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I am so excited to be meeting so many new people here on Google+!!   Welcome to our amazing Google+ Family!!
Many of you have asked where you can listen to and/or purchase my album Scrape Knee'd Girl .  THANK YOU so much for your interest!! 

If you are IN THE U.S you can visit my GooglePlay page -
OUTSIDE OF THE U.S feel free to visit my website -

Take a listen, let me know what you think!  Let's talk!
I really hope you enjoy!! XOXO
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Wait people JOINING Google Plus? But all the Internet says it's a ghost town. You must be mistaken. :)
I know, +HEATHER FAY . And even if it was a ghost town, well...ghosts are pretty chill. I could hang with ghosts for a good while, hearing all about the old times and stuff.
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