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We have more good news related to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and can confirm that upgrades are planned for Verizon Wireless customers with the HTC Rhyme, HTC Thunderbolt, and DROID Incredible 2 by HTC, as well as the already announced HTC Rezound.

In addition, the HTC Raider is on the list to receive ICS for customers of Rogers and Bell in Canada. Stay tuned for more news on Ice Cream Sandwich releases in the coming weeks.
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Any update on the HTC Amaze 4G that is supposed to get ICS in a month ago?
+Steven Garone Unfortunately, we don't have timing news quite yet. Expect it sooner rather than later though.
+HTC will the HTC Inspire from AT&T get Ice Cream Sandwich?
You're too late. I've already bought a Galaxy Nexus and I'm planning to only buy official Google phones in future. I hope you do the next one because I prefer HTC, otherwise I won't be buying another phone from you.. :(
+HTC Are we expecting anything Uber awesome for Microsoft from you .. ..
That's a great news!!!!!
+HTC Thanks for being honest about it. I'm willing to try a beta version of Sense 4.0, if you want to give me one to flash! :D
+Lino Barreca We'll probably do a round-up at some point, but we're still working on confirming with our partners additional devices which will get the update.
I can't wait to get Ice Cream Sandwich for my HTC Rezound. Also +Kun Li, we should be getting the update sometime later this year after the month of March.
OMG My thunderbolt <333333333 I love you HTC! TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY C:
See people..!! I kept telling you not to blow ur tops, that they would be working on ICS for thunderbolt and new devices, and would have announcements soon..
I really really hope the MyTouch 4G Slide will be getting an ICS update at some point. It would be a shame for HTC and T-Mobile to let this beautiful and powerful smartphone languish when it is newer and more powerful than many of the phones that have already been confirmed to receive ICS. If it gets abandoned, I'm afraid it will be the last HTC phone I buy. I dropped Motorola because of the Cliq debacle.
+DeTric Harvey Several Sprint phones will be getting ICS, including the HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO Design 4G. We still evaluating which other phones will get ICS, so this isn't the final list.
+HTC, will we be getting updates on official rollout dates for our Verizon devices?
The Thunderbolt will get ICS? Didn't see that one coming. Nice!
+HTC I take it you are providing the list based on the fact that you were able to develop alpha ROMs for each of the device. You are not just mentioning these devices coz the carriers allowed them to be updated, right???
HTC we dont wanna sense 3.5 or 3.6 for our devices!!!
WE WANT SENSE 4.0 for all "OLD" devices!!!!
that can't happen +Boris Borisov because most of the devices are incapable of supporting 4.0 ICS
i mean for listed devices
+Dane Schuckman Unfortunately, we don't have specific dates for the Rezound, though it's not too far away. As for, Verizon devices do not support the service.
im running one x rom on my evo3d right now
+HTC you have done some early builds right? Alpha ROMs etc? Wouldn't want to hear later that some of the devices mentioned were unable to run ICS + Sense 4.0..
+Dane Schuckman I can check on that. I believe Verizon branded Rhymes do not support Unlike the Rezound, Thunderbolt, etc, the Rhyme is sold on a number of other networks which do support
Any news about HTC sensation thanks
Great news. I kept seeing that the Incredible S would get it, but not the Incredible 2. Now that I see it I'm ecstatic!
Now I have to keep my dinc2!! I wont even root it now.
By when can I expect ICS for Desire HD (Ace)?
Waiting for the update for flyer.
+Stanislav Tarnovsky We don't have specific timing quite yet, but expect many of these updates sooner rather than later. We don't have more than that unfortunately!
Comes an Android 4.0 update to the HTC Flyer?
Eddy Ng
Any chance the Desire Z in Canada will get the update as well? Thanks.
I have a feeling I will end up with a new handset before any updates occur i wish people wouldn't get people excited about a product months in advance to only sidestep every request for a time frame was 1st reported January now Sprint has no clue and is saying in the next 6 months my Evo 3D will be upgraded I am eligible for a new phone May 1st and will switch to a phone running 4.0 from Samsung if I keep getting jerked around
With the addition of the TB, the EVO 4G has some promise to be added now. Very similar phones with similar specs. So, where's an update on our beloved EVO 3D.
