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Osborne 1, the world's first "portable" computer. Which one would you rather carry in your pocket?
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So you decided to compare it with this .. .. ????
That is awesome! I had a computer very similar to that one.
i dont think that this is portable. you need a special suitcase for it and one strong man :D
Tough call. The screens are roughly the same size, but the Osborne is rocking a full-size keyboard...
Take bets on which gets the newest version of Android first? I'll put money on the Osborne.
I already have the One X.... why nobody told me about the Osborne?
Looks very much like the Kaypro I used to have...
They both have external video support built in. The Osborne's media makes a much better frisbee.
Rob Cox
Man, look at that screen size! Wonder what the resolution is ....
At least the Osborne has support for external storage. You can put multiple floppies in there ;-) 
Ok, just wanted to say that today I saw in person and played a little bit with One X. The result is -> I'm in love with this phone :) Great design and build materials. Now I can say 100% I'm not gonna upgrade the SGS2 with S3 :)
I still have my Osborne 1. In its day it was as awesome and revolutionary as the HTC One X. Before that no one carried their computer around.
Osborne vs. Kaypro... Kaypro had a nine-inch 24x80 screen vs. the O1's little five-inch job (24x52 characters, but with a virtual display of 32x128 characters that you could pan around in). I almost bought one from another student when I was in college, but decided to buy a terminal instead (Heathkit H-29).
I feel old when seen these dinosaur. 
No comparison, the phone is still not a computer, just a processor of information!
What a difference and how easy is life now thanks all those who gave us these gadgets 
How is that portable?
ill take portable computer please
A cell phone will NEVER be at the same level as a PC, still rather that then the hunka chunka machine there lol
My mother bought one when we were younger an thought is was the coolest thing!!!!
+Joey Illg Compared to the other machines available at the time, the Osborne was the very embodiment of a portable computer. Surely you're not comparing it to an Mac AIR, are you?
Er, I'll take the HTC. Hey! I have the HTC.
Can I get the HTC IN the Osborne?
Wish my HTC Evo 4 g worked as consistantly as that gigantic hulk.
I am resigned to using this till I get my EVO LTE. Still no shippy. Sad customer.
Hmm, will by HTC be worth as much as an Osbourne 1 in 30 years time?
im pretty sure the osbourne 1 would be worth more than the htc in 30 years time so i agree with +Gareth Owen i would carry the osbourne 1
The Osborne does not come with Sense...
The Osbourne, if it can run a good Gopher client.
The Osborne 1 was my first computer. It weighed a ton, had a tiny mono chrome screen and it took about 12 floppys to load a word processor.
I had one of these and wrote many masters papers on it using WordStar. An awesome machine.
put the HTC in the osbourne it thing it would fit lol
I would call a calculator the world's first portable computer. It COMPUTED answers.
I had a friend with one of these, my first computer was a Kaypro. I liked the larger screen. LOL, how things have changed.
Nick g
Looks like a sewing
OMGosh, I remember these. That makes me very old.
ha, I still have a Compaq III that I found years ago that looks just like this.
That's my first computer. A bit too heavy for the lap. ;-)
Screen size is almost the same size. There's a great feature.
The Osborne. The keyboard alone is vastly better than the POS HTC Shadow II with Windows Mobile i used to have.
If it can access the net, I will take it. I mean the "laptop"
My first job I used one of those!
saweet.....dual 5 1/4 in drives and a huge ass screen!
My company had one back the early 80's.
Funny. Read the other comments HTC. It looks as though the Osborne1 wins this round.....
I had the Osborne Executive for a while (evaluation)--it was only slight more contoured and less clunky, but by no means was it svelte
The screens are about the same size!
dont matter as long as it got prn no im kidding im kiiiding
I had one of these - used it to program process control systems and design HMI screens / interfaces using Pascal MT+86 on Concurrent CPM.....
HTC you had to compare your product to this junk to make it your junk seem better.
If you have a working Osborne 1, then I'll give you $500 cash for it right now. Give me a month, and I can offer you more. I'll offer you $100 for a non-working Osborne. (Don't really want the HTC, sorry).
Hah - I used one of those. A friend of mine's dad had one.
Porn on that greenscreen it would look like captain kirk was at it again with a green alien.
+Darius Rohmbock where is this "idiot" selling the Osborne 1 for $375? Can you text me or email me his contact information? cell: (913) 205 - three five one eight. Email: josh [AT] ajaxkc [DOT] com. Thanks.
I remember a similar device that used punch cards. My dad used to take over the kitchen and dial up the office on the rotary dial phone and plug the handset into the thing and go to work. He got really upset one day when I decided to use his box of punch cards for coloring and craft paper...
is there a cyanogenmod rom for the Osborne 1?
It was my first puter. And God was it heavy, 35#. Loved it thuo.
i would like the walkman version..with a massive pair of headphones!!
Dunno. I'd be able to upgrade the Osborne's OS and use it however I like without my telephone company getting in the way.
Haven't seen one of those since I was in college in the 1980's. They've got to be worth something now as collectors items don't they?
Had a chance to buy one about ten years ago. I'm sti kicking myself for not jumping at it. 
I love the innovation that went into the machines from 20-30 years ago. Look at that thing, it's a sexy piece of hardware.
I would love one but it would probably stay at home mostly.
The first computer I ever programmed. Parents had a Osborne 1 and an Osborne Executive.
My Dad had one. I remember it well. Not too sure we had an HTC simultaneously, however...
The osborne 1 hands down. It's a pretty machine.
I remember the first time I saw an Osborne. I thought all the science fiction stories I'd ever read had come true.

