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What happens at 10:08?
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You wait one minute for 10:09.....or wait forever for a Thunderbolt ICS leak/update.
the rezound gets push notifications from gmail?
You open the flood gates early for Sensation owners to get ICS.
you give out a free phone to a veteran HTC user.

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Nov 2002
10:08 have a "V" on analog clock.
"V" for Vendetta Victory.
If you return 10:08, you get BOOL.
I know...
It's lame.
i hope ics on desire HD, i already have (thanks to xda guys) but a working version with sense would be nice, i miss the camera
10:08 is the time traditionally displayed on analog watch advertising as it balances nicely to look at. I believe HTC adopted this some years ago.
22:10 AKA 10:08 now and nothing happen (expect I post Holiday Wars on Google+)
Official stock ics for the HTC g2? It was your stock Android phone...
hmm its actually the time displayed on HTC phones in all pics, websites or the advertising.
hows about you stop pricking around and just tell us? ;)
Everyone who commented gets a free One X
3 out of 4 use London = GMT = 1 hour to 10:08
1 out of 4 use Barcelona = GMT + 1 = Time has already past
ICS for Desire S please... Probably not though..
phone release time?! =)
nothing, its just the time on (nearly) every comercial picture of this widget ..
i wonder what has all those phones in common
Wait a second, if they use 24 Hour clock will 10:08 mean AM, while we think it will be PM
I feel I should comment, just in case its good and commenting gets you in to what ever it is.
Ice Cream Sandwich updates for your existing phones would be great.
the second one to the left looks like the Sensation... I can't tell what the other 3 devices are... it's probably these devices are getting ICS... that's my only guess on what they are trying to say...
My One X (intl) just received another OTA update!
Well well... Nothing will hapend.. as always when it comes to HTC
I bet the original artwork designer chose it because it is his birth/wedding/... day, and it just stuck and became a signature.
(Do I win a One S?)
updates for G2 and/or Desire Z

Lol, yeah right
ICS for the HTC Desire/bravo? 
10:08, 8 minutes past 10, is roughly the time analog watches are set to in most advertisements, though actual times shown vary between about 10:08 and 10:10. There are several reasons offered by watch companies, many of them psychological, and none of them verifiable as the actual origin of the practice:
The form of the hands has a positive effect on the viewer: the short hand pointing at 10 o'clock and the long hand pointing at 8 minutes is reminiscent of a check mark, which commonly means "ok" or "fine." Some observers further identify this appearance with a smiling face.
The position of the hands does not obscure the date on watches with a date-function at 3 o'clock or any other functions at 9 or 3 o'clock.
The position of the hands does not obscure the company logo, which is often printed under 12 o'clock.
The hands are nearly symmetrically balanced on the face of the dial at 10:08. The minute hand is 48° right of vertical, while the hour hand is 56° left of vertical. Exact symmetry would be achieved at 120/13 minutes past 10:00, approximately 10:09:13.8. Other symmetrical times would not meet the needs above.
At 10 o'clock in the morning, the day is young. There is still time to accomplish many things.
10 o'clock is the time at which people typically wake up if they are able to sleep in. 10:08 is thus associated with weekend, leisure and relaxation.Oddly enough, 10:08 is also the time at which a 12-hour digital display will have the maximum number of digit "segments" turned on. However, digital watches in commercials are more often set to 10:58.

Not all watch companies use this type of setting in their ads, though the majority do.

I was wondering what this means? Is there a secret meaning?
I'm loosing my hair over here!....That's it I'm getting on the next flight to Taiwan and I am going to walk right into the High Tech Computer headquarters and demand they tell me...or else!
Mabe that's when Rezound will finally get friggin ICS October 8th........... Sad
That's about the time I plug my Desire HD into my PC @ work for the 1st charge of the day :P
Chris V
I am guessing Sensation 4G update since Tmobile slated a May 16th update.
Faster than Apple , yea sure. Apple updates doesn't get stuck with waiting MONTHS on updates to hit a phones , Apple updates aren't LOADED with bloatware . Come on really .
I'm so sick of Verizon excuses and bloatware . I'm a loyal fan of Android AND htc but this ics crap and Rezound being pushed around is ridiculous . They would rather you buy a new phone than update it .
HTC phones pose for the photo shoot ;)
Todd R.
Why do people like Parth insist on posting stuff like this ^ on the HTC page. Go kiss Apple's ass on their page. Show some decorum.
Parth Patel: What are you saying exactly? 'There' ... should be 'Their' for a start. And what is 'much more effecient' about 'their rollout system'? Enlighten us mere Android users as to your alleged superiority ...
I have owned htc phones for years and have always had Verizon . But for reason they really seem to drop the ball ALL the time . The pump up all the phones and NEVER follow thru on updates , product support or anything
Neo Jim
it's a smiling "V" in analog clock !
I just saw in GSMArena, that HTC Sensation 4G is getting the ICS update tonight. This is for T-Mobile.

Wonder whether HTC is planing to release update for all phones displayed in the image.