HTC EVO 3D, please update us ASAP! Thanks! :-)
Same thing goes for Motorola. The Droid X won't be getting it either. The only future proof Android phones are the Nexus series.
By the tome the thunderbolt gets ics I will probably own the Samsung Journal..
+HTC The Desire HD should get an ICS update too. Its well within the system requirements. (Which Google should be enforcing soon, so you might be forced to :v)

OS upgrades should be constant until the phone no longer meets the requirements to run it (I wouldn't expect a Wildfire to get ICS for example, but the Desire HD certainly should)
shouldn say shit but it has got cookies thery okay but the cream???????
looks awefull man have you got g mail if you do what is your name on it
+HTC thanks... finally, our Thunderbolt/Verizon LTE can upgrade to ICS!! I know it haven't set up time yet... yeah!! I can't wait to upgrade my thunderbolt.!!
My wife is now delighted her Rhyme is getting the upgrade. Nice job upping her customer loyalty. And mine, because I guarantee it will be much more delightful around the house now.
Wonder if Thunderbolt will somehow get it before CyanogenMod 9 becomes available for it.
+HTC I saw on your FB page that later this year even Desire HD will get ICS update. When later? Like April later or December later? :) not in rush, just curious.
Almost forgot, it is for all, because mine from T-Mobile UK.
THX, and hope to see soon some gr8 tablets too, because was not happy with the Flyer, because of it now use an ASUS Prime, but am am a black belt HTC fun for more than 6 years and want my HiEnd tablet from HTC. Hope you have something nice for WMC
The Rezound over the 3d? That stupid Beats contract worth that much? I have beats audio via infected ROM on my EVO 3d and it's not that cool, not enough to market an entire device around anyway. Looks like I am jumping ship when the next Nexus comes out, too bad cause the HTC "Edge" or w/e quad core phone they are coming out with looks nice. Not gonna sign myself into 2 years of slow OS updates, I was told by HTC that my EVO 3d would have ICS by February. +HTC , you guys feel it is worth the subscriber loss to Samsung over these slow releases?
+Jeff Hunter Nice to hear we brought some happiness to your household!

+Gyorgy Molnar While we don't have timing quite yet, it should be sooner rather than later.

+Sally Wang Thought you'd like this one!

+Sam Morris The Desire HD will be getting ICS. Again, no timing though.
+Ryan Young I highly doubt it. All the devs need is a working radio, and they pretty much got it.

It's sad, +HTC , that I can get ICS on a hacked tablet (HP Touchpad) before your "flagship" Thunderbolt phone. While I appreciate the announcement that the Thunderbolt is coming, it holds no value for me because you could announce Q4, or Q1 2013, and I'll probably have it way before then once you release source.
does anyone know if the ICS update will be available for the Samsung Charge?
+Lucia Targett: why would you ask that on an HTC thread? I think you'd get a better answer from Samsung. HTC is not Samsung.
I have the ICS update on my motorola xoom. Its great except my google book account when you turn a page it freezes.
Sam Sun
There are plenty of people that voiced there concerns about the myTouch 4g Slide on T-Mobile, any word if that device will be receiving the ICS update +HTC?
You already provide a tool to unlock the phones. Provide the drivers we need to run CM9 without waiting for release. I'm running CM9 right now, and ICS is fantastic on this phone. All it needs is a camera driver and some other minor things for sound like in-app mic support. Honestly if HTC starts supporting the enthusiast community I would buy nothing but HTC phones.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad ICS is coming, but there's no reason the folks who mod can't enjoy it now with a little support. Or release a beta.
+HTC I'm not trying to be a dick here but, please tell me that you're re-doing sense 4.0...because it looks horrible! I won't be buying another HTC device if not. Just my thoughts
Companies should just drop the custom UI. Thy waste space and battery. Focusing on hardware is all they should do and let +Android worry about software.
+Anthony Scott I'm running the CM9 Kang as well. Prior to that it was 7.2. I don't miss sense one bit.
