate differently around the globe.  Many consumers are on two year contracts so they may not have been able to get the 2013 edition.  When their contracts come up for renewal in 2014 they may qualify for the 2014 One.  So when people say they'll be getting it, some are referring to point at which they are offered their next upgrade.
when can i get my sense6.0 for my htc one m7 i am waiting for that?
+HTC  hahahahha i am more eager than u dude i was opening that site for every 30min even i know the exact time
Must have been taken with an iphone, its all blurry.
I just wanna know when the KitKat update is coming the UK HTC One. This is long overdue. 
+HTC EE the last network to have it???? I want my KitKat :)
Matt H
The number of people here that thought it had been blurred out to hide what it looks like is humorous. It's to do with the new cover...
This release was so sad, showed HTC didn't put much effort or thought into the new M8. They just don't get it. And this phone won't help them take back some of the market share they have lost, the trend of losing customers is going to slowly continue, this phone should have surpassed expectations and increased the use of the camera, not make it worse and allow a year old phone (iPhone 5S) to be able to capture better pictures.
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