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Which you do you prefer - digital or analog?
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Analog gets the aesthetic points.
Digital... Analog is for wrist watches!
Never knew so many people doesn't know how to tell time using analog clock
Je nachdem wie es zu dem Rest auf dem Screenshots passt
I checked out your One X today, it's pretty cool! Digital.
i always prefer analog.. but digital suits here
Digital. As others have stated, analog is great for aesthetics, but for functional purpose, digital.
+matthias gast exactly... easier :D Actualy if you know how to tell time using any clock, there's no difference analog or digital. If you don't - it's easier digital
I have an analog clock on my phone
its a trick question anyway both are digital ಠ_ಠ
Will you make the same clocks also in 2017?
aren't they technically both a representation of an analog clock?
analog, minutes are not so important for me :)
I don't need to know precisely what time is it
i have the analog one on the lock screen
and the digital one on the home screen
Even as an adult I have to stop and think about what time it is on an analog clock. Digital all the way.
digital, the inclusion of the weather wins it!
See that little thing in the upper right corner? Yea, that's a clock. I use that.
Digital although I've gotta admit that huge analog looks great.
what wallpaper is that?
NO WAY digital
( I want this wallpaper !! )
Digital ....... analog is for deaf people
i can't understand what is the relation of 10:08 with htc mobiles...
I don't need a clock widget it's wasted space, there is a clock in the top right is that not good enough to tell the time?
Well, not good enough to tell the weather :p
Digital.. Especially the weather clock..
Doesn't matter which, what's important is that we have choice - you can have analogue, digital, or not at all! Such is the beauty of Android and Sense.
digital, but here the analog looks pretty gud
Analog because of its esthetic. There is a digital clock in the status bar, so I don't need two of them
Digital! Just ordered my #HTC One S!
#timegofaster !!
Who cares. I simply want both of those wallpapers
Clearly the double analog clock. The first for Paris , the second for French west Indies...
digital... HTC One X is one of the coolest phone.. love it!!
Digital, but nice to have the choice...
D Io
digital..with military time of course!
Digital on home screen and analog on lock screen.
Jimmy A
Digital, easier to read at a quick glance. 
Digital on status bar
If i use a clock widget i finally will see status bar oooor lockscreen too
Digital, but mainly because I use it to check the weather.
Digital is the trademark for htc, and it has to be exactly 8 minutes past 10
definitely digital. In a digital world, why would you prefer an analog clock on your digital phone?
Yeah the weather iinfo is the icing on the cake for the great digital clock
@HTC I love that digital clock, if you ad it to sense 3.6 now I have that ugly one.
Please post an apk on the web ! Please ??
Digital on home screen and Analog on lock screen
I prefer to use the clock in the shade on the upper right and use the homescreen for application icons.
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