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Add a splash of colour to your look! New +H&M pieces in stores and online for you this week.
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nice but my summer high will be at best 70º.F
<3 them .. I plan to buy them :) .. let me check my pocket :P
its cute a nice spring/summer dress... colors look like they would go great for spring
that looks soooooo fab!
I love that dress. Its most def summertime !
its so bad that there's no H&M in india
yeah it is actually.!! i dnt wear dresses but I would definitely wear that with some cute shoes
That is a nice dress !!! 🌈🌈🌈
this dress is calming but sometimes it does not reflect anything beautiful about the person wearing it
I asked u first I am REALY nice trust me 😃
Lol yeah I agree not I so REALY lol 😃😃😃😃
omg how come i was last to see this?! LOVE IT!
Omg! soooooooo cute!
luv the color!
it's 2 Niic....<3
LoVe THiis CoLour$<3<3<3
the color is beautiful but the Design is normal
Мне падабаецца! in belorussian
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