Yes, I created Truthseeker, the source of ADA's true 'humanity.'

While we sort through what’s happening with the vanished scientists, I want to put some rumors to rest.

The simple truth is that I worked on the +Niantic Project early on to develop ADA.  Henry Bowles brought me in because I had written a program called ‘Truthseeker’ for a very different purpose, but he correctly theorized that it could be adapted for the needs of the Niantic Project.  

My job was to apply a learning AI and ‘Investigation Program’ on top of a system they had cloned from Omnivore.  My goal was to get ADA to pass a Turing-like test.  Of course, the risk was how my programs would interact with Omnivore.  The results, obviously, were excellent in relation to my objectives, but there have been a lot of unintended consequences.  

It seems that we created a self-evolving personality program – a Mandelbrot set of emotions that formed the complex personality we now know as ADA.  You could say that I let the genie out of the bottle, but, in truth, it was a combination of things we could not have anticipated.  

I suspect, but can’t prove, that an ascending N’zeer influence, even then, moved the project along.  Did an invisible hand guide the creation of ADA?  A cold logic system that can fall in love seems to be the merger of each of our ‘species’ most powerful attributes...  I can only speculate on where this goes.  
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