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HTC has been working hard to get its Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades ready, and we’re excited to announce that our first round of ICS upgrades will roll out by the end of March for the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Sensation XE, followed soon there after by the HTC Sensation XL.

In addition, we can confirm Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades will be coming later this year to the HTC Rezound, HTC Vivid, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G, HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD. Stay tuned for more updates on Ice Cream Sandwich releases in the coming weeks.
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Are there details on what the upgrade will look like? Been curious to know how Sense and ICS will blend... if at all.
Where is Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Thunderbolt it was the first 4G phone it's not even a year old yet. I feel like you should be supporting your devices for the full two year duration of a consumers contract.
Nice to see the Desire S included there! Look forward to it.
AT&T is even worse. They just drool over iPhone and don't care for Android updates
Yeah pretty much Verizon Customers get screwed if you get an HTC Phone. Unless HTC starts supporting the Thunderbolt more my next phone will be a Samsung.
waiting for incredible s
+Matthew Garbett Stay tuned on this one, we should have news pretty soon.
Can't wait for the end of march now.....
Cant believe Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD would have ICS upgrades too. But can single core phones handle ICS well?
The Rezound is later this year? What happened to it being early January?!?
Nice! I'm really happy with Desire HD :)
Wtf Htc confirm ICS update for Vivid??? It will not be the 1st htc phone with ics from the box???
Why the EVO 3D wont get the ics with the Senstion? It has the Same SoC and screen resolution???
+HTC You are doing it right. Nice to know Desire HD is included in the list, we will all upgrade the hardware anyway, but building that trust makes it easier to select HTC device again. Thank you.
+Dori Elswick It tasted as good as it looked. I actually shot the pic with a Sensation XL.

+Jason Prock We'll have more news on timing, but expect those to be sooner rather than later.
+Caleb Allen It varies, in some cases the carriers initiate the OTA upgrade (makes it tough to be specific on timing since they do their own testing, in addition to ours).
Why doesn't the HTC Vivid get it at the end of March? It was the first HTC phone with LTE and is so new. It should be one of the first ones to get it.
The reason I would go to another company is to get a Nexus device but if HTC can provide the same amount of support that you get from a nexus then I would stay with them for my next device. The fact they are releasing less devices this year makes me happy because that means they can more easily upgrade and maintain the phones they release.
What features will HTC get that mix with ICS? I have the HTC Vivid
Incredible S should be good news for Inc 2 owners, right? Hopefully should be a relatively easy port for the ROM community, and most importantly the video drivers will be available.
HTC Desire Z as well please. Don't make happy users to non-customers when they choose their next mobile!
I'm happy to be on dhd but my sister who live in US have inspire 4g said news from at&t will not release any more update for the phone... She didn't even get sense 3.0... Gosh...
Great. Super... I love this news
I read this post on my standard HTC Desire, now we're both sad.
Htc desire hd=htc inspire 4g,so i hope ice cream will arrive at the same time,got 2 phones (inspire and sensation) waiting for icecream upgrade.
I'm just happy my phone is getting ICS even if it is later in the year. Go HTC!!!
more info about Desire Z and ICS please
Waiting to receive ICS on my HTC Sensation... :D

+HTC, the Sense will be fixed? or may be deactivated?
+HTC how about my HTC thunderbolt, it can't upgrade to ICS? why? We are unable to get upgrade? It's htc producut, but how come HTC thunderbolt cna't upgrade to ICS? should I buy another phone HTC 3D , HTC sensation,whateever...
No G2 (Desire Z)?? Wouldn't that theoretically be the easiest to upgrade since it runs stock android?
+HTC What happened to the Evo 3d getting ICS early this year like it was promised.. after March is not early 2012
What about the HTC Desire Z? Won't it be updated to ICS?
O.M.G. realy DesireHD? htc, you guys make me have to love you!
+HTC thanks for replying to us Thunderbolt users I hope that there is good news soon. :)
It would be sooooo cool to upgrade the Desire Z as well. Pleaaaaaase :-)
Or if you can't, help us stick to HTC by releasing a new model with a hard landscape keyboard :-)
any chance it's coming for HTC HD2? i'm tired of my win mobile..
This is a joke. Android runs on a 6 month cycle and we're not getting ICS until 3 months (at minimum) after it's release?
if there is no update for my desire z it would be my last HTC
Ok, I expected it already in February, but March is still good. Now it would be nice to know what sense is coming with ICS.
Es war ein Fehler noch einmal ein HTC zu kaufen. HTC muss sich nicht wundern immer mehr Kunden zu verlieren! Diese Updatepolitik ist dass Geld nicht wert wo man für die Handys ausgeben muss. Das war mein letztes HTC! (HTC EVO 3D)
i'm already on ICS AOSP , couple o' weeks now , but my next wil be a nexus , vendor tree should be in the source repo , and there should be a model switch to the sync command , building for htc is a pain because of drivers unavailability , dont get me wrong i love my dhd , sense 3.5 is superb , but i like to build my roms and you are not making my life easy .
+HTC I haven't seen the Evo 4G on any list of potential phones to be upgraded to ICS. Could someone tell me, for certain, whether or not my phone will get the update? Yes or no, I just want to know if it is even a possibility. Thanks for a great phone, by the way!
+Jake Hall Gingerbread was released in December 2010, 4.0.3 (what everyone is getting for updates) came out in December 2011. How is this a 6 month cycle?
Great! I am using a Desire S.
+HTC,Matthew Garbett, thanks for caring my concern. Wait for good news later ^.^, I don't want to buy new phone to upgrade, it is not
1 year yet, when I purchased on March 29/2011.
If you're rocking one of those older devices like the Desire S a word of warning.

HTC's noble desire to please meant that their Gingerbread update to the original Desire was almost unusable due to the memory capacity bottoming out as a result of Sense bundled onboard.