Too bad, I do not see my Incredible S there :(
I've been running ICS on the DHD for a couple of weeks now ... and actually just went back to GB. If HTC manage to make ICS run smoothly on the DHD, with Sense, then they are f'n wizards. The problem with ICS on the DHD is that ICS chews up a LOT more memory than GB, and as a result, my last month or so of usage have been quite frustrating. Switching between apps is painful. Even my launcher was being killed due to low memory, so just pressing the home button resulted in a 10 second pause while it restarted. I think ICS needs 1GB to be smooth.
I think so. Both Incredible S and Desire HD looks similar. Incredible S has it;s headphone socket at the top and it's quite visible in the front on view. It's missing here and that's why I assumed that this is Desire HD
Translated via google translate, was that so difficult? No. Thats why google is there

I speak Chinese, just did not finish, complement one: Unfortunately, the update is not the ICS, it is regrettable that
+Aadil Nazeer Yes ... that's unfortunately what I meant. To clarify ... I'm comparing Cyanogen 7.1 / 7.2 ( GB ) with IceColdSandwich ( ICS ). IceColdSandwich is not as major a ROM as Cyanogen ... it's based on the AOKP ROM ... which I believe is in turn based on Cyanogen ... but it's not completely stable ... it's a new ROM. Having said that, I don't expect it's memory consumption to drop radically. I think ICS itself is simply using more memory.
+Prem Suraj not everyone speaks english, just another side to the coin.

i never understood why everyone always wants people o speak in english online, in the real world people speak their language and it may be different from your own
+Prem Suraj You want to know what I am talking about? ok ,say it again in English,the updates is not ics,what a pity,ICS for htc incredible s please.
+Bret Wagner But you don't speak your native tongue to people who don't understand it do you? My native language is Malayalam. But if I keep posting with it, will anyone understand? When one is trying to communicate with people from different nations who use different languages, one should try to use a language that the majority will understand.. Don't you agree?
these days their are hundreds of ways to translate the text into some form of broken speech in a language that you do understand though, it would have been very simple to copy-paste into a translator and be done with it. i'm not trying to be argumentative since the only language i understand is english, but english is such a stupid hard language to teach people that it is strange to me that we force our ways onto other people and tell them that if they want to talk to us then they need to learn it. why should we not learn something new instead(not chinese though cause all them symbols make my head hurt, lol)
I think HTC should let Samsung announce their new phones first next year...
10:08, I had porridge for breakfast. Was that it?
at 10.08, i flashed leedroid 6.2.0 with bricked kernel and everything was good again as i'd removed most of HTC's bollocks software and replaced it with a ROM cooked by people that actually understand the hardware :P
it was actually 10:13 and I missed my tram; why is my clock sometimes lagging behind?
still waiting? 10:08 GMT just passed...
Anyways, the screens are showing both London and Barcelona ... those are in different time zones ... FAIL ... is now HTC trying to bend TimeSpace
Why do they then add the sentence "What happens at 10:08?" ?
DesireHD Slovenia, it is still raining outside; No sun in sight...
Well im sure nothing is going to happen now seeing as the HTC Evo 4G LTE and the At&t One X are both facing shipping delays thanx to Apple!....smh
To me htc messed up with the One series i have an HTC amaze 4g which to me is the best htc phone around but htc took 2 steps back with the one series by not including micro sd card, removable battery and even improving the battery capacity the way Motorola did to the droid maxx.
I have a HTC One V. Amazing. Works for me :)
Just got the update on my Sensation. I have to say HTC did a great job of making it their own while giving you an experience close to stock ICS. Very happy with the update.
G Tom
10:08 - When our shipments to the US got stopped by crybaby Apple 3 days before launch because HTC failed to plan properly in advance.
Apple blocks sales of the One X and Evo lte. Fight back htc we are rooting for you.
so it was just all an advertisement shit, nice, next time avoid it pls
A judge forces +HTC to destroy it's entire stock of HTC One Xs and Evo 4G LTEs due to copyright infringement?
Sensation in Europe get ICS before Easter!
The answer lies just below these figures. If you look closely at the numbers right, then we will see the date. The cases of Desire S and Wildfire S stands - 15 February. The box on the Sensation XE - September 28. This is precisely the date of presentation. 10:08 - time of presentation.
It’s the time when HTC give me the phone I want to have, not the phone HTC want me to have.

This would be possible if I could REALLY customize the brilliant Sense experience. The ability with Ice Cream Sandwich to disable some (but not all) apps doesn’t go far enough, even though ICS on my Sensation in superb. When I open my app drawer, I don’t want to see all the extras that htc THINKS I would like. Yes, I’m looking at you ‘Dice’ and ‘Teeter’, and you ‘Mirror’, not forgetting you ‘Stocks’.

I’m not saying get rid of them completely as these make ‘Sense’ the superior interface that it is, and to some extent defines HTC phones. Besides, some people absolutely love these extras – I love some of them also, FriendStream, Reader and Locations to name a few.

It comes down to giving people the CHOICE by:
A) allowing HTC apps to be removed if they don’t want/use them;
B) making them available for download in the HTC Hub for those who people who do want them (or want them back at a later date if they’ve previously removed them);
C) the ability to HIDE apps in the app drawer (as can be done with the GO Launcher), this would be particularly useful for certain Google apps that I never use (eg. Talk), or carrier/network apps that come pre-installed. It would also be useful to hide some stock apps (eg. the Messaging app as I prefer to use Handcent). I don’t need to see two separate messaging apps in my app drawer, one of which I never use – sorry HTC, but Handcent is far superior (imo).
BUT…should I ever change my mind, I can choose to unhide them and use them again. Doesn’t this make perfect Sense? (a future OTA update perhaps?)
Please +1 this if you agree, as HTC are more likely to sit up and take notice.
Wow, surprised no one knew the right answer. 10:08 is the time that illuminates the most pixels on a digital clock. It was used as a reference time from the days of flip clocks to show functionality. 
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