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“The HTC One X's jaw-dropping HD display and ultra-fast camera make it one of the best Android phones money can buy.” Thanks for the great write up, Laptop Magazine! What matters most to you - speed or display?
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Unlocked bootloaders. Why does +HTC promise to unlock them on all future devices....and then cave in to the demands of +AT&T? That's the ONLY reason I haven't purchased this phone.
Doesn't beat the galaxy note!! *My opinion...the One X isnt a game changer; it's just ok!
Due to the locked bootloader I'm seriously considering waiting for the SGS III
+HTC - I got the One X last week. It's fine and all - but why can't I pick my own notification sounds instead of being stuck with what HTC decide I can use? How do I choose my own?!
+HTC Please let us unlock the AT&T Variant bootloader. This phone is amazing, but developers could make it even more so.
+HTC unlocked boot loaders definitely a plus. But I'm on verizon and hope to see a one-x or something similar later in the year, perhaps with krait with the adreno 320 gpu.

After the Galaxy Nexus I will say I will never buy another Samsung device without Google influence. Great software, mediocre experience everywhere else.
+HTC definitely makes the best all-around phones, in my opinion. I'm disappointed that they caved in to +AT&T and won't unlock the bootloader.
Htc just makes good build quality stores...sense became obnoxious & battery life on their phones have been horrible...galaxy nexus, galaxy SII, & note killed the market this year #fact
And iphone sales trump any individual Samsung phone. Does that make it better?
+Adrian Tecjunkewizkid Neal battery life on the Galaxy Nexus is complete garbage compared to the One-X. Any benchmarks will give an idea. Krait processor is extremely efficient, particularly on LTE

One-X has the best battery life out aside from the Razr Maxx which has a battery nearly twice the capacity. The Galaxy S3 display is going to guzzle battery with screen on (Nexus=same display and resolution). I'm talking 3 hour screen on time at best kind of bad. 
Sales were just the icing on the cake for doesnt change the shortcomings of htc over this year until the one serious...just being realistic bc to say htc makes the best overall phones isnt fact based,
+Jonathan Franklin Ive used both & the one X battery is only slightly better if you take both out the note stomps both of them
Using your idea of fact based statements, Apple makes the best devices. Period.

Your logic is extremely flawed. Two, I was stating an opinion. One to which I am entitled, as you are to yours. However, to claim your opinion is fact based strictly on sales.... well, you can argue for Samsung on their fanboy page.
+Adrian Tecjunkewizkid Neal the hspa+ versions yes. LTE in the US market, not even close. One-X stomps all over it. Benefit of the modem being baked into the soc rather than external. Also the reason Samsung is rumored to be swapping to that processor for the US. So, s3 will basically have the same chip as the One-X, and a design that is a serious step backward from the S2 (it is just fugly) , and touchwiz on ics is not a single bit improved from gingerbread
+Jonathan Franklin Have you tried them in real world or is this something you've read...Ive used all three & +Brian Greene it's all good, this is why I love g+...I can have good tech convos, you like htc & I like sammy
+Adrian Tecjunkewizkid Neal the one-x on at&t, yes. On Verizon I own the galaxy nexus. I haven't played as much with the note (not really my thing, but I see the appeal for people).

I didn't really mention the note because it gets its battery life the same way the razr maxx does: capacity. Doesn't nod to the efficiency of the chip or design as much. Sure, lasting is lasting.