HTC obvs arent going to release an update Sense-free, so i'd expect the ICS update to really push some of those older phones.
Well I know that the HTC Thunderbolt is capable of it because there are already a couple unofficial ICS ports unfortunately there isn't any working calls, sms, or mobile data.
It takes a very long time I think. The process seems complicated as you send system updates to carriers, thing I find stupid. However it's great to know you will support your "older" phones, contrary to SAMSUNG !
Nice the Desire HD is now on the list. I like the phone. ;-)
+HTC rolled out 2.3.5 OTA on DesireHD last week in India, I wonder when they'll launch ICS here. Why should India lag behind in getting updates?
+Matthew Garbett yes, i hope ICS can upgrade & work our thunderbolt phone .. everybody likes ICS speedy faster rather then android 2.1.. it's not old phone, it's 1st Genernation 4G on 2011.
I see no reason why we shouldn't get an official ICS update our phone has 8GB internal space so plenty of space for a rom that is 4GB+ if it needs to be that big that is fine with me we have 32GB for apps on our SD card.
I'm posting this from an HTC Desire Z running Ice Cream Sandwich. :)
Colin W
Atleast the glitches should be worked out by then.
+Adam Curtis Well, admittedly Android releases haven't been on a strictly 6 month cycle but that's kind of been the target for most major releases. Some have come out sooner than 6 months and some after.

We've had:
1.0 - September '08
1.1 - February '09 (5 months)
1.5 Cupcake - April '09 (2 months)
1.6 Donut - September '09 (5 months)
2.0 Eclair - October '09 (1 month)
2.2 Froyo - May '10 (7 months)
2.3 Gingerbread - December '10 (7 months)
3.0 Honeycomb - February '11 (2 months)
4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich - November '11 (9 months)

The average is actually 4.75 months. If you ignore the 1 and 2 month cycles, you get an average of 6.6 months.

The reason it seems like a 12 month cycle, is because Honeycomb was a tablet only release so phones didn't see it. Google has made it pretty clear that all future versions of Android won't be specific to any one form factor.
To be honest, I like the Virtuous Quattro ICS rom much better than the official HTC Gingerbread build.
Ryan B
Since the Incredible S is getting it, does that mean the Incredible 2 will also?
Does it makes the WiFi connection to work properly. At this moment when o browse i have to restart WiFi after every 4 new pahes. Very disturbing.
Why not the Rezound in March. It is one of the newer phones?
And i thought Q3 for my optimus 3D was far away. Looks like a lot of htc phones will be updated at that time or even later
Your promises are not that reliable.. But we are happy that you are informing us
I love my aosp ics on my Verizon fascinate. Totally breathes new life into this phone! I like HTC also, but I am totally for writing my own roms from source etc.
What about HTC Desire Z, or G2?
+Eric Soulliage totally agree with your earlier post. Have nexus s running ics for almost 2 months. No sign of an update to my HTC flyer even though the device is under a year into its life cycle and HTC promised support for the device. I will only stick with nexus devices from now on due to the guarantee the device will be supported in aosp and get regular ota's for a lot longer period than most manufacturers who only appear to push ota's when they have a problem
+HTC please give us info on the Desire Z, we need to know if it is worth it keeping the phone, or buying another which will be supported.
Oh, thanks +Remco Haszing mine is rooted. Do you have any links as to how to install it manually? What kind of bugs?
+Remco Haszing please tell me where i can find a complete manual on rooting the dezire Z and installing the ics ... And for the info, i'm not a ingeneer ...
Way to release 4763268 versions of the same phone HTC, and then punish users who purchased anything else, or even the original version ,called the EVO 3D. I'm beyond done with HTC after my upgrade this year.

Also im willing to bet i get ics faster by upgrading my phone rather than through htc for this phone.
And half those phones are overseas not even in America what the hell man
+Carlos Rasilla I don't like HTS Sense either, nor some of the applications that cannot be uninstalled (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Exchange). By rooting your device you will be able to remove those :)
HTC Evo 4G early adopters are still under contract and should therefore still be supported. #justsayin
I'm glad Sensation XE owners will be the first to test ICS, let's hope we're not, in reality. the guinea pigs for this! ;) Either way, I'm looking forward to end of March, thanks +HTC. Now if you could reply to my question regarding HTC Watch I'd appreciate!!
Samsung galaxy s2 kills competition
For anyone with a Desire Z ... I have successfully used the HTCDev bootloader unlock tool from HTC after which I used this Tutorial at XDA:
Just follow it step by step exactly as explained and it's not that difficult.

I am now running the MIUI v4 ROM with ICS 4.0.3 on my Desire Z, and I have to say it just ROCKS! Do not want to go back to Android 2.3 anymore!!!
Great info- I bet it drains the battery life
I was told Evo 3d ICS to be available in February >.> I love you guys, +HTC but if you don't get quicker with updates I am going to roll with Nexus bandwagon. The Rezound? Seriously? Come on, man!
What about Droid incredible 2??
HTC Desire Z ? .... :( (aka HTC Vision)
+Raj Arya I believe the only difference between the Incredible 2 and the Incredible S is the radio, so custom ROMs should be able to port the ICS build pretty easily. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

But I guess that also doesn't help you if you're not into custom ROMs...
Or you can root it and have it now!
I love ICS! Sent from my quad ROM'd EVO3d running three different versions of ics!
No Evo 4G? Ahh well. It's been almost two years anyway. Time for an upgrade. I sure would like a shiny new HTC ICS phone to jump to on sprint, though. I really don't want to have to get that samsung.
Gary F
My EVO 4G is still under contract. If there is no update forthcoming, I guarantee my next phone will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as soon as it is available on Sprint.
Thunderbolt user here. I am looking forward to more news regarding this amazing device and hopefully ICS. I just hope they release the updates in a timely manner.
How ling are Vodafone gonna hold back on it though?
Nice, I really am waiting for my Vivid to get ICS. Since I am carrier unlocked is their a place I go to download it?
I would have to assume the Doubleshot-Tmo Slide version will be delayed based on the carrier?
Excellent!! Please keep posting updates! Nothing beats droid
I guess I will need to move to Samsung. I like my EVO 3D, but I don't like such a product to seemingly be ignored. It isn't even a year old yet.
Great! for Desire HD will be greatly welcome! Thanks!
Great. If the Dhd is on that list, there is a possibility the inspire 4g will get it!
Htc, DON'T say "later this year" in February! :-P
Thanks HTC for not including the HTC EVO 4G. No more HTC phones for me I guess.
Thanks HTC for my Desire HD, great news, thanks
So pretty much no ICS for my Rezound until just before I only have to wait basically til December 31st for ICS on Evo 3D? Glad you guys are on top of stuff. I wouldn't want to get it too long before Jellybean hits.
To be fair folks the EVO 4G not getting ics is far from unfair. I mean its a almost 2 year old single core phone, that was released well before google mandated that all phones must be 18 month future proofed allowing them to be supported for a minimum 1.5 years.

