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We've added more devices to the bootloader unlocking tool on HTCdev, including the HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, myTouch 3G, and myTouch 4G.
Time to unleash your brilliance. HTC is constantly pushing to create the ultimate experience for developers. Now you can access the tools you need to make great things happen. OpenSense SDK. HTC Sense...
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Way to go above and beyond... I mean really the Hero?
If they can only improve the software on the Thunderbolt and get rid of CarrierIQ on the stock ROMs.
Wait, does this mean that there is still hope for the Mytouch 4g getting ICS? If so, should I wait?
The Eris? You mean that silly phone that had issues? One click root unlocked the boot loader before the dev. How does that work?
+HTC how about inspire 4G on ATT
Yeah I know, but until that's official Motorola will keep serving devices with locked bootloaders..
For anyone still using one of those older phones, I think it's the to upgrade lol
the Legen e.g. on CM 7.1 is a really nice and slick phone, even with its low power 600MHz ARMv6 CPU
but it has 384MB RAM and at least an Adreno 200 GPU (which is enough to even play sentinel3 and other nice games)
only bummer is the 480x320 screen but id beats the Ideos X3 e.g. by length'
nice to see it unlocked even if mine is unlocked eversince it got unrevoked :P
So, I got this to work, Now i'm on a stock version of Froyo. Now, How does one go about getting Cyanogen on here. That's my next step.
really looking into HTC for my next android phone after the Samsung Galaxy S fiasco that will never officially see ICS for a flagship phone with less than 2 years
But lost warranty
how is it about the Desire Z? Will it be able to unlock soon?
Dear HTC, please translte htc sense to ukrainian language
fantastic. Finally, I can try the bootloader on a device where I do not care anymore whether I void the guarantee ;) Let's see how the hero will perform with a custom built ICS
This is great! Now, I wonder +HTC, will also the good old Magic be on this list in the future? :-)
Awesome HTC (rolls eyes) now get rid of that crime againts humanity called sense. Maybe then youll start selling phones again.
Can the HTC Wildfire get a piece of this action? I'd try it out as I now use a Sensation XE...
I only see the MyTouch 3G Slide in the dropdown. Does the original MyTouch 3G work with the "other" selection?
phones that have passed their end-of-line support. half assed. what about EVO.......
I made great things happen with my Aria using free information and tools. I could ditch Sense, but then I'd have to rearrange my busy home screen or use the app drawer more often - how silly; I like it just the way it is, thanks.
I kind of wish they would allow you to ditch Sense. It would speed up my Thunderbolt vastly.
I suspect with a rooted phone you could; I'm not brave (or bored) enough for that, although I've removed other system apps and settings with predictable yet trivial side effects. ;)
I did the rooted route with my Motorola Droid. It was nice in some ways and painful in others. The down side to rooting is you get more control while decreasing your phones level of security.
With the method I used (and Superuser app), you can prompt or automatically allow/deny root access for new apps and grant or revoke the privilege for existing apps. In this way, it's similar to UAC or keychain prompts on various desktop OSes, or like saved passwords in a browser - you still have control over which apps are granted root access; it logs their activity, too.
HTCdev Hello friends, I have a few suggestions would be good todo a job like the one played with the bootloader but with the rootand recovery, I think if you give it the tools to perform these activities in its terminals would think that a large advantage over its competitors, although I think they have no competition, I hope youconsider my suggestion as I have not seen any smartphonemanufacturer to provide these tools so you would be the pioneers in that.
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Thank you for this initiative - I managed to unlock two Wildfires and breathed new life into them now. Appreciate your input in this!
Is there any aims to get the unlocking tool to work for the HTC WildFire S bootloader? Thanks.
Oooh ok thanks. I was a bit confused. Unlocking the bootloader means that the device would become S-OFF right? :) Thanks!
Nope, it will still be S-ON, but I'm sure if you follow XDA forum instructions you'll find ways to get S-OFF. Still, it might be irrelevant as you might get away with needing S-OFF in the first place - unlocking allows you to install Custom Recovery. Still, if you're going down that path you should search XDA forums, I'm sure Wildfire S has been tackled already.
Ah ok. Regarding S-OFF for Wildfire S, there has been this thread for sometimes now :

But it still doesn't seem to have finalized the software.

So to clarify, what's the difference between S-OFF and unlocked bootloader, since they both let you flash custom made ROMs? Thanks!
Not really sure here, but if I remember well S-On/Off relates to security primarily, whilst the unlocking process relates more to the bootloading, allowing you to change booting sequence for instance. Not sure whether by unlocking you are simply telling the phone to disregard the S-ON/OFF status. Someone else can maybe explain better? In my case, I unlocked, S-OFFed and rooted three devices so far, two Wildfires and a ChaCha. In each case, I kept going with S-OFF and root cuz instructions said so. Once you unlock, I think it's best to proceed that way if there are instructions. I still think that in the dev community though flashing custom ROMS/recoveries straight after an unlock process is still not popular / frequently visited in forums.
Yup, found that right after i posted. :3 Thanks!
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