No you really can't compare apples to apples on the one-x on at&t versus the nexus on Verizon, as a Verizon phone right now is at a disadvantage of having to run two radios until voice over lte is their standard. You can, however, compare the galaxy nexus with the razr, or the rezound, in which they're all on the same network, they're all running first generation lte radios, and the battery capacities are actually smaller on both the razr and rezound yet both outlast the nexus despite being at a disadvantage due to ics being more efficient due to framework allowing proper multi core processor use and scaling and offloading more to the gpu. So no, sense is not any more of a battery hog than any framework and most of that nonsense came from judging due to HTC being the manufacturer ballsy enough to introduce new network technologies and suffer the quirks (wimax with the evo, lte on both at&t and Verizon). Samsungs biggest issue is that they can't design a radio to save their lives and a mediocre radio from another manufacturer will feel like a motorola flagship after tinkering with a samsung for a day or two.
After the GPS on the original Galaxy, I refuse to buy another Samsung. Add to that how even the new ones feel kinda cheap and plasticy to me... I'll stick to +HTC
Valid points fellas...I was a huge htc fan but when the google nexus brand went w/ sammy I just honestly never looked back & its looking like they'll be designing the next one personal phone will always be a pure google experience; loved the debate & loved the good info #nerd!salute
The Nexus design was awesome.... with the N1 from +HTC. Has any Samsung phone come close to pure awesomeness of that N1? For Nothing has.
I'm returning my AT&T One X and getting the S3, all this bootloader crap isn't worth it. I'm pretty sure a lot of others will do the same too. Its too bad, the One X's hardware is far superior to the S3's. I guess people like myself just can't use a phone running stock software.
Blame AT&T, not HTC, unbranded One X is unlockable.
+Adrian Tecjunkewizkid Neal I suppose that is my biggest beef with samsung right now. They had the advantage of the nexus manufacturing. And what do they do? Provide fast updates to devices? Nope, at the bottom of that list and they're the quickest to stamp something as being "legacy" so they can drop support for it. Early access to the code and what did they do? Htc has beat them to the punch with ics updates despite a much more major ui overhaul. Did they reinvent touchwiz? Nope. Did it influence their phone designs? Perhaps minorly.

I have issue with them putting out a device that has things like a legacy menu button when Matias Duarte is pleading for developers to adopt the action bar and get rid of it. We have enough shitty iOS ports to worry about android UI design, but now not only any manufacturer doesn't get on board, but THE manufacturer that Google chose as a hardware reference design decides to buck the trend in android design advances and get cute while the people on board are waiting for developers to get on board and get rid of the menu ninja button in the system ui as well as other ics design elements.

Samsung should lose the Nexus contract just based on principle because they obviously aren't doing anything with the advantages they have been given and they really dont have a hardware advantage this time to justify it otherwise. Nexus one launched and HTC applied that to the first incredible and evo and others afterward, which were just flat out awesome phones, and more importantly they moved android further and didnt hinder the direction Google was going. To google samsung is just a manufacturer but to samsung working with google should be seen as an opportunity, not a business deal.
And not just an opportunity, but the opportunity. Flagship device, setting standards for others to follow, and really staking a lead in the industry. To me, +HTC did that with the N1. LED trackball? Talk about innovative and just plain cool. That sexy body style? The solid feel of that hard body in the hand?

Samsung has put out, what, two or three Nexus devices? What's one big, innovative feature? The barometer in the new one? LOL
tbh I'm going to miss my trackball. I don't use it for a lot (clicking small links on web pages..... and notification colors), but it's freaking handy!
All I ever used it for was notifications. Customizing it in handcent is something I desperately miss!
Well to me itz about the guts & if htc, samsung, or even motorola makes the next nexus then that's the personal phone I'll have...I had the very first droid from google made by htc; launced on t-mobile so I've experienced the love & pain of android every step of the way w/ a few different manufacturers as well as different operators(Ive personally test drove, rooted, bricked a few phones along the way)...I dont blame anyone for shortcomings on any droid; point blank every OEM has had itz issues & that is why I wish google would not just choose one but pick one of their teams and handle the nexus brand in house w/ all the creative minds collectively...this would ensure a vision I believe they wanted to create ;being that Ive had tons of droids over the years I still feel that nexus mobility( Nice Ring 2 It) should take more two cents
I think that Google stepping into the phone market itself would be a huge mistake. For the end consumer those particular devices would ROCK, however I'm sure several other phone mfg's would stop making android devices. How can you compete with Google directly when they could/would make the entire OS around what runs best on the device(s) they make?
Personally I think google should axe the nexus program in its one manufacturer iteration, make framework as they go and give manufacturers access under the conditions that they comply to certain design and UI guidelines (with a "google experience device" certification). That way all manufacturers can prepare hardware and get on board ahead of time instead of the one manufacturer, release, wait for adoption 6 months later model of today. It is broken. Major framework changes, sure. Maybe delay a bit. Incremental updates (like eclair to froyo to gingerbread etc), hell no. With said UI and design certification would come an unlockable device that is developer friendly. 
+Chris Burbank Not the phone mrkt just the Nexus Brand...they're going to continue to make a nexus flagship once a yr so take more control...the consumer wants that just like we're waiting fiercely for a nexus tablet rite now
+Jonathan Franklin It sounds good but google is about openess so guidelines is something they probably will never adopt...Im saying they could do much better w/ the nexus brand since it seems itz here to say...I like your point though!
+Adrian Tecjunkewizkid Neal that model isn't any less open that current. Nobody sees the source code when they are working with a manufacturer other than those two, so what's the difference? I'm just saying they should allow more manufacturers to see it as they're working on it, which technically is more open than the current model