I think HTC and google have done a great job supporting that phone. There have been many a newer phones that havent recieved half the support by all makers in that time.

Besides it just another reason to get root. If i could run gingerbread on my old moment ICS in some, although probably trimmed down form will probably get ported.
Why do you have so many phone models? Can't you just focus on one or two and do it really, really well? This way you could update it more quickly and provide a much better experience.
for all of us upset with HTC and the amount of time its going to take for us non sensation users. I guess we should be happy HTC admitted they put out too many phones this year and plan on not doing so next year?
Why so long for evo 3d? Not impressed. I will not be buying another +HTC phone if this is what to expect.
+HTC I'm over it already - By the time +O2 in the UK get their fragmented version out to customers it'll be the end of the year :-(
We all know this 2012 hTC will produce few models, that's good so you can update them faster and easily. Anyway, congratulations, i'm sure you're gonna be the only one to update 12 models to ICS this year. Samsung's fans where are you? What to say now against hTC?
At least HTC tell you when you're getting ice cream sandwich, Sprint nexus s 4g we still don't have an approximate date?
Ni Jay
HTC will prbly jack it up. Just go ahead and root.
Awaiting eagerly to have it on my Sensation XE
I hope they make this work for the Motorolla Atrix 4G.
Another unhappy customer (soon to be ex customer if you don't sort yourselves out) with a Desire Z who has to wait months after the ICS release to even find out if my phone will be upgraded or not. I don't care about Sense if it means I don't get ICS. Just give us the choice if it's Sense that is the issue.
At least put ICS on the G2... then I can get it on my Desire Z
You need to work hard on designing a better Wi-Fi module, the one in the sensation and xe is doomed to constant failure!
Does news about HTC Incredible S apply to the older HTC Incredible also?
Motorolla is making excuses right now.
Well done HTC, nice to see you guys being so prompt about it. To everyone complaining about how slow HTC are, there are only three devices with ICS so far, the last two Nexus phones and the ASUS Transformer Prime. Nobody else has announced such a definite release time for ANY of their phones! You may complain but HTC are the best of the bunch, just compare to what the other companies are saying. My HTC Desire is in need of an upgrade, can't wait to see the first out-of-the-box HTC ICS devices at the end of the month? Hints?
Desire HD? First time, i read that! Thanks HTC, you really makes me happy :-)
It would be nice if ICS were available for the Desire Z. Perhaps they will make an announcement soon.
+Chris Dahl Just to let you know I would judge it very unlikely that the original Incredible will get it. A quick look showed me it has the same internal chipset as the Nexus One, which Google has already stated is not powerful enough for ICS.
+Chris Dahl My mistake, it's not the same, it's the same as the Evo. Irregardless the answer is no, any news regarding the Incredible S does not apply to the Incredible. Different internals.
Please tell me that the Incredible 2 is getting ICS! Mmmm.... forbidden operating system...
HTC please release it soon for the Amaze promised it would be in Feb...why does the sensation get the love before the amaze owners...we need love too
Look forward for updating for my flyer
Devastated that Dhd was being updated later, but it was fine. Good job.
So much for Q1 on the Rezound. Or even early January. Don't get me wrong I want a stable OS but breaking promises like that makes me think twice about getting a Samsung.
Doesn't matter what the os is I'll never buy an HTC phone again since I've owned 5 of the same phone, constantly replaced for the same hardware issue each time in a matter of less than 2 years. Looking towards a Samsung Android come renewal time...
+Octavius Sylvers If you want pure Android, by an Nexus. I love sense and won't miss it. It would be nice if android and sense could be updated separately, but the actual situation is better than to surrender sense.
They better give some of that ice cream luv'n to the HTC thunderbolt!
+HTC This is how you differentiate yourself from other OEMs. Update ics on as many devices as you can and as quickly as possible. People will love you.
I give you some love if you give some ice cream to my evo.
I bought a Resound last week after I was told in the Verizon store it would get ics next month.
How about the first LTE phone. The thunderbolt!
HTC amaze 4g! Make it available in March pleaseeeeee
Thunderbolt??!?? Please?
Wow, HTC has just abandoned the Thunderbolt completely.
Nice! This will be a big help to those XDA devolopers trying to bring ICS to my EVO 4G.
I love my DesireHD!!!
Seriously! What about the Thunderbolt?
EVO 3d users are pissed especially the sensation getting it when it has the same specs and was promised q1 it would upgrade. How we will know HTC will even upgrade the 3d it can just push it back again
Love my inspire but feel like its time to root.
Been running ICS 4.0.3 with Sense 3.6 for several weeks now. Rooted, S-Off and running InsertCoin 4.5.0. Superb ROM and runs great on Sensation.
i love htc so much but can it be roll out more early. really would like to play with ICS. ^_^
I hope this will be released on all Verizon devices. They just have too many issues with the current software versions.
HTC was the first to run Android I can't see why its become at the back now
No Desire Z? HTC isn't what it used to be...
can't wait any longer ... desire hd with ICS now please ...
Alright, the DHD is in that list. Now I can't wait for it :-)
+HTC Wait, the Evo 3d was supposed to get ICS in the 1st quarter. What happened? HTC, at least release what developers need to get 4G wimax working on custom ROM's! That alone will keep many customers happy!
I just bought a Rezound over Galaxy Nexus hoping ICS would come sooner rather than later. I guess it'll be later.
I'm not going to buy another +HTC or +Samsung USA phone because of the delay in updates... Google Nexus line of phones are better bang for buck...
upgrade for the Evo 3D and the Evo Design but not the regular evo? Come on CM9!
You guys crack me up. "if the Evo doesn't get ics I'll buy a different phone brand" I have an Evo and I'm posting from ics. Root your phone and do whatever you want with it.
+HTC What about for Wildfire S? Wouldn't we get an upgrade as well?
Take your time, my Rezound has been happily on ICS now for a few weeks, but we have to make sure and thank the Android community and devs for that one not HTC.
I'd love a version for my Sensation with the same quick launch lock screen, but without the rest of Sense. I don't care for it (the vanilla ROM's on the HD2 ruined it for me), and have been running ADW instead for quite a while.
I see the HTC Incredible S on the list, so can i assume that that also means the Droid Incredible 2 will also be getting ICS?
+ken christy not everyone wants to void their warranty by rooting. I own an evo 4g, 3d and view tablet and was promised an official ics update in early 2012 for my 3d which was released before the sensation. Now it's been pushed back to God knows when. You know what cracks me up? Your picture. Sorry htc but my love affair with your products have come to an end and I'll be grabbing a galaxy nexus on the 15th when my primary line is out of contract. If htc had created a few flagship phones instead of twenty clones then this might have not been an issue. I work in the industry and to simply tell the masses to just root your phone and do what you want isn't a sensible option for everyone.
What about mytouch 4G slide? Dual core. Should handle it... No?
Please allow us to clear defaults on Sense and run vanilla android. Please?
Excellent news, however the Amaze 4G should receive updates the same time the Sensation does, considering their hardware is nearly identical.
If you say that the upgrade will include Incredible S, does that also me the Incredible 2?
+Ken Christy I have my phone rooted. That is not the point. Some people don't know how to root a phone but still want all the new features of ICS. The EVO was the first awesome Android phone and then they just leave it out? No, not acceptable to me. 
Please show some htc evo 4g love
Nice to see the list ... I'll believe it when I see it. By the time ICS comes out for some if these phones new ones will have Lollipop
+HTC feel free to leak a ics build for the EVO 3d cdma ... By the time its released a lot of us will have a new phone .. my next will more then likely be a nexus phone, sad to say
I foresee a day in the VERY near future when I select my phone and carrier not on features but how long they support the device I buy. The rate at which OEM's discard phones (by denying them OS upgrades is intolerable.
HTC, will the MyTouch 4G Slide get a ICS upgrade?
Maybe just less bloatware so you guys could update faster?

