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Android controlled robots? Just another day in the life of #HTCDev and #Orbotix.
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Curious to see if we'll have an update on Ice Cream Sandwich rollouts for phones here on Google+. I'm wondering when I'll see it for the HTC Vivid.
Sean G
+HTC is Not getting that, ICS should be their FOCUS , Just having your Profile Pic as HTC One. Is BS!
What about EVOs... Who made You +HTC
+Google & America!! Take our Money an leave us hanging on updates. ICS was Realised in Oct!! And going on 6 months old!? You should have 1QTR to get update Roll outs for phones less than 18 months at time of update.
Trust me ... Not only are you selling less phones, because we are ALL waiting on updates to 4.0.
We will by +Moto (google owned, no BS, instant updates, for sure & plus they make Cable Boxes, sure Android will be incorporated also) or switch to +Samsung Mobile
Dont forget, +Samsung USA is making +Google / +Android TVs!!
We dont care about hardware....
Just because you made 20 phones last year. Deal with your Fragmation issues!! Your greed on selling more phones got you in this spot.
+Android is your chance to fix... As soon as Realeased. Should be having ALL your software people on Lockdown! Till the updates are done. Annoyed this time around!! ICS is a MAJOR update.
Even has me thinking Apple, cuz Im a Mac user & sick of the Greed involved in the update game.
But, sure its why we NOW see the +HTC One X , you learned after treating us as Beta testers past few years. Ive always been impressed with updates..... Till NOW. Sad, dissapointed ONCE loyal +HTC customer. :/
Hi +HTC i Heared That You Support Arabian Bloggers Okay,
i Have a Blogger And i Need Devices To Write About , What is The Information Needed ?
+Nour Talat
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