With Asus and others getting into phones, and offering purer experiences anyway, I think eventually it will become moot as there will be a plethora of unlockable, fairly pure devices.
+Jonathan Franklin What Im sayn about open is that for instance once ICS was was available to the OEM's so yes the only thing holding the rollout is the actual OEM themselves, Ive personally seen the ICS update for the galaxy note & guess who is holding it back...At&t...I've worked in the cellular industry & I know what carriers as well as oems do to maintain their control...Ive seen both sides...of course the OEM & Google work on the nexus privately to introduce their new OS, itz their choice to have a flagship phone...Ok, but I cant agree that's itz not available to the the other OEMs rite away; that's just not the truth
+Adrian Tecjunkewizkid Neal I am not saying to abandon pushing it to AOSP. I am saying, instead of working with say samsung and only samsung, they should open up the development process DURING the point that they are writing it, in other words, work privately with any oem that agrees to confidentiality and the willingness to comply to certain UI and design guidelines.
I feel I have been misled by the publicity of this phone.
Multitasking: The phone can not multitask at all. Games, or apps. ex; I was running Runkeeper auto pause mode enable. Stop during my ride to check phone settings and make some changes. The phone killed my application deleting all my data.I never had this problem with my older Samsung Captivate phone. It is a deal breaker for me because I was hoping to take great pics and log my rides. unacceptable browser refreshing, stopping music applications, closing games,and the list go on.

Games: It might not be HTC fault but as a customer I have paid for a lot of high end games that I can not play with this phone. I know the phone has the hardware to run the games. HTC need to work closer with the game developers to adapt the game to the phone. Ex, GTA 3 runs but I am having issues to save the game, exit, or pause.

Camera: I should be able to decide the quality of the picture detail even if that means slower shutter speed.I have to buy Vignette because the pictures with the built in software are not that great.

Front Facing Camera low lighting exposure or contrast is too low. Next to an iPhone in medium dark light conditions my phone performance is terrible. The iPhone looks great.

HTC Live weather wallpaper makes my phone to randomly reboot.

Picture Contact Resolution from G Plus or Phone contacts is unacceptable.

Browser Links: There are not choices to redirect links to:
YouTube app
Maps app
G+ app
Play App

WIFi issues already acknowledge by HTC

AT&T Network radio seems to hop between towers higher frequency than normal.

2G, 3g, 4g network toggle. During football games or big events, it is easier to switch between networks to be able to make phone calls or send text messages. I have not doubt 4G battery life on the HTC phone is improved but it is not as great as 3G or 2g networks.

Some memory lagging. when texting keyboard takes a while to react.

SMS notifiaction issues already acknowledge by HTC

Gmail Push not working properly.

Google Voice is not installing correctly.

I know some the issues mentioned here are not under HTC control but as a customer I am too frustrated. I have invested money on buying top end games and I can not play any of my games.

I love the phone design but the more I dig the more I keep falling out of love with the phone.

Could you please offer a clear direction if any software upgrade would be offered to improve your product and when?Yes I will return the phone if not help can be provided.
Notes on the One X:

Battery life is absolutely ridiculous when properly conditioned, I'm getting a minimum of 15 hours on a full charge.