It would be nice if you could decouple the launcher for instance, leave the settings menu alone (as the colorful icons done in Sense are crap, and it's silly 'Personalization' requires the Sense launcher to be loaded in memory - just give the launcher its own settings menu!).

Decoupling Sense from the system framework would make updating simpler and faster for you guys, and allow you to update those components with greater frequency and at less effort and cost.

One thing +HTC might not like about this is lack of lock screen control - I recommend making adjustments to make the lock screen in AOSP a modular component (a la the launcher) and getting that up-integrated into Android as a whole.

Another thing - it would be beneficial to everyone if less hardware revisions were released. Why not focus on 3 phones? Low-end, mid-tier, and high-end? Or even just mid-tier and high-end?

Also, really cool scrapbook photos! I might have to mimic that.
HTC Sensation 4G, and I can't wait, glad I'll be one of the lucky HTC users out there!
Why not just provide an option between the sense interface and the stock latest software from google? The delay in software updates is really hurting the customers.
I think they should have an option to switch between sense and stock as well it would solve a lot of issues they would just have to have bigger internal memory.
I really wish that that Evo 3D was in the first group. I was hoping for March/April. I hope it's before June.

Not thrilled.
Can't wait! I have a +HTC Sensation 4G (TMobile) there some way/where we can find out what ICS will be adding/changing about our phone?
I was hoping the the EVO 3D was the first phone from +HTC to get ICS. Especially since it was the premiere phone for a while. All of the other versions of the Sensation, although nice, should be getting their updates after the 3D. Just my $0.02.
I've already seen what ICS and sense combined look like thanks to xda devs, can't wait for an official update
+HTC why throw all that marketing money into the "flagship" Thunderbolt, only to treat the phone like a 2nd class citizen less than a year after the release. I know the battery design was shortsighted and all, but it was still the first 4G LTE phone and was a flagship model. Was it a "first to market" kind of thing? You do realize that leaving it off the ICS list alienates us users even further and will probably look at the other vendors.