Wow. Thanks for coming through with a s surprise, HTC!
This is great news and makes me at ease riding out the rest of my 2-year contract.
+HTC, I know the update to the HTC Desire is not expected. But is it possible for you to do as android 2.3 ? IE to provide the update on HTCdev ? It would be great and I think many people would be happy to put ICS on their HTC Desire ! (Sorry for my english)
i love ice cream sandwitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know this has been asked about a million times and always just been looked over, but I ask it again anyway. What is going on with the HTC Inspire 4G? I hope ANY form of answer can be given on this other than we'll let you know "sooner rather than later." Thanks for the help...
Sprint doesn't care about it's Evo 4G users anymore. It's too busy coddling its iPhone users and busy trying to find a way to claim unlimited data without actually providing unlimited data.
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rrhAshan spoke comfo
Raider FTW. I left Sony for HTC and so far AM LOVING IT - Unlocked bootloader was a great touch
When the Thunderbolt receive ics will it gets sense 4.0?
What about the Razr Maxx?
Ryan B
Good question +Tim Gomez. Maybe you should ask Motorola instead of HTC, haha.
Desire, is it so crap that it doesnt deserve this upgrade? *feels a little let down by #HTC
What about DROID BIONIC.....
Would love this for the G2 / Desire Z. If not, well, that warranty's expired by now anyway...
+HTC will the update make my rezound faster? I hear android 4.0 is optimized for dual cores. Thanks!
I'm extremely happy the htc thunderbolt is getting ics it wasn't expected but it was hoped for. I would love it if you released the source for the ril and the device drivers after support has stopped or even before then to allow other Developers the chance to make stuff for it. Anyways Thanks again!
+HTC - Planning any ICS love for the Incredible 1 or should I just go ahead and upgrade?
Sad you aren't rolling it to more - it works great on the Incredible (original).
When we can watch new phone with qwerty? After Desire Z we have nothing...
Sprint Evo not getting ICS? Not sure if I should stay with HTC on the next go around.
Ryan B
Why are there so many retards on here asking about phones not even made by +HTC?
So HTC.... I love sense, but i don't think it belongs on ICS
How about the Droid Incredible 1??? Damn thing is not yet 2 years old and already old news....
This is a thread about a few specific HTC phones, morons. They're not going to say anything that isn't in the official statement above, and they're definitely not going to tell you when your Motorola RAZR or Samsung Bionic or Samsung Galaxy phone will be getting upgraded.
that ice cream sandwich looks soooo good
Emma S
Already switched from Thunderbolt to Galaxy Nexus.
Wow!! I'm so happy to hear that the Incredible 2 and Thunderbolt will get Ice Cream Sandwich. You listened to your customers, and we are very happy that you did! <3 ya HTC.
Yumo it looks very TASTEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to release it for the evo 4g that like a billion people still have. We did get ripped off on wimax so why not give us ics, come on htc hook it up!!!!!
+brian village I've compared the Inc2 and Evo 4g, and the inc2 is a lot more powerful. I just can't see the evo running ICS very well. The Inc destroys it in benchmark testing, even with CM7. That said, I'm certain there will be a CM9 release for your phone.
The EVO 4G is reaching end of life. The Incredible 2 is less than a year old.
delish i want it i wont if its poisenious ha ha ha ha yum
I'm getting really impatient for the release to HTC EVO.......
I love how my evo 3d went from early 2012 to sometime later this year. Sometime later this year I'll have moved on to a samsung device.
+HTC I've owned 3 HTC Android phones and I will never buy another one because of how slow HTC is with updates. It shouldn't take a year to get the latest Android OS EVERY TIME! It communicates INCOMPETENCE. Samsung Nexus for me.
Is the thunderbolt version coming with sense 4.0 as well or a more stripped version of sense
Droid Incredible (1) support?
Thanks you, thank you, thank you for a Thunderbolt update to ICS!
this made me hungry :p
Can u make it optional for lower end phones like the evo, like it can be over the air... But optional. And have warnings about seed and what not.
+brian vil
Thanks for stopping mine... And the gazillion other evo 4g's still living!
