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Want an expert's opinion on #HTCOne? We put together a recap to make it easy for you. What are your first thoughts on #HTCOne?
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I have some feedback and I have been looking for the proper channel to deliver it. Anyone want to help me out? I own a freaking One X for god sake and have been using it for around 4 days now!
Nothing wrong. Just has some feedback related to HTC Sense 4! And I cannot seem to find ANY channel to send it through. HTC does not respond to comments here or on Twitter which makes me a bit sad.
Sound better than the HTC one, you don't really need a micro sd card as it has 32GB of storage. I love HTC Sense, and it rune awesomely on the One X due to its massive power! I can't believe they didn't put a bigger battery in it!! The phone is very hungry, a bigger battery would have been excellent! I have only noticed one problem, when filming in HD 1080 it is jerky (Due to low frame rates) and the screen jitters all over the place when recording but the playback look ok, apart from the jerkyness!

Other than that its an brilliant phone and the best i've owned.
People need to stop saying we don't need a micro-SD cause 32GB is enough. Not everyone uses their phone the same way, you are not everyone (yes, right now I'm talking to you +Michael Yates). It may be enough for you, IT'S NOT for ME. I'm fucking tired of this stupid argument.

I need more than 32GB (specially when 32GB is actually 26GB) and I have pretty good reasons for it. And I know more people that also need it and have different reasons.

Stop being so idiotic and realize there's people with different needs besides your own little world. Geez...
Has anyone here used AOSP (stock) contacts app (People), dialer and social integration? It KICKS Sense 4's butt so hard. That is the number one reason I am never going the way of any custom skin even if the hardware of the Nexus is a hardware generation behind because at the end of the day that's not what's holding my mobile experience back.
I have stock android on my nexus s. And I love the stock apps so much more. I really wish HTC has not messed up with gallery, dialer, calendar, browser and other apps. also, sense 4 is white. android 4 is all black. i prefer black! gets very annoying if you have used the stock android for a couple of months like i have!
Stock experience is possible on quite a lot of hardware. I am running cyanogenmod 9 on a SGS2. It is miles ahead of the stock ROM Samsung supply.
+Ananya Gupta thankfully gmail is largely untouched. everything else is a mess. :D
My first impressions since the videos are WOW ! Can't wait to get hold of one!
HTC One X Screen Banding Issues

I had this problem earlier today. I wanted to know if HTC knows about this one. I am definitely not alone as the video is not from me and a couple of other One X owners have also reported the same.


1. Do they know about it?
2. Is it a software or a hardware issue?
3. What is the solution?

Here in India, it is literally impossible to get the dealer to replace the phone unless you can get the company or the courts involved. So, this is a major headache for me.
I will never buy HTC again. I think HTC phones are great, just not as good as Samsung. I have the mytouch4g. It is a great phone, however issues with Bluetooth and lack of software updates (Ice Cream) is disappointing. I think Beats audio was a good idea, but that did not live long. I really think Samsung has a good idea with the Galaxy NOTE. I am up for a renew in a couple of months. I am looking at Samsung Galaxy 3 or Note. This set here (HTC) cant compare one and stop the monolog!
Had mine since the 7th April. It's a very nice upgrade from my htc desire. I'm not gonna mention things I like here just dislikes.

Notification led is poor. It looks to be behind the speaker grill. Doesn't seem to work on receiving SMS or email, dispite the options being checked in the settings.

Placing the phone down on a table means that the camera lense is pretty much touching the table, any debris on the table will scratch the lense. I've treated mine like a new baby since Ive had it, yet I can see tiny marks on the lense already.

Battery. This is poor. Standby is fine, but as soon as the screen fires up it easily eats into it and this is just browsing or playing in the menus. If you had something to wind up those quad cores you looking at a few hours literally . All my battery usage is the screen, last time I looked 77% of the battery was used to power the screen.

That's it for the moment........
I have my +HTC One S since over one week and I love it; everybody around me likes the design; screen quality great; camera I love; speed double-check; battery is poor (one day) as for basically all smartphones...
go out and buy one! ;-)
+Ricardo Amaral it might not be enough for you, but its enough for me, i'm sick of people saying its not enough. Sorry just being ignorant like yourself!!!

That pushed aside, what do you use it for to use all of the 26G?

Just curious!
Here is the one HUGE issue with the One series.. you cant remove the battery.. what happens when the phone freezes due to any number of reasons? and they do freeze forcing a battery removal to get things going again from installing a "bad app" to Sense freezing up. Next to this no sdcard slot is small potato's.
There must be a reset button that creates an open circuit from the battery. Mine hasn't froze and hopefully it wont!
I've not heard of a reset button +Michael Yates since you have one maybe you can enlighten us. I have had my device freeze from installing an app that would not play nice.. it happens and if you cant pull the battery its a paperweight.. unless you sit it on your desk and let the battery run out I guess lol
I've heard pressing the volume up and volume down buttons together, then the power button for 10 seconds will factory reset it.

