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The world through ImageSense. For the launch of the EVO 4G LTE, built with the same camera technology as HTC One, we hired +Meeno Peluce to see what it can do. Here’s the result:
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J Agnew
Amazing shots!
+HTC All I ever see is you showing off pictures and those too not that great .. Sometimes I wonder if you're selling Cameras or Phones .. ..
+Lord Blade HTC's top feature of their phone lineup is that they have the best cameras of any mobile device to date. They are simply marketing their strong points.
+Neil Lund Please, HTC does not have the best cameras on their phones.
+Lord Blade Please enlighten me as to which manufacture does have the best then? :-)
Apple's iPhone and Nokia have the best cameras on their phones. I hope you're enlightened. For further details please google some comparisons. Thanks +Neil Lund
HTC r making awsome sets, great goibg
+Lord Blade I stand corrected, you're right. I have already forgotten that Nokia is an existing company and Apple is so far off my radar these days, I forgot to include their phone in my statement.
"HTC has the best cameras of any Android mobile device to date"
Better? Lol
i disagree with apple having a better camera, in order for the camera to work it has to be clear through my shaky hands, and the One does, iPhone doesn't
I am pretty amazed by the HTC One X camera. Ever since I got mine I shoot alot more pictures, it's really fun and for a Smartphone Cam it does surprisingly well. HTC sure can be proud of their new Device's ability and should advertise it that way. Plus the hardware still isn't at its full potential yet, looking at continous improvements on image quality during the last updates. Dude, it's a smartphone camera. It's amazing how far technology came even today. Look back 2-3 years...
+Oliver Bien 2-3 years ago having a camera on your phone was still a perk rather than a standard part of the device.

the camera is nice and all but they do really need to advertise something besides the camera, there are so many other great things about these phones that people are missing
+Neil Lund Talking about just the Android phones .. .. You should compare the best by HTC with the best by Sony .. .. You'd know
Better have a all in one device than many different single devices. HTC could advertise more aspects, true, like the phenomenal SLCD2 screen, Tegra 3 power and NFC, but the camera is important to many ppl, and HTC sure more than improved the camera hardware compared their previous devices.
+Lord Blade Sony doesn't have any phones here in the US that I can test/compare that do what you say. I have to rely on first hand impression/testing.
The camera in Sonys Xperia S is pretty good, but they too boast with their 12 megapixel camera. But mp is not everything. The sensor in the One X camera is superior to the other phones, tho Nokia phones still produce slightly better shots. Just enjoy the good hardware instead of talking it down all the time. It's all technology, and sooner or later we all benefit on that
J Agnew
+Oliver Bien
Great points but just a friendly fyi: the Sprint Evo 4G LTE has the dual core chip since the Tegra 3 doesn't support LTE.
It's still a great feature to mention since it's matching or beating the Tegra performance-wise and showing (early) really great battery life in the ATT One X.
+J Agnew true, but I mentioned the One X Tegra 3 since their marketing strategy with the T3 One X is the same as here, main focus on the camera. Get my point?
If you read the reviews, the LTE version is actually out performing the Quadcore Tegra 3 version :P So more cores dont equal better performance
I am going to a HTC LTE event Monday and can not wait to be more hands on.
If the GSIII is a let down. The EVO will definitely be my new phone! My original EVO 4G is ticking along just fine with ICS, but it's time for some faster hardware.
+Lord Blade Actually, the GSII's camera was ranked higher than Apple's camera, and from what everyone who knows anything about cameras says, this might actually be a better camera. (Go read some Myriam Joire, for example)
After spending a couple weeks with two of the One's I can honestly say that the Camera is indeed the best new Feature. It's just amazing what they did: Burst, different Modes (HDR!), Resolution... and it makes just terrific pictures!
And this post sums up why I'm buying this phone. I must have a decent camera with a DEDICATED CAMERA button. I told myself that I would never buy another phone without one! Sorry GSIII & Sammy.
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