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Dev ♥ for the world's first Android phone.
The HTCdev team has been working extremely hard over the past few months. We’ve seen them unlock countless bootloaders for older HTC phones and release new APIs which give developers the ability to ti...
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Nice. Wish I could do this to an old HTC Touch HD that we have (sleeping) around here, even if it was just to install Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) and pass it to a family member or friend who is less fortunate []o_O]
+Renaud Lepage Sorry. :) At least the new stuff will support this out of the box!
+HTC You're telling me the HSPA One X will support bootloader unlock out of the box?

Damn it. Now my money wants to be thrown at you... Just... Plan a Icera-sporting Tegra4 phone for next year, I've invested in mobile too damned much lately >.<
Ahh seeing this just reinforces my positive opinion of +HTC considering this is the original Android phone. As an owner of it I still have fond memories of the phone even when Android was very rough around the edges.
+Renaud Lepage Yup, the HTC One will support bootloader unlocking through the current process.

+Paul Reed Totally understand. Even with the pre-release software, it is tough to find a rough edge on ICS and Sense 4.
I really like that they will be unlockable from the start but what I'm hoping for in the future is some warranty support included if you go that route. I've heard about plenty of bricking experiences but not every issue would be related to bad ROM flashes. Hopefully the official unlocking method will prevent these problems!
I think I did, I'll go check and pass it on. Thanks +HTC :)
+HTC Yeah, I signed up a while ago. Just left feedback. On the subject of feedback the Twitter team linked to an article about "Climbing Camelback with HTC One" and it includes images taken on the trip. Suffice to say the images look absolutely awful and not what you'd expect from a high-end device. Is this an accurate representation of the phone's camera ability or has something gone wrong? :/
+Paul Reed (Replying from my personal account, gets weird when I do first person on the HTC account.) Those were taken with a pre-release version of the camera and I think Larry used digital zoom a whole lot. Even on great hardware, digital zoom isn't so great.

I will say I've been using a pre-release version of the One X and the camera really is great for a smartphone, and even a point-and-shoot. I took several of these shots: without any effects, or post-production.
+Darren Krape Oh those look a lot better! Whoever posted those pictures should have their wrists slapped because it's giving a very poor impression. Also using digital zoom? Yuck! Thanks for going beyond the call to alleviate my worries there. :)
+Paul Reed No problem! Obviously I am massively biased, but even the pre-release One X I've been using is awesome.
+Darren Krape You might like to know that my HTC Dream, purchased at launch, is still being used as a "daily driver" phone, albeit with rooting and with the Cyanogenmod build of Froyo. I've been an HTC fan since my T-Mobile PocketPC Phone Edition (what a mouthful) in 2002, and I'm looking forward to the One series.

What I'm wondering is, what does this mean for those of us with rooted Dreams? Would it be worthwhile to factory reset everything and unlock the bootloader in this official manner, or is this really for the two or three of us who didn't want to root and have actually waited for an official unlock method?
+Alfonso Surroca That's so cool! Full disclosure: I'm not so great with rooting, so take this with a grain of salt. That being said, if you've already rooted your Dream, I'd suggest keeping it as it is. This is more for people who have a locked device that they'd like to unlock using the official method.
+HTC will your devs ever try bringing new Sense to older devices like Legend wildfire or Desire.
I'm impressed that you've been so thorough and I applaud your commitment to unlocked bootloaders. Hopefully we'll see a new keyboarded successor to the Dream sooner rather than later.

Commenting from my T-Mobile G1, of course.
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