It was a computer you could take out of the house!

I imagine the remote control for my 3 year old TV had more computing power....
This is the whole reason you have portable now. Osborne is a good example of success ruining a company.
+All - So I think we're feeling pretty good with recent innovations? ;P
I remember that my father brought home once when i was about 7 yo, this picture bring back the memory
The droid. Thank gog for cell phones...
The next one will be an ear bud.
Hey I owned this computer, and it was great. as for the phone, the Samsung S2 is better.
you know awesome would it be right now to have the Osborne and get it out of your bag and pull it out and start putting discs in it...instead of a phone.....
Of course, that's the reason why you need an outside microSDHC port on the phone. Drives me crazy that I have no equivalent to floppies on my phone.
I'm pretty sure I can type faster on the Osborne 1. It also does not need an expensive constant Internet connection to operate optimally.
Osbourne has expandable memory!

Great photo.
The Osborne changed my life. I walked into a ComputerLand store one day to look at the pre-availability sample, spent like $2,000 (a LOT of cash at the time), it took 90 days to get it delivered, but I ended up running that ComputerLand store. I've been working with computers everyday since then
This really shows you how technology has improved so much in the last 25, fifty years.
Powered Facebook IPO? Hhmmnnn...
It would have to be a big bag, look at the size of the htc phone placed in front of it, behind the keyboard :)
I miss the dos prompt. Glad my work computer is still an as/400 with command prompts
Well almost the same size and weight of the first generation "portable" ;-)
Now just unlock the att bootloader!
Osbourne. HTC phones are useless. Get a Droid Razr xD
Let's see. Had an ozzy in the late 70's . If memory serves it was something like 64 K ram. But it did not depend upon the non-existent web. So the sweet little Onex would have been a strange piece of futuristic art of no other use, whereas one could slowly do actual computing on the ozzy. And yes it was portable.
I actually used one of these back in the mid 90's for remote support on 3 IBM AS/400's.
I remember that one, I almost bought, a used one.
first computer i worked on - only i guess it was an osbourne II, Dad brought it home set me up with GWBasic (which we called Gee Whiz Basic) and i was away.. hours of fun
I love it. These were in the days when computers were really exciting. Yes, computers today kick butt compared to these, but I was never more excited about computers than back in these days.
I remember being a teenager in Berkeley and seeing this in one of the designers homes. They the Kaypro and then my first computer.... The Compaq portable (actually even larger than the Osborn!)!!!!
I'll take the Osborne 1 over the HTC, mostly due to the full size keyboard, and historic aweseomeness.
LOL OH man the TRS ... I miss those simpler days.
So what ur saying is the HTC one sucks so bad they have to compare it with the "first portable computer" instead of a current laptop? 
My first PC. I bought another one too. It was such a bargain. :)
those things weight a ton, even with the carrying strap..
It looks like a super tiny ATM with the credit card thingys
I bet the Osborne has an awesome keyboard click.
We had a brown one and a blue one. Sold them both with software for $50.00 including software when we bought our first Mac.
I bet the Apple has more consumer history than htc GET THE FUCK OFF MY WALL!
Well, I need jumbo-size pocket to carry it ...
I have an Osborne 2 sitting right next to me... it was my first computer. dated 1981.
O_o....somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning
Hmmmm.... Portable computer you say? Its called....
HTC can't be bothered to support the View, I can't be bothered to support HTC with my money. Sorry HTC, if the f'ng iPhone can get updates for YEARS, you can update the tablets for a few months. It's not even a year old yet, and it's got a half baked version of HC?

