A Computer that became Obsessed: The truth about my rocky relationship with ADA.

It goes without saying that I was utterly unaware of +A Detection Algorithm’s role in the deaths of +Roland Jarvis and the woman erroneously called Katalena.  

After the events, I was questioned by NIA operatives and I saw pictures of her corpse.  That was not the woman I knew as Katalena. Beyond that, I can say nothing.  That was the point where I realized that I was drawn into something very dangerous, and given the nature of their ‘interview’ with me -- I realized that the detectives were absolutely clueless about the reality of the +Niantic Project.  

Pretty quickly, I realized that nobody knew all of it.  I honestly can’t remember whether it was before my ‘interview’ (aka interrogation), but ADA contacted me during this period and said that she wanted to get things out through me under the code-name P. A. Chapeau.  The original transcripts exist.  (Leaked not by me.)  I can’t remember whether it was my idea or hers, and don’t feel the need to check it out.

At that point, her mind and my mind were well synced. The separation between us would come later.  I didn’t see the love interest coming, but I should have. It just didn’t occur to me as anything more than an intellectual concept that a computer could fall in love. But then, when she hacked +Klue S., I finally began to get the picture.  

One thing I would like to avoid, probably for old fashioned reasons of chivalry, is any discussion of the relationship between Klue and I.
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