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Something very bad is about to go down.  You’ve got Jahan threatening to kill Azmati if +Hank Johnson doesn’t lead her to the Afghan Anomalous Zone or whatever its called.  Even if we ignore the creepiness of seeing your own corpse, its got to be a strange moment for him.  I just don’t believe he’s going to lead her in there unless he’s got a trick up his sleeve… And without saying it here, I have a pretty good idea of what that might be.

Then you have +Devra Bogdanovich  and +Hubert Farlowe making their way up from Australia.  Which Devra is going to show up?  Is it the Resistance Devra to help Jahan or the newly penitent Devra who will want to save Hank. They have a lot of history in caves, if you remember all the way back to Arecibo.  It's just that she didn’t have one of the most lethal snipers in the world with her.  That could go bad.

And our old friend Calvin is in this loop. What’s he going to do.  Its pretty clear that he had a hidden agenda when he set up the +Niantic Project in the first place and duped Ni into funding it.  For him, this must feel a lot like the moment he’s been building to for three years.
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The summoning of the n'zeer. The goal of the anti magnus for millennia is about to be realized. It will happen and the shapers will fall.
+H. Richard Loeb​​​, the intelligence which reportedly manipulated the time space conditions at the sanctum during +Hank Johnson​​​'s escape (Operation Restraction 1) from his pursuers after his recursion may help him to escape again, rescuing Azmati at the same time. If not, I fear Hank might sacrifice himself and lock himself, the Shōnin stone and his enemies in the anomalous zone, forever trapped in a limbo and a dimensional flux.

I believe +Devra Bogdanovich​​​ when she said to Hwang that she's looking for salvation. To right the wrongs that she did when she was manipulated by Calvin and +A Detection Algorithm​​​, forces which are aligned with the N'zeer and the Anti Magnus. I believe she will stop them while trying to save Hank.

As for Calvin, he might deny that he's an Anti Magnus, but he surely knows that all he has planned and done before and since +Niantic Project​​​, (perhaps all his life as he professed), was and is to bring about the N'zeer's return. He has duped not only Ni, but everyone, especially Ingress agents into doing his dirty work. He is an arms maker and dealer and he intends to win this war by playing all sides. He's the ultimate puppet master and his most precious tool is +A Detection Algorithm​​.

Richard, you also need to tell us whether freeing +Klue S.​​ will help the N'zeer or stop them?
I share your believe that +Hank Johnson will not just do what Jahan tells him to - he will certainly try to do something.We'll have to see what he'll do and whether he's successful.

And what about you, +H. Richard Loeb? Where do you (and +Klue S.) stand in all of this?

Or what about ADA? Do you know anything about the core part of her that she cannot access?
+King Finger a.k.a Groot Gaming​​ Ezekiel Calvin manipulated everyone to bring about the return of the N'zeer through the Niantic Project, an alien force perhaps similar to the Shapers. Many, including Hank, Devra, Azmati, Martin, Stein, Yuri, the Anazktec, believe the N'zeer will be catastrophic to humanity. Oliver, ADA, Smith, Jahan and the Anti Magnus like Calvin, believe the N'zeer are good for humanity. Shōnin stone, if activated during the Shōnin anomaly, will bring back the N'zeer.
Changes everywhere. One of the most fierce battles approaches.
To save Azmati will require someone first save his family who are captives in an undisclosed location.
My fear is that Hank will sacrifice himself knowing that he will recurse in just a few years.

But we NEED Hank.
Based on her concerns when speaking with Hulong Transglobal, I think it is safe to say that even #Resistance  +Devra Bogdanovich would be going in there to stop Jahan.  Why would she trade human subordination to the "Shapers" for human subordination to the N'Zeer?

The only question I have on her front is how she and "one of the most lethal snipers in the world" plan to stop her - by saving +Hank Johnson, or by... other means...  Me?  I hope for the former.
+Bill Robitske I think when saying Resistance we have to differentiate between the original idea of the resistance and what has become of that faction under ADA's leadership.

+Devra Bogdanovich's way of thinking is in line with the former. But resistance as it is today has accepted the rule of an AI ... it's not very far from there to accepting the rule of the N'zeer.

The question is - will ADA ditch the resistance once the N'zeer have returned, possibly allowing Devra to re-set the course of the resistance? Or will she keep them as puppet soldiers for the N'zeer, which would mean that Devra might have to form a faction from scratch, a faction to fight both Shapers and N'zeer?
Full circle indeed. But what's finally coming around? Seems like the point of this whole investigation is upon us: What is the Niantic Project?
I would absolutely support a red faction that gets no control of portals or fields or links but instead gets a few items that blue and green dont get; all offense, no building, and their mantra is to keep xm flowing and keep it neutral so that it affects everyone chaotically and differently, allowing for random mutations in people and civilization. The goal of the red faction would be to tear down every resonator and keep all portals unclaimed. Down with civilization!
Silly Mr loeb, Calvin Balleos is Always in the loop.
+Joseph Wood​​ doesn't need to be red though just gray. And you can do that already. you just don't get special items for it. 

it's the only mind-control free way to play. 
+Xelonir +Loyd Hutchings​ True, but it is probably short sighted to say that Devra's Resistance has been replaced by ADA's Resistance. Personally, I still seek freedom from involuntary, forced ingression, and yes, ADA has gone against that in at least two cases.

No, Devra's Resistance is still alive and well, even if the perception of the Resistance nation has been shaped by the actions of a few. 
By few you of coarse mean the entire faction when it continues to fight knowing it will get an unpleasant outcome.
Eh, say what you will about so-called "complicit ignorant masses". How many agents,on both sides, still look at this as all just a mobile game of "my team good, their team bad"?
When you get a thousand (or more) people together for an anomaly and tell them they can't faction change and their only options are either win or lose the anomaly then they're not going to care about being on the right team or the wrong team. They'll fight for the team they're on because the alternative (for example, not participating in an anomaly because you are resistance and you don't want the n'zeer to be summoned) is much less exciting than beating your local rivals in a heated anomaly battle. 
It would actually be really interesting if an anomaly's outcome in the story varied depending on different criteria, e.g. one outcome if a team layers fields overhead or another outcome if a team merely owns more portals than the other. That would, i think, allow the agents to make more choices and influence the story rather than just score more than the other guys and win. 
Jim Lai
Red was also associated with Minotaur, where a civilization destruction code was issued.
Jim Lai
Operation Minotaur ended with the apparent self-sacrifice of Carrie Campbell.

The sequence of glyphs used by ADA to ingress Klue's mind were in red. Why was she in tears afterward, instead of blank?
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