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H Bandolero
Charming hotel rural and restaurant in the Serrania de Ronda, Spain.
Charming hotel rural and restaurant in the Serrania de Ronda, Spain.

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On Santorini Island, Greece.
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We had what looked like was going to be a good day yesterday but then the weather changed and there was lots of wind and some rain. That said, there were still people arriving in the village and the lunch service began. The power had a few jumps and starts but did not go out... until about 2:20. That's when the power was cut for good for more than 75 minutes. Not very nice as without power, there is no coffee, no roasted chicken and no chips of course. There were some other plates we were able to offer in lieu but these folks were now sitting in the dark as well. Lots of stress and running around. What we failed to manage well is that we have a small generator but as we had not run it in quite some months, we could not get it started. When running, it provides enough power to keep the lights on, the cash register included but not for the coffee nor the fridges but at least we would have light to work with and could keeping ringing up sales.

So the power came back just before the lunch service was ending. My biggest complaint is that we are paying some of the highest rates in Europe for power but have the worst service, the network in this area is old and requires a major investment to improve the power infrastructure. And of course this sort of thing only happens on days when we have diners.

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MY FIRST POST. Well, that is not really true as I used to keep a blog related to the activities of this hotel and restaurant but it has been quite a while since I have written a new post to it.

So here we are, what's cooking then? Well, there is a turkey in the oven at this very moment. Not sure if we will eat it or sell it. My inclination is to sell it as a "Sunday roast" menu especial. We are preparing it a wee bit differently to the traditional American Thanksgiving roast having added a few different spices to have an original roast turkey.

Photos to follow.
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