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Nanotime Photography is on its way out.

Does that mean I'm done with photography?


It means that I have even more amazing things in mind, that I'm changing the focus so I can do even more interesting work, and I'm moving out the old to make room for the new.

To that end, everything, EVERYTHING in my Etsy store is reduced in price. I'd rather this work find happy homes that are not my home. For the next few weeks I'll be adding items you may not have seen and matted prints from my show stock. You may even find my Limited Edition foamcore prints there.

For now, the inventory is freshened up! Go have a look, if you will, and spread the word, if you like. Every little bit helps!
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+John Raymond Peterson I did read it - and I'm glad for you :) Longer reply soon!

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Warren Keelan's gorgeous ocean photography.

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Chill & Listen.

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If you love any of the same things I love, you might want some of these things. I myself may need an "Our Lady of Common Sense" alter candle.
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I love every last candle, but the Tori Amos one caught off guard. I absolutely love her! 

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Back in Black

I'm safely home after 24 lovely hours, and I've washed Memphis off myself. I'm rocking my black dress and contemplating brunch. 

What are you doing?
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+Tomas Nilsson Hey, I still make "rookie mistakes" all the time. Good luck with the salvage operation! I'm uploading my many, many photographs from the portrait session in Memphis yesterday.

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Breakfast with Jack Sparrow
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"You DON'T serve RUM with breakfast?!?"
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I don't know if I CAN love Laura Mvula more than I already do.

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It's #guitarmonday   - a rainy one where I live, and I'm moving slowly and deliberately today.

It's time for a Kick in the Eye.

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Because I am soon to be walking in Memphis - it's really windy here today!

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Song for Friday

This day! This week! Tomorrow I'm off to Memphis for another fun photo shoot. Here's one of my favorite songs today.

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Wednesday! I've got nefarious plans for today. 
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no, that's not it.

nope. not today. Umm. Hrm. AHA!

yep. there we go.

hugs Have fun taking over the world today, Brain H!
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Things that have happened to me:

- I was born in Canada
- I lived in a converted schoolbus during my first year of life, was bathed in a turkey roasting  pan (yes, with a baster)
- Daryl Hannah came over and talked to me at a party when I was 8 years old
- I had a bizarre sledding accident
- I've seen pigs running down the road
- I nearly went to medical school
- I lived in West Virginia for six years
- I used to dj, sometimes for fetish nights  (First rule of Fetish Night: don't shake hands with anyone you meet there)
- I found someone's heart & lungs in a gallon drum of formaldehyde in the basement of a law firm's storage unit
-I've written stories
- I've seen puffins on the island of Staffa
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I own a futon that used to belong to Duke Erickson of the band Garbage.
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