I but don't know about a reset button. I think it will be a button combination. They have to have one if the system crashes! I've had a loot but can't find anything.
+Michael Yates there is no way I would do a hard reset to recover from a freeze up.. oh well guess I will pass on a One series device lol
Apparently holding the power button long enough simulates removing the battery! Trust me, the One X is an amazing phone!!!!
I's like to see it in action, if its like other devices it rarely worked when it was needed. I like the One Series, but no sdcard slot and fixed battery are no no's for me.
the battery being enclosed an non removable isn't a bug problem. Neither is the lack of a mini sd card. But that's just my opinion.
+Michael Yates If it's fine for you, then use the word "I" and don't use the word "you" as in, and I quote, "(...)you don't really need a micro sd card as it has 32GB of storage."

And you are sick of people saying it's not enough when it is enough for you but it actually isn't for them? What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm loving my +HTC One S so far. The speed is incredible (so much for all that talk of "Android Lag" - what lag?), the phone is absolutely beautiful, and Sense 4 is much more toned-down than previous versions. Especially important for me is that we now have a normal launcher dock that is customisable.
The battery lasts for a long time for me, and for me personally, with 28 GB of space on Dropbox, 50GB space on Box, and Google Play Music to store my tunes, I have no need for more than 16GB internal storage.
+Ricardo Amaral ok I could have worded it better. What do you use your phone for which takes up so much space? If it's photos and videos, why not buy separate camera and camcorder?
I got my one X yesterday and so far I'm impressed, I had a Desire before this. The camera is very good and so is the audio which are the 2 main reasons I bought it. Plus everything just runs fast with virtually no lag on all of the apps I've used so far.
Sense4 is so beautiful ,I wonder that wether HTC g11 can get update for sense 4.0? Or another sense verson? And when ?
But to be fair to +HTC , it has some nice touches. Facebook contact sync, internet pass-through... and I like the lockscreen with the shortcuts.
+Jason Canning What's your reason for that? I had the Desire too, and the dock was really poor - only the phone shortcut, and no possibility to customise. But now, the dock is just like standard ICS, with 4 freely customisable icons. I'm pretty happy now, as that was my main gripe with Sense before.
+Sven Sorrell I think the performance is very important too . Anther reason that i appreciate sense verson4 is that I feel it so smooth when I sliding the UI. My friend has a desire . The sense UI of desire is verson 2 and both of us feel it performed terrible and UNsmooth .he installed the Go Luncher,and feel that the Go Luncher performed much better. And he also got long battery life .
+Sven Sorrell smooth... As you playing computer games . You will mind whether the graph is smooth enough .
+Sven Sorrell As +Schaetzen Zhou says, the performance is a lot better without Sense, I used Launcher Pro on my Desire and it was a lot, lot smoother, as well as improving battery life. You also had much more customisation capabilities, for instance you could put any widget, icons etc you wanted on the lock screen, with this latest Sense you are limited to 4 icons and you can't add widgets. Don't get me wrong, this new version of sense is a lot better and has some nice touches, but there are better launchers out there to use, even without rooting.
After a couple of days with full sync on an reasonable usage I can confirm that the battery life is better than my desire ever was. Result !
+Louis Bank where did i say that i did not like htc sense? i just want to give some feedback related to things they can improve. in case you want to read about it here is a link:

i purchased one x over nexus knowing that i am getting into the htc sense mess.
I thought I wanted a Galaxy Nexus, then I got an HTC 1 X and it is better than I imagined it could be. What a great bit of kit :)
They look promising.. I'm just angry that once again, we must chase the carrier to get the model we want.. Rogers got the X, Telus, Virgin and Fido will get the S and Bell the S and V?!.. And no word on Videotron.. What if I want the X but can't go with Rogers??? That sucks.
I don't know guys... I'm a bit disappointed with HTC. I've had HTC phones since 2008 and was looking forward to the HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint but lately there's been some questions about the software and hardware that has led to issues. All my former devices had been good, I have no complaints there, although lately on my EVO 3D and EVO View Sense seems to be crashing too frequently. I may look to Samsung unless I hear good news. Just want to be honest with you guys. I think you can make a comeback!
My first thoughts - display is great, software is great (I love how you simplified Sense and went for more pure Android), camera is good, but I think I expected a little bit more. Battery life is crap. Sorry, but I really want to get through the day of intensive use on a single charge.

If it wasn't for battery this would be the perfect device for me.
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