Is it me or is HTC one of the few manufactures that does its best to keep their products up to date. I think if they could work something out for the OG EVO then that would be the icing on the cake. I wonder if they could at least put a vanilla ICS on it?
+HTC we need a timetable, even if a sketchy one
I'm shocked its coming to the the battery isn't suffering enough lol
I wish you had an update that helped battery life!
+HTC Tried my friends iPhone and slow compared to the thunderbolt but the battery life sucks!
Dear HTC, please give me a reason why I should not purchase ASUS' Transformer Prime pad.
would give me an excuse to dust off the TB. Loved the phone but it was way too buggy.
Cant wait to get ics on my Vivid!
Og evo. Wait never mind im using a sensecream sandwich rom :)
hmmm i heard something about Flyer and ICS, is it true?
+HTC how about the Desire S? I got my phone on purpose without any ties to a carrier so I get the updates sooner.
+HTC when you guys have the timing of these updates, where will it be posted?
Will it have Sense? If so what version?

Thanks for the support!
Will there be any new phones by u that ate not in the evo family for sprint? Our at least will u release a very powerfull evo this summer?
Above comment,,, ate=are... Sorry
+HTC how about HTC WWE INCREDIBLE S time schedule?(south east, singapore,indonesia,malaysia). How a single core can receive ICS 4.0 & Sense 3.5/3.6?its really official +HTC should bring Inc S to ICS?
+HTC I want to know if EVO 3d getting the ICS,it will have any new functions and DOF tune in photographing or video recording?
I'm happy to see my Thunderbolt will get Android 4.0 ICS great news!
+ka tsun lam the evo 3d is getting ics but htc has changed their date from early 2012 to some time later this year. My 3d is going on ebay tonight as I've ordered the galaxy nexus. +HTC you let me down to many times and released too many phones in the last 2 years that's why these updates are going to take forever and hey just leave out the view tablet that isn't even 9 months old because you didn't sell enough.
Please make the status bar open for customization and the dockbar too.. I really shouldn't need to root & debloat etc.. why not add the "minimalist" option in the upgrade.. THATS customer service!!!
I am so Disappointed with HTC for how they handle what was to be a great phone. I have always Represented the green robots flag and stuck with team Android/HTC since leaving iPhone for the freedom of Android but I had too recently change teams in the matter of speaking to Team Android/Samsung. I just could not take it anymore and purchased the Galaxy Nexus. My rezound has too many issues. A big issue with a camera and poor support from htc. they promoted the phone poorly and after promising to be the one of the first with ics it was recently announced that it will be one of the last on the ics list. I'm on my second rezound after the camera issue which when you take multiple pics causes the phone to freeze and you would have to take the battery out to restart it. Also a phone that has beats audio as a main selling point the headphones was out blown when they I took them of the box in which were then replaced. Then the phones speaker blew only to have to replace the phone. All of the problems along with alot of lag compared to its competition . HTC lost me. I was happier with my thunderbolt which had its issues. I'm just venting because I believe HTC has the most originality along with the most promising future technical advancement. but they're going half ass in a dogfight leaving its loyal supporters behind in the midst of the onslaught of iphones and fellow team Android competition. I hope someone is listening and get on their Job.
I think we need a proper roll out of ics to all devices at once and quickly
+HTC why the silence on the MyTouch 4G Slide? Come on, it is 200% more powerful than the Rhyme.
Yay Thunderbolt ICS! I almost don't believe it! When??
will the HTC Flyer be getting the update at some point? ?:¬]
Hopefully we really will get some ICS Thunderbolt love as it was the first true 4G phone!!!
+HTC Does this mean that my Incredible 2 will have USB hosting services? Will I be able to plug an SD card reader into my phone's USB port and xfer photos? Or am I stuck with EyeFi for now? Thanks.
