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As I embark on the journey of recording my next album, I wanted to share one of my favorite tracks off of my first album Scrape Knee'd Girl with you. The song is called "5:15" and I'm giving it to you guys for FREE over at my Google Play page.

Why am I giving it away for free?...Well the answer is simple. YOU guys have inspired me in so many keep going, to believe in my dreams, to keep writing and sharing my songs. You guys are my biggest cheerleaders and I am beyond grateful to know you. So please, consider this song a "thank you"...from the bottom of my heart to YOU.

I'm heading back into the studio to start recording my new songs in the next few weeks. I've got so much planned and I can't wait to share it all with you guys. Until then...


(For my friends outside of the U.S, I'll have the song available on my website for free in the next day or two -
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Have a blast Heather, I look forward (listen forward?) to hearing the results :D
Thanks +HEATHER FAY for the music! Keep up the great work and laying down these awesome tracks!!
Woot... are you going to hold a competition to name your new album? I'm chiming in early with "scraped elbow girl"... O_o
+Ellie Kennard and +Jens Graikowski - should be available in the next 24 hours. It takes a little bit of time for the prices to change online but once it changes...the song is all yours for Free!! :)
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