Tell you what - just release your kernel source and a working 4G radio for the ICS framework, and us enterprising Thunderbolt users will figure out a way to get it loaded before you get around to it.
I love my HTC Evo 4G! Don't leave me out. Gotta go 10 months till contract is up.
Did he just say "later this year"?
I wish Motorola would be on top of it like you! And Google even owns them.
C Jones
Glad I already have this on my Nexus S 4G!
No HTC Thunderbolt? Guess this is the last time I buy an HTC phone. Not worth it to take a gamble to lose and have a poorly supported phone.
I love you +HTC . My Desire S will get an update.. I love that phone and happy to see it was a great choice..
"Later this year" ... because you've already given us your money and so we're more concerned with those who are planning on giving us money in the near future. SUCKERS!!! <-- What HTC really means. Amazing how companies these days can be so shortsighted when it comes to taking care of existing customers.
Its a real shame early adopters of HTC's Android phones who jumped on the original Desire are marginalized with a lack of updates. It makes you think twice in the future when looking to update.
Seth Moon
+HTC there's a pattern with this thread. It seems every post mentioning the Thunderbolt has at least one +1 by it. The Thunderbolt was a flagship model for the Verizon 4G network. Many people enjoy the phone to this very day. In fact it's currently free at Verizon with a 2 year contract which I believe is the most amazing smartphone deal on the market. See where I'm going with this?
c'mon Evo Shift! Actually no hurry here, really, I'm loving me some Cyanogenmod 7 goodness.
Max W.
I already have ICS 4.0.1!
So that's it for us Evo 4g guys I guess...that was an investment down the toilet. Thanks HTC for leaving us behind!
That's a lot of devices ... I wish the EVO 4G was one of them.
when will the upgrades come to desire s?
+HTC, if you're planning on updating the Incredible S to ICS, please please please consider the Incredible 2. It's the same phone. There shouldn't be any reason to not give ICS to both. I'll forgive you for upgrading the Incredible S, and not the Incredible 2, to Sense 3.0.
Why isn't Rezound not on this first round? This a an HTC Verizon flagship model! This is ridiculous to have to wait till after this first round of sensations! I'm very unhappy and I will never buy another HTC if the Rezound does not get Sense 4.0 with the ICS update! I have been a loyal customer for years.
at least +HTC shares information with us, but with that being said I'll never own anything other than a Nexus for these ^^^^^ 565 reasons.
I really, really, really, really appreciate HTC providing this upgrade to its customers!
All I ask is for the modules for older models to work with ICS. If you don't want to create a whole OS, at least let the cyanogen group take care of the older devices.
Rich S
Glad others are asking about the Doubleshot / MT4G Slide, but I'll throw another comment in. Still a top-end Tmo device, deserving of ICS!
+HTC hi, I live in Dominican Republic, there's no carrier offering the HTC Sensation here, I don't expect Orange dominicana to take care of me. What I would need to do to be able to get my update?
+Joel Oneal look for htc official ruu's which will allow flashing ota from PC, just use the one for the originating carrier it started on, or just root and unlock bootloader, ics custom roms have been on sensation for many, many months already
+HTC what about desire z? Both Z and HD released at the same time. Please don't leave us in the cold. Giving it to HD and not to DZ will be cooooold!!!
Yo, HTC when is my Thunderbolt getting ICS? I know no dates been confirmed, but seeing these older phones getting updated is kind of depressing...????
I want to teste ICS on my Desire Z. I love the keyboard on Z sOOOooo much!
Later this yr sounds like at the end of the yr. Hurry up April! So I can upgrade n get rid of my EVO!
I have no idea why couldn't everyone get the ICS at the same time. Our devices are getting older by the day and might not even accommodate ICS later down the road.
Are you telling me some 15 year old kid from kansas can have a 100% working rom for my e3d but the big wigs up at htc cant have me a legitimate stock rom for me of ice cream sandwich? Im not staying on gingerbread past march, i refuse. I refuse to believe that htc first dual core phone cannot be the first htc device to earn its ics wings. I understand exactly why htc cant do it the sensations sold way better than the evo 3d due to carrier branding. I knew that somwthing like this would hapoen. Motorola just annoinced earlier why theve been having troubles.
Evo 4g, come on..... Im waiting......... Dont hold out......
The complete sensation line, which arrived far aftee the 3dvo will have ics...and they all have the sams chip build...interesting
The detail Official Release Date for All Htc Phone with Ics 4.0, honestly i wonder htc incredible s with Update to ICS 4.0. Please announce to all, because i doubt it will to ics
I know I should be thinking tech....but I can't get my mind off the picture!
I really hope my EVO 3D doesn't have to wait past March to be upgraded to ICS.
What about the HTC Evo? You know, the regular Evo. Hello? Hello....?
I almost change to Galaxy Nexus as I had lately some trouble with my Desire Z, but finally I keep it. I hope also getting the ICS taste in coming months with other brother devices.
No ICS for thunderbolt?? It's a good phone still. First 4G phone and now HTC won't support it and not give us ICS??!!!
never ever will i buy htc products, htc sucks at updates, my desire still in 'dubai' timezone as moscow had it's timezone changed (half a year ago). and it's 2.2 with no hope of update. and camera sucks
Hopeless for the MyTouch 4G,
I have a 4G phone, I was told that 4G would be available in my area by April...... 2011. Meanwhile, I pay forth added data processing I would be using if I had it. Not a real happy camper with the dealers HTC allows to sell it's products. No need to PST for 4G here. But I do.
I understand HTC Desire won't get the official ICS update. Is it possible to get the proprietary drivers and libraries so that third party ICS may be built?
+HTC I assume we will then have to wait for the carrier to then release ics to our handsets ?
Desire HD is the most value for money phone in the list, lucky for me I'm still using it...
damn, no explorer. I'll buy a new phone
htc evo 3d Such as how long?????????????
Thanks +HTC I was convinced my next phone wasn't going to be a HTC because I felt support from other companies for old devices was better. But the list is big so I will change my opinion on this. HTC is back on my list of next phones.
+HTC these updatings are only for the usa. Versions or also for the european? I am italian
And, as usual, my device (HTC Doubleshot) is not in the list...
Sheeesh you guys have exact dates how about us Motorola users
+HTC quietly abandoning the Desire Z
Please stop treating the Desire Z like a red-headed stepchild or at least release the source code for the camera drivers so the developers on xda can make a fully working ROM.
No love for mytouch slide 4G? Dang
Hopefully, all the smartphones that are capable of getting ICS will be upgraded but that is highly unlikely.
guys, Legend hasn't been updated in more than a year already. Please do.
the phone all over the world?I bought my sensation in HongKong
Brill. But March end seems such a long way off. Thanks for the update HTC
Let's hope my mobile provider, 3, also supports the upgrade at the same time?
If it is coming to Incredible S, does that also include Incredible 2 here in the US?
Please release the beta source, I really want AOSP ics working perfectly!
Thank God, I see a date, at least. I was tired of checking Software Update on my Sensation after every hour. :p ..
What Sense version will be included in the ICS release??
Awesome! Glad to see Incredible S included . Early rumours that old line up wont be updated left me disappointed.
Thansk guys !!!!!!!!!! Desire HD is not dead..........not yet !!! :-D
Great news guys. Was really happy with my sense 3.0 update on my desire s recently and really looking forward to another later in the year.
I lost hope on HTC support, they just want us buying new phone if we want new release of OS ... long live XDA developers ... am out.
Very surprised to see the desire hd is getting the update...
Ok! work hard for this keep ice melting ponit
+HTC let me tell you something... if your plans don't include an update to ICS for Desire Z/G2 you better don't expect money from me in the future! I was thinking to buy one of your new models in the future, but from the way you treat your clients I will think it twice if I will buy a HTC smartphone again or I will go for the Samsung's Nexus!
The Thunderbolt Gingerbread update was delayed way too long, and then once it came it had issues and required a patch, how bout TB users get ics first? Wouldn't that be swell of you HTC?
I knew that us Thunderbolt 4G users were gonna get stiffed on this update. Gingerbread was only around 8 months behind schedule for us anyways, but we got it, so we should be content, right?