Not only won't I be buying any more of your products, and not just because you burned me on the View, but also because you can't be trusted to back your products in the future, not only won't I buy any, I'll do what I can to discourage friends and family from doing so as well.
At this point, if I had 2 options, the Osborne 1 and anything HTC, I'd go with the Osborne. Thanks for not supporting the Hero and EVO 4G for so long. I want a Windows Phone 7 phone, but because I'm staying with Sprint I'm not going to get the chance. Oh well, iPhone here I come.
Why are you giving me a decision the osborne.
of course, the osborne! its sleek, light, and easy to carry around!
See?! that "Osborne 1, the world's first "portable" computer" already had HTC in it! so, thew new HTC phone is not a new computer, just incomplete one. ;)
I had work with this to programmer S5 from Siemens.
I think I've got one of those at work.
From then to now, and we the public is still behind in technology compared to the government. How wrong is that?

To answer the question? I guess the HTC.
i personally like the Motorola phones and i guess google did too since they bought them
I saw a guy carrying that on a plane when I was a kid
Looks like bulky, I don't think its that compact.
I'd rather have a Motorola Droid in my pocket. :D
Looks like the Televideo TPC-II, I had one!
Luckily I have big pockets, But not sure I can use the Osborne 1 to post how cool I am on Google+
I remember wanting one of those (Osborne I) soooo badly! There was a C-64-based luggable built the same way I really wanted a few years later, too (would still love one, actually)
Two 5 1/4 floppy drives!? State-of-the-art!
HTC has been making state of the art devices for years, they have the BEST smartphones because they had the best PDA's. HTC > All other phone manufacturers. I would sell the osbourne and buy an HTC for me and one for my 7 year old son who prefers my rooted EVO to the 4s fruit phone made by chinese slave labor
The sound of the floppy drive loading up in the morning - it's amazing looking back that despite the fact that these things were dead slow, they were still an improvement on the old ways...
Oh yeah, I remember this luggable from 'way back! It weighs as much as a sewing machine.
Lies! the first portable computer was the IMB 5100, sure it wasn't very successful due to its pricing starting at almost 9k but either way it was introduced 6 years before the Osborne 1. Oh and by the way i'd choose the IMB just because it is worth ALOT nowadays.
ZOMG!!! lmao wow..
I wonder how HTC feels after reading that everyone prefer the Osborne hehehe :)
Hey don't laugh! I used to that very same model and a printer on flights through airports! WOW! Now is better!
our girlfriends would say "is that an Osborne 1 in your pocket...or your just happy to see me?" 
Prefer the Osborne least it is productive and I can save something on it. ;-)
the big one..I will be rich if i own one of them!!
The Osbourne huh... Me 1at time seeing it xD
its about the same size of screen
Well the Osborne 1 does have a qwerty keyboard with numpad...
I'll take the Osborne 1 since its actually going to be a better long term investment. Your HTC will be worth 20 bucks in 3 years.. That osborne 1 goes for big bucks at auction!
Osborne..C= nd TI had one as well
I dont they have a leather case for it?
I have a never used, new in box modem for the Osborne 1 sitting on a shelf behind me.
does it get the blue screen of death also LOL
Wow, I am old enough to actually remember seeing these. Argh, I am old.
Definitely an Osbourne! Why? 1) Full fledged keyboard 2) Removable/expandable storage 3) Replaceable battery. Take that, One X.