Storage capacity: SUCKS! I've had the phone less than a week and I'm down to nine gigabytes... this could be a very difficult two years especially without being able to use cloud storage in a cost effective manner... Most WiFi networks actually can't keep up with HSPA+ :(

CAMERA: yeah, I was doubtful but it really does live up to all the hype... If cameras are important to you.

Still probably not as good as the amoled variants, most notably galaxy s ii, or iPhone but you can see it better in the sun and I've gotten more than one compliment on how nice it is.

Voice search: really buggy, usually can't connect to the google servers over WiFi, rarely try it on HSPA because of my paranoia in regards to the aforementioned limited data on the AT&T Network.

Construction: DON'T BUY THE WHITE ONE X! Or if you do at least buy a case the day of!

I switched from sprint to AT&T because I got terrible reception at my new job that I spend 70 hours a week at and my Evo 4G was totally on it's last leg anyway. The more expensive plan is going to hurt but I had to have the coverage. In summation the One X is a great phone but it's not perfect. Folks might want to wait for The Evo 4G LTE to go live on Sprint's forthcoming LTE Network and spectrum/frequency change.
+HTC HTC responded my letter and this is my answer back to them.

I appreciate your response on these issues. Even if I decide not to keep the phone, I think it is great HTC tries to help and provide customer service. I am a first time HTC user and I am trying to learn about the phone.


I have done the same testing with my Samsung Captivate CM9, Samsung Galaxy II, Sprint Galaxy Nexus and they all can handle the android multitasking with no issues.
Personally my problems with the AT&T HTC phone are:
I am a mountain biker and road cycling. I use Runkeeper to track my workouts but during rides I stop to take pictures, send a mms, take a phone call and return to my ride. The HTC phone restarts Runkeeper losing my workout information. I have never had a problem with the Samsungs.
I handle office e-mails and quick office documents on the go. I copy data from quick office and paste the info in a text message. back to quick office for more data to copy but returning to the text message app, my previous info is gone because the application has been restarted. I have never had a problem with the Samsung Phones.
When I play games, going back to the home screen to send a text and trying to go back to the game. The game is re-started. My Samsung phones return to the game from my last move. No application re-starting.
One of the biggest selling point for the HTC ONE X is the 1gb memory capacity why isn't properly use?

The picture quality is good but not great. I have to use auto enhanced from the gallery to make the pictures look good. I have to disable sharpness because it is too high. I have played with all the camera settings but still I don't get great pictures.
I usually take pictures during my mountain bike expeditions. When I take pictures of others bikers moving, the camera has a lot issues focusing and most of the time my pictures are blurry. The camera focus is great when no one is moving or objects in static position.
I have downloaded the vignette application from the market and the settings in the app somehow take better quality pictures than the built in software. Auto enhanced does minimal changes to the pictures when using Vignette, the pictures just look great.

Front face Camera:
You can not change any setting while doing Google hangout or Skype. In medium light situations, the IPhone front face camera during Google hangout, Skype the face is clearly visible; on the other hand, the HTC One X is dark no face at all.

We blinks

My Samsung android phones recognize links associated with apps in the phone. For example;
If a website has YouTube link video. The phone would ask me if I want to open the video in the browser or the YouTube application.
If a website has a link to an address by Google. The phone would ask me to open directions in the browser or the Google Maps app.
The same happens for play store, foursquare,etc.
HTC phones cannot read any links and it is frustrating.


I agree it is not your fault but HTC needs to partner with top game developer companies to have games compatible ready to go from day one. Why? it is frustrating to show my Iphone friends my new phone and tell them I cannot play any of the top games waiting for compatibility. it is frustrating for me because I have paid top dollars for the phone and the games and I can not play them.

Phone Rebooting
I switched the Sense live wallpaper and the phone is back to normal.

AT&T radio I agree it is out of your control.

