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Speaking on : I've Got The Power
Speaker: Pst. Chinedu Nwosu
Text: Psalm 62:11, Psalm 8:5-9, Psalm 115:16

FIVE Vehicles of Power

The Garment Of Righteousness:
You’ve got power because you are the righteousness of Christ Jesus. The truth is the devil knows that you have this garment and it gives you power.
You’ve got to know this truth for yourself.

The Word Of God:
The power of God is abundantly inherent in His Word .When you put His Words to action it causes confusion in the camp of the enemy

The Name of Jesus:
Sickness, diseases and demons bow at the name of Jesus. If you've got the name, then you've got power

The Power of The Holy Ghost:
The Holy Spirit is like a power machine.

The Power In The Blood:
The Blood of Jesus is our place of strength and fortress.

The power of the blood is speaking for our health, income and prosperity.
As we partake in the body and blood of Christ, let the Blood speak for us.
Let our burdens be lifted off out shoulder, as we partake in the communion table

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Praise and Worship led by TehillahCompany HOTR
#HOTRService #CommunionService

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Its our communion service and we trust God for healing and restoration on all sides.


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To men, practice "delayed response." Women want to be heard uninterrupted. Just listen and give approval.


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Pst. kunle Soriyan

When you understand the "why" you will have the strength to bear the error.

Rules that govern marriage are on the borders of love. When you are loving , people have the freedom to express the best and the worst of themselves around you.
Vulnerability precedes intimacy.. when people define intimacy without vulnerability ,they define their own script of intimacy which is inadequate.
When people are free to receive your correction, know that you are loving.
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