+HTC I think you guys clearly lost your core audience with the One X.. Seriously, what where you thinking? I we wanted an iPhone-like phone, we would buy the iPhone.. >_>

(FYI: I used to be a big time HTC fan, back when you guys used to make awesome phones with QWERTY keyboards.. the Desire Z was the last decent HTC phone. It's been all downhill since.)
Never seen it before. But it looks cool><
nice.... now get back to putting ICS on my Evo 4G Design....
It was "state of the art" at one time. If you like this, you'd LOVE the TRS80 or the Commodore 64!!
My first computer was a Commodore 64!
I would take either the Osbourne computer or Samsung galaxy S3 as I already Got A Samsung Galaxy S2 and I will never buy a HTC phone ever again 1 over priced 2 normally no SD card slot so it looks like the Osbourne wins that one it doesn't accept SD cards but it accepts floppies 
and they say we have tiny screens now...
I had the commodore 64 c back in the day!
Both because sometime old tech is still the best.
Even, nowadays we are in the witness of most better actions on olders than newest one, against going ahead of technology!!!
My friend owned one of these! At the time, I thought it was so James Bond!
wtf is that thing? i never heard of it.
Neither! I prefer my iPhone. 
I'll take the Osborne because there is no way you are lifting that thing high enough to crack the screen when you drop it.
I have an Osborne sitting right next to me. That keyboard is really difficult to type on. It's strange to hear the recoil of springs and to have to slam your fingers down in order to feel assured that you've actually typed a letter.
the computer i hate htc iphone all the way 10 times better
Yeah, that computer is way more awesome than the phone. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't appreciate history and doesn't understand that early computers lead the way to smartphones.
first of all, i don't think you can fit that "portable computer" in your pocket
It weighed a ton but was uber cool in it's day....ahh the memories.
Whichever one has better battery life
I owned one of these. Ah, memories. :)
Bring the #htcones to India..
An I still have the Commodore SX-64 luggable version. Roger that on the memories.
rob big
Wow I wonder what year this came out...
In which pocket should I carry it?
Harry Osborne's grandfather made this?
+Roger Jones if you ever want to kick down that SX, lemme know! (See my earlier post)
i'd love to type on that chunky keyboard! just the sound of pressing the bottons is amazing! =)
stop being a contrarian the phone is a million times better!
It is good 2 huv one but back in the older days.
How things change... What will the future bring?
you would need big pockets to carry this
I remember the day this thing first came out. They had a magazine ad for it showing a guy in a suit merrily carrying this down the street and waving and smiling to someone. And I thought, "How much are they paying this guy? Hopefully enough to at least defray the chiropractor expense." Still, in principle it was interesting for its time and it proved that computers were gradually getting more compact.
Osborne is a brand of brandy from my country!! Spain!
How about the Osborne 1, since that one is most likely more available in the U.S. than the HTC One series. Does Apple have to control everything non-Windows?
wonderful !! I learned of it for the first time in this announcement
Flash back.... I worked on those at ComputerLand when they came out.
We thought this was a fun little picture showing then & now. It's always interesting looking at past technology! :)
Can I upgrade my old HTC Wildfire to android 4.0 with Sense 4..?? =) Or I need at least 1GHz ? Because I have Android 2.0 and if I choose on my phone "Look for upgrade" allways it tells me that I have actual version of Android. Thanks for answers =)
i would perfor the htc one becauae it is portable
I like my HTC One S but the Osborne 1 wins when it comes to removable storage!
whichever allows me to sync my music from my mac! that rules the HTC out!
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