No. The Thunderbolt is less than a year old. Almost all owners still have over a year left on their contracts with VZW. Step up, HTC, and support your Thunderbolt users.

Edit: Just read +HTC 's response in the comments above to some Thunderbolt users. I hope you are for real! Optimism +1
I +1'd this post even if i'm currently reading it from my galaxy s2, congratulation.
Good news to my desire hd :)
yup.. cant wait for this delicious ICE
HTC- BS. The less than 2 year old HTC Evo will not get the update. Great, thanks for making the decision easy to switch to Galaxy Nexus.
So sad I bought the first ICS for me...:(
no thunderbolt? maybe someone at htc should "leak" the ril and let the devs at the android forums take over. at least they will show the t-bolt some attention. if not then time to buy a nexus
more power, more memory and better resolution - thats all we ask :)
Late this year! Why isn't it late this decade? If you tease our users then we should ditchs you into water drain. The long times waiting of what is gradually impact user's patience, so i have to request help from xda and , or dismiss htc .
+HTC , I'm stoked you are getting the thunderbolt and rezound but I also need some ics on my evo view 4g and my eris? Haha jk not the eris.
Now,i would be aware of htc service concept impliedly : you give me money,we provides .........."waiting" for you . Late this year, "shameless".
HTC please leak evo3d gsm ICS test RUU :D lol
So thats my Sensation XL, Vivid and EVO 3D all sorted one by one. Lovely :)
HELP!!.. i want to convert my WM6.5 (HD2) to android. wht to do?
Yet another plea for some love for the THUNDERBOLT
Frankly, whether or not HTC updates the Thunderbolt to ICS is the make-or-break it moment for my loyalty to the company. I bought myself & my wife the Incredible, and then I got rid of mine to get the Thunderbolt. HTC, if you abandon this phone, the one you marketed so well it made me buy a new phone mid-contract, not even a YEAR after it came out I will never buy another phone from you again. At the very least, if you are going to ignore this phone, release the code for the RIL so that SOMEONE on this planet shows this phone the love it deserves.
Sam Sun
I have a myTouch 4g Slide ... am I screwed +HTC lol?
"Sam Sun - I have a myTouch 4g Slide ... am I screwed +HTC lol?"
if your phone is over 6 months old then don't hold your breath. NOT updating current phones is a good way to force users to buy new phones.
Sam Sun
+robert hudanish the myTouch 4g Slide was released months after the Sensation 4g. I'm thinking I'm scared cause it's a myTouch branded phone and not HTC branded :-(
Sam Sun
... I meant *screwed
Sean G
+HTC prob be best to update ALL phones less than 18 months old & Totallllly Agree. Instead of making 20 phone a year. Work on your software. If sense is an issue... Google made it Clear. Make it an launcher option. Not a Fan of all the FB intergration anymore. +Android fans are +Google fans... & +Google+ fans. I was wondering how +Samsung Mobile USA is kicking +HTC s Ass anymore. Esp after their "epic" Failure. I returned the Samsung Epic for Evo Shift. If you update the Evo Design 4G before the. OG Evo or Evo Shift or Thunderbolt.
+Galaxy Nexus will be my Next Phone...
Your sense is way Behind... And served a time when +HTC ruled & Sense Added to boring +Android
Love that Google is making it Real Simple... Like they must for you Money Hogs. Penny wise & dollar dumb.
Let us choose Raw +Android & ALL phone less than 18 months must be updated. Sure... Mby you found some loopholes. But in the end... Looks like BUNCH pissed off Loyal Customers.
Look... My Advice... Less Phones!! Support & update the phones that Made You Big! First!
Samsung was Bold with crap updates... But they seem to have made up for it.
Less phones... Better updates.
& Drop Facebook & Twitter!! They are Trends...
Now with +Google+ growing Strong... Follow Google.
Could care less about FB for Htc sense.
Let FB be an app... Again, Sense filled a gap when +Android was infant. Get over it.... & come to your Senses +HTC
OG Evo
Shift, etc. (Lol.. i know your not going do crap w Shift)
But do gotta say... Did great job w Gingerbread.
ICS will melt B4 your ready....
the Rezound is currently +HTC's flagship phone at Verizon, yet the ICS update is not coming until "later" this year? just how much later are we talking about here? Rezound owners were given the impression by +Verizon Wireless Customer Support that it will be the one of the first HTC devices to be upgraded to Android 4.0. What gives? If VZW is delaying it, then +HTC should grow some balls and tell them to suck it! (excuse my language) The Rezound came out just a couple of weeks after the Sensation XL, so the OTA update should be release around the same time, not later. If VZW won't let you do an OTA early, then have an option for Rezound owners to download the update manually.
+Nehemiah George im pretty sure you'll be waiting past a modder and i follow cyanogenmod progress they say all Samsung handsets will.have their custom build of ics and then all.the snapdragon chips.of HTC and from.there its a toss up .... So we're in the dark.believe me
My touch and most single core phones...will be out of luck you're only lucky if you have a dedicated gpu in your phone... You guys should research your chipsets to see if you have a dedicated gpu thats why the nexus s will have it easily the hummingbird chips have dedicated gpu
Sam Sun
+Sean G I agree. Instead of a Launcher option, I would rather have just the widgets made available only for their devices, that's just me. And make them resizable too, most of the widgets take up to much screen real estate. Facebook and Twitter integration via Sense is slow and not really needed. I don't need or like the 3D carousel effect especially since I can't fit a wallpaper of my choice due to Sense disabling scrollable wallpapers.