Sam Sun
+C. E. Wyatt that is a valid point +HTC ... However, I'm thinking the reason why there hasn't been much word on the device is because it is a myTouch branded device, so it might just be on T-Mobile's end as to why we're not hearing anything. I honestly don't know how it works but maybe all us myTouch 4g Slide owners should start questioning T-Mobile. If the Rhyme will receive the update but not the 4g Slide, well that's just sad LOL
Sam Sun
+C. E. Wyatt just out of curiosity, does it bother you at all that the version of Sense is different on the 4g Slide vs the original version of Sense. I honestly hate it. They take away the lock screen shortcuts along with other features of what Sense is supposed to come with, add bubbles for whatever reason ... I just think if you're gonna take a UI that differentiates itself from other Android devices to differentiate itself from itself LOL, make it better! ... Or maybe it's just me LOL
+Sam Sun The carrier (in this case T-Mobile) is involved in any update on any of the phones. HTC has do do the work, but all updates must be tested and approved by the carrier. The MyTouch line, I guess, gets a bit ignored because it is exclusive to T-Mobile, the phones don't exist in any form on another carrier. HTC has always customized Sense for the MyTouch. Not sure why. Some things they make simpler, they add some extra features (the Genius system, for example), and they remove a few tidbits from standad Sense. I don't know what their reasoning behind that might be. I do know I love the Genius system, that and the camera in the 4G Slide (as well as the keyboard) were my reasons for getting it. I replaced a 3G Slide. It took them forever to update the 3G Slide to Froyo, but they eventually did along with the entire MyTouch lineup, including the ancient original one. I really hope they don't abandon this 4G Slide. Or if they do, at least release the drivers so other ROM developers can make a working ICS ROM. The ones available now all have broken pieces. I'm just not going to settle for a half-working phone.
Sam Sun
+C. E. Wyatt yeah I love the camera too ... Biggest reason why I haven't rooted yet.
HTC Hello friends, I have a few suggestions would be good todo a job like the one played with the bootloader but with the rootand recovery, I think if you give it the tools to perform these activities in its terminals would think that a large advantage over its competitors, although I think they have no competition, I hope youconsider my suggestion as I have not seen any smartphonemanufacturer to provide these tools so you would be the pioneers in that.
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+Sam Sun I have my DoubleShot unlocked, rooted and SIM unlocked, but I'm running a modified stock 1.55.531.3 ROM (the latest OTA release). It is very quick and has excellent battery life and everything functions perfectly. I like being rooted so I can delete some of the "fat" like TeleNAV, TMobileTV that I never use. Now, I just wait for ICS.
Didn't imagine that it would really happen. But I sure am amped Bout my Thunderbolt getting ICS. Glad I picked HTC. My dad well be excited about his DINC2 too!
I already have it on my HTC Inspire 4G. :)
will my sensation xe get an update......
can I get it run on my G16 chacha?
I'm not sure why others don't like Sense, but it happens to be my main reason for sticking with +HTC
Yummy! Incredible 2. Yay!
This is great news for the Incredible 2 community. I just have to ask one thing though, with the recent revamp in vanilla Androids UI is HTC Sense really necessary? I feel like the only thing it's doing now is fragmenting Android as a whole...
+Chaim Sweet Some people just prefer vanilla Android and given all the changes made to ICS, many feel it is being totally hidden by Sense. I like Sense also but it is becoming less necessary as Android continues to evolve since many of the features Sense has added are now part of the OS.
Sam Sun
+C. E. Wyatt thanks for the tip. I just started looking into XDA to do exactly that lol. I haven't rooted anything since my G1 lol. Man, kinda miss the days when T-Mobile didn't add any bloat, or if they did it was very minimal.

And thanks to +Alex Muriuki for adding another voice to the many people concerned if the 4g Slide will receive ICS. You're right about it not only being us. If you go to HTC's first post with the list of updates, you'll see many more people asking the same question.
Is there going to be update for Desire Z?
What about G+ integration with the new HTC SENSE 4.0 ?
still no evo 3d support yet! disappointed...
Will ICS bring back an actual car mode or will it have the Sense 3.5 navigator? I need a real care mode.
+HTC so if there are ten people testing ICS on the Thunderbolt starting next week, you must be close to a release?
Any news or update on ICS for the Thunderbolt yet? It's been 3 months and no more news...
Hey +HTC can you give any more info on the update for the Thunderbolt yet?
september 18 still waiting
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