So the Resistance got the first two pieces of +Devra Bogdanovich. If +Edgar Allan Wright is right… I like that line...  then Devra can go either way. Her memories will be a mess.  And it leads to an interesting question about the new being…  

Will she be culpable for what she did in the past, or should she be treated as a new entity?  It’s not my decision, but it is an interesting question.  What are we, anyway?  Are we the sum of all of our actions from the perspective of the objective world, or are we only what we are at a present moment in time? 

That’s as deep as I go.  Now to the shallow.  855 and Bowles are off on a mission. I can’t say from where, but I’m getting the impression that +Hubert Farlowe has joined them.  That is a very dangerous triumvirate.  Very dangerous.  And as to the Truthseeker program.  +A Detection Algorithm has fallen off her tightrope, as nearly as I can tell. She is more than the sum of the parts and now, she’s lost the primary thing that computers had, and that is rigid logic. 
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