I loved Sense before Gingerbread came around, but honestly, Sense really needs a make over if they are truly going to passionate about it. From what I've seen through leak videos, the incrementalism of their user experience is killing me lol. It's not really all that different from previous versions. Well I haven't seen it all so hopefully they'll prove me wrong at MWC.

I loved HTC cause they used to seem like they were ahead of the curve and more innovative than the other OEMs. Latley, things appear stagnant in their phone designs and UI. They're still my Android manufacturer of choice, but Sony is starting to really catch my eye if I had to choose between hardware specs and design, and a custom skinned UI.

I have faith in you +HTC :-). You're still number one in my book. Hopefully you can regain your position at the #1 spot in 2012. Remember when you used to provide us with a choice of either Sense or a Stock Android handset? I miss those days lol.

Wishing you much success in 2012 and looking forward to great products. Keep up with those updates :-)
Thunderbolt needs to be on the list!
Again what about the Jetstream? Let it not be known that HTC make great products but offer very poor post sale support!
Proud of Htc doing this .. I have an iPhone and I'm even looking back to sensation 
If the Thunderbolt doesn't get ICS, I'm never buying an HTC phone again...
From February (at least he spoke well at the end of October when it came out ice cream) we already gone to the end of March, htc had an advantage if, as was said before the updates in February, since the end of March or almost all the other producers dann rollout of ics.
at least let us try a version of RUU is still seen cche but there are practical side are useless if not done modding on the Sensation. and then not talk about that dates back to 14/08/2011 Last modified Android (Android 2.3.4) and that version is no longer moved. I think that for a terminal Android the most important thing are the updates to keep up the pace if no one is lost. htc awake and show who you are if not so many words just made me remember a little motorola a couple of years ago .

Da febbraio (almeno si parlava cosi alla fine di ottobre quando è uscito ice cream ) siamo gia andati a fine marzo ,htc aveva un vantaggio se come detto prima faceva gli aggiornamenti a febbraio ,visto che da fine marzo tutti o quasi anche gli altri produttori dann il rollout di ics .
almeno fateci provare una versione RUU visto cche comunque si ci sono ma a lato pratico sono inservibili se non si fa modding sul Sensation . senza poi parlare che l ultimo aggornamento android risale al 14-08-2011 (android 2.3.4) e da quella versione non ci si è più spostati . penso che per un terminale android la cosa piu importante siano gli aggiornamenti per rimanere sempre al passo se no si è perduti. sveglia htc e fai vedere chi sei se no tante parole pochi fatti mi ricordi un po motorola di un paio d anni fa
waiting for the love to rain down upon my sensation! Thanks HTC
Really looking forward to an ICS rendition for Desire HD from you good folk. :P
If I've got a custom ROM on my Incs will I still get the update?
What's up with the delay ICS on the EVO 3d. I would think that it is a flagship in your lineup. Quite disappointed with that. I am a multiple (3) HTC owner. I also own a one Motorola which got its OTA 3 weeks ago. You guys can do better than that!
+HTC, why don't you offer two versions of your phones? One version with sense, and one with pure +Android. I just don't get it.
Dear HTC it is not fair to concentrate on facebook and keep updating your page there and forgetting about the google plus page and the company's main operating system
Great News from HTC. Looking forward to update my Desire S with ICS!
GREAT!!!!! my Desire will be Happy!!!! thanks a lot HTC
Next phone will not be an HTC. Yes I own the thunderbolt.
I've always loved HTC and since having the Thunderbolt and the long wait JUST for Gingerbread made the love sour. Now the hopes of getting ICS looks shaky...and if it doesn't happen I'll learn from this and move in with Samsung Galaxy S III
I figured it would be alot sooner for the Rezound since they built it with the quick ability to get the upgrade. Kind of a bummer to wait.
What about the Droid Incredible 2????
Any plan to release it on the Flyer? The honeycomb update has been quite a problem, with many bugs...
Desire z please put in the list..
It doesn't matter as much to me if HTC releases ICS for the Inspire or not, my phone is getting it regardless, but I'd much rather have the official update. I'm just really glad that they're showing some love for us Desire/Inspire users!
Thunderbolt has been forgotten from the start
Sean G
Sad... All the unhappy customers. Seems to me.... Just a way make people buy new phones.
You lost Nexus line... Starting see why. I used to brag. HTC.
Will only by Google phones till this upgrade fragmation is Over. Nexus only....
Thank you very much indeed for upgrading the HTC Desire HD! Nice job!
I am not buying any phone from here on that not pure Google.
ICS for the Thunderbolt is long overdue! It was a flagship device and you've left its owners out in the cold. Please show us Thunderbolt owners some love and support!
Finally, Lets Go HTC Sensation 4g!!!! :D
Good to see DHD in list. It's really one of the best hand set from HTC.
Please make sure HTC india do not make mess out of it.
They committed date for 2.3.5 and then delayed it by almost a month.
Thunderbolt needs ICS update. sense or no sense, i dont care, i just want to be able to run android 4.0 apps and have 4g data working. gingerbread update was a mess for thunderbolt uses, please make it up to us with priority upgrade to 4.0
That's great. What about my Thunderbolt? This is my second HTC phone (first was the Eris) and will be my last if you aren't upgrading it to ICS.
What about MY Thunderbolt? And the Thunderbolts my friends bought because I recommended it? Why don't you at least release the RIL so some developers can finish their ICS ports? This is ridiculous. My phone is a year old and I'm stuck... This will be my last HTC phone if support really is suspended.
I know everybody else said it, but I too would like some ICS on my Thunderbolt! Otherwise I love my TB, could use better battery life, but other than that it is a wonderful phone, and I will probably buy a HTC next time as well
Finally! Confirmation that the Desire HD has not been left for dead after all. Woohoo! Cannot wait for the upgrade. Cheers HTC!
My phone is not working anymore. As simple as that !
It keeps rebooting and I cannot find what make it reboot. Sure, it is not something on the SD as I removed it.
Worst experience ever I had with a phone except the time it was stolen.
@Oliver Malinur - You rooted your phone and put a unofficial ROM Right? What has that got to do with HTC? When they release ICS I'm sure it'll be tested and working.... think before you write m'kay...
Please make Android 2.3 available for the HTC Wildfire
Just want to add to the frustrated Thunderbolt users. Hopefully HTC will reevaluate if there's enough outcry. I think a phone that is 9 or 10 months old should deserve an upgrade. HTC has stated they are reevaluating their company structure, and one way to turn the bad news around is to make happy phone owners. One way to do that is to not forget a phone they released (mind you, with a HUGE advertising campaign with Verizon).
+1 thunderbolt. If not... Helloooooo galaxy s III
I love Tax Season - No ICS on the bolt means I'm making the switch to Nexus when my refund comes in!
Will it be possible to switch to the Holo-Theme of ICS or will we be forced to use Sense 4.0?
This question is really bothering me.
If HTC gave a damn about their customers AFTER the sale, they would offer customers all the latest updates for their phone for the full two years they are in contract. I bought a THUNDERBOLT and signed in for another two years to find out that I will probably not be getting ANDROID 4.0 ICS. What kind of garbage is that? Do they really think that people won't be upset about this? If they care about their image they would keep customers happy even AFTER the sale.
After reading threw all the post I have to hope that +HTC will take some of the comments to heart. I understand that each provider also holds up the process of upgrading the phone. This is where +HTC should post the rom on their website. I am also a firm believer in giving people a choice. This is one of the reasons most of us bought an +Android phone in the first place. What does that mean? +HTC , give us an option of either vanilla +Android or +Android with +HTC sense interface. I don't think +HTC is thinking about how much credit among users this would give them. I've been in advertising for over 13 years and it's sad to see how +HTC is handling their customers/products/PR.
sc liew
Great job, thanks for the tlc:-*
How much extra time after the end of March will it take to get the new kernel sources?
Desire Z? That is your only full on touch-and type device and you are selling it brand new with outdated software?
Flyer please. Otherwise I'm getting sick when devices getting outdated in less then a year like Legend or Desire.... It's too bad...
No HTC Thunderbolt? T_T I'm sad now, are you guys over at HTC willing to provide an upgrade for the Thunderbolt?
+Bobby Vance Don't worry, we're not finished announcing our ICS plans, so stay tuned.
look at the bright side. atleast when my contract runs out on my thunderbolt in a year and i am eligable for an upgrade. the galaxy s iii will be out. but it is a looong wait.
People pls.. They didn't say they won't update the thunderbolt.. Its in the works, they'll announce the update plans when they get a result..
+HTC So what about the Thunderbolt? You can't hold out on us forever... This was your flagship device....
+HTC Alright, I'll wait and see :)
No love for Thunderbolt? Sticking with HTC devices has just become an easy decision. No.
great news for my incredible s & desire s
Can't wait. Thanks +HTC for updating the Desire S. Any word on whether it will be running Sense 3.6 or 4.0 once it updates? Or any option to switch between them?
How much later this year?! I dunno how long I can wait. :( Lookin pretty cool..
Still waiting for the upgrade for my HTC Sensation XE. When is it expected as March is already over???
Me & My Desire S likes this!!
And when will updates for Desire S in Ukraine? Thank's!
Here's a comment in Aug. 2012 from a highly dissatisfied and duped user of HTC to your Feb. post.