Network settings phone
AT&T HTC One X needs a toggle 2G and 3G just like the phone versions outside USA. The reason is sometimes the 3G network is not properly performing during events or football games and being able to fall back to 2G has been a great help.

Contact picture resolution:
The contact picture resolution from Google plus or phone the contact phone is too low. My Samsung Captivate with CM9 can do high contact resolution pictures from Google plus or from the contact phone.

Memory lagging.

When going back to send a text ( I swipe)the keyboard takes a few seconds to be ready, it is not bad but it is there. It should be non-existent or at least similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II. Clearing the cache would only temporary solve the problem.

David I hope this information helps to improve the software. Please focus on the multitasking issue because I would be forced to return the phone if I can't perform simple recreational or office activities on the phone.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. You made very good points that there are some apps that still have to be programmed to take advantage of android 4.0 and some apps are designed to reload every time, but there is definitely still a problem with the One X's multitasking. When you compare the One X side-by-side with a Galaxy Nexus (which also has Android 4.0) switching/multitasking to another app loads it fine on the Nexus but on the One X it will force it to totally reload the app. Here is an excellent youtube video that demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about: HTC One X / ICS Multitasking Issue The video shows a One X and Galaxy Nexus, both with android 4.0 and both with the same apps running. Switching between the browser and the Pulse app (which is made by Google and designed for android 4.0) works great on the Nexus but the One X will keep reloading everything. This should not happen because the One X has superior hardware in every way including 1 GB of ram. I am not being nitpicking and I would try to just live with this issue but this problem has huge effects on daily use of the phone. Many times, streaming radio apps will stop playing after some time because the background task is killed. Some times alarm clock apps will not go off because they are killed. I load up my banking app, switch to the calculator and stocks app, go back and I am logged out of the bank app. I start typing an email, switch over to the browser and calendar, go back and the email app reloads, losing my entire email that I started typing. I put a game on pause to answer a phone call, go back it reloads from the beginning, losing all of my progress. All of these scenarios work fine on other android phones even though they have less memory then the One X! This is not an issue just because apps have to be reprogrammed for android 4.0 as demonstrated in the video with the Galaxy Nexus. I think this is a beautiful phone and a really hope this issue can be fixed with a future update, looking forward to your response. Thank you
+HTC Your phones are again not selling well and its sad to hear that so well designed hardware is being suffered because of some lousy unnecessary work on software. Galaxy S3 had 10 million in preorders.
Anybody in your design department who says sense is better than vanilla build because they changed icons and repainted the entire OS, should reevaluate themselves.

I am willing to see how long you are going to stick with shitty sense that absolutely enhances nothing but bogs down OS. It is very funny to read HTC has tweaked multitasking in OS to save resources for their own useless so called sense. Insane, Insane, Insane.

Even more funnier is that company is willing to give up sales compared to their useless differentiation. THINK ABOUT IT.
+Rajesh Handa Trust me its all software its mostly hardware i have an HTC amaze and its the best phone HTC has ever made the only draw back is the battery life so i got Mugen 3200mah battery for and its the best tech i have, the HTC X one is a very good phone but is lacking for the folllowing, SD card slot, removable battery and they would have did what Motorola did to the droid raza maxx
I'd rather have the HTC Titan II for AT&T, because it doesn't have Android.
I don't know. Android seems to complicated to me. I don't want to spend hours learning how to use it. It seems to have endless menus and settings.
If android is too complicated you don't deserve high school diploma 
+Ibtihaj Ramay its a free world dude i can criticize whatever i want if you don't like it jump off a bridge, WP7 is not doing well because people dont like it and its bleeding boring UI like its was designed for kids you cant even customize/ jailbreak it even if a gun was put to ur face, at least iPhone User can do all that except ture Multitasking like <3 Android <3   LOL 
+Daryl Staton Thats just one article and has the current data show worldwide WP7 is not doing well at all, i have friends who have purchased WP7 against my better judgment and already they are bored with it, its gud, its fast, its simple, but its limited and according to joe a close friend it looks like it was designed for kids LOL.

But its your choice and i respect everyone free will to bye what ever they want weather its gud or not its all about taste.       
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