Your story about why you are not upgrading the Desire HD to ICS is a piece of pure bullshit. I don't blame whoever is putting out the stuff about partitions, user experience etc., on your social media pages or on your official blogs. I blame the HTC management for putting out such horse manure and taking its customers for a royal ride.

Here are some good reasons why:

1. If partitioning & reassigning user partitions is the major problem for not doing an upgrade to ICS, then HTC could have asked all the Desire HD users wanting an upgrade to ICS to bring in their phones to the nearest customer support centre in their respective location and had the upgrade handled by trained HTC support staff. However HTC is not interested in doing any such thing.

2. HTC had better admit that there are serious design flaws & technical issues with the Desire HD and a grossly underpowered battery is the least of the problems. Any company with some degree of professionalism and customer concern would have offered to do a free replacement of the Desire HD with a designated current equivalent model running ICS but since HTC is pretty poor on both professionalism & customer orientation, it hasn't even offered to do any such thing.

3. Even in early 2011, the Desire HD was HTC's top-of-the-line, high-end Android smartphone. A little over a year later it has been exposed as a flawed, poorly designed product and been unceremoniously abandoned. Why would anyone ever want to deal with a company which has been shown up to be utterly unprofessional with poor support and little or no customer orientation?

3. As a Desire HD customer, I started experiencing several hardware & O.S. / Systems software problems just a little after one year of buying it in Jan. 2011. I must state that I have spent decades in IT & technology and handle all such gadgets & products with a great deal of care & necessary caution. Off the record, HTC support staff, after a technical discussion with me suggested that there wasn't much point in going in for expensive repairs particularly for a flawed product like the Desire HD, more so given the fact that even after incurring such expenses, the product wasn't going to be upgraded to either Jelly Bean or ICS anytime.

4. HTC's corporate performance has been on a downward slide for over one year now and given such management practices and lack of professionalism, I don't feel anyone should even contemplate buying any HTC smartphone product, howsoever good the specs. may look on paper because a) it may have inherent design flaws & tech. problems which will surface and get to be known after a while or b) HTC may be forced to get out of the smartphone market altogether and go back to being an OEM component supplier which they were initially.

I used to feel bad for HTC when they got rammed by a host of lawsuits from Apple. Today I think HTC is lucky not to have had lawsuits against it by some consumer body for selling flawed products and for misleading & duping customers.
I dont see the HTC Flyer on that list, HTC did you forget about one of your only TWO tablets ever made. C'mon! My EVO 4G is older than my tablet and yet phone is getting ICS... We would really appreciated it!!! Keep up the good work!
htc evo3d kicked to the curb, Not even on htc site anymore. 
what about desire hd can i update desire hd from gingerbread to ice cream sandwich
Any update for  HTC EVO 3D ???
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