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We are the voice of the creative up and comers. For the people by the people.
We are the voice of the creative up and comers. For the people by the people.


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Akira's Arabian Night's Party
What are your plans for next Thursday? Akira is having an off the chain shopping event dubbed "Arabian Nights" at their Bucktown location. Enjoy complimentary drinks, food and get your shop on! Check out the details below!

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The Editorial Cut: Shopping Online for Affordable Chic Frames
For some, wearing glasses is just a fact of life. They might chose the look of frames over using contacts due to prohibitive maintenance cost or just because they like the style of frames. A typical visit to the eye doctor - dependent upon your insurance co...

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The Beauty Beat - May 2017 Edition
Hey Readers! I am back today with another installment of The Beauty Beat. This round up includes an overview of products that I have had the chance to review, enjoy and test out. Per the usual, we are divided into skin, hair and body. As we get closer to th...

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Skimlinks Test

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Halfstack Highlights: Meet Ashley-Lauren Elrod
Hello everyone! Welcome to Halfstack Highlights! This is the first episode of our 2017 season! I am excited to share a local Chicago singer, song-writer, activist and creative phenom Ashley Lauren Elrod. Ashley Lauren is as a leader and woman of God and thi...

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Come Travel with Me: A New York Minute
Hi everyone! Jen Lezan here - So, earlier this month I attended the Project Entrepreneur Intensive for the Rent the Runway Foundation. It was a weekend of workshops, networking and learning about how I can grow the Halfstack brand! I was surrounded by inspi...

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Halfstack at Home: Kitchen Makeover on a Budget
If your kitchen is in need of some sprucing, you don’t have to spend a fortune to renovate. With a little DIY and some elbow grease – you can create a space that is inviting, modern and beautiful. This post is in partnership with IKEA , Rust-o-leum and CSI...

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First Impressions: Trying out Trust Fund Beauty's "Lipgasm" Liquid Lipstick Line
Hello beauty lovers! As of lately, I have been absolutely in love with liquid lipsticks, and trying to get my hands on all of them is really tough! Earlier in the week however, I was given a really awesome opportunity to  try out a couple of shades from a l...

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Letter from Editor: Come with Me to NYC - Project Entrepreneur Intensive 2017
Hey readers! Welcome to April! The month has started off with a soggy entrance, but that has me looking forward to warmer days and bright flowers! So, I am not going to complain! This is an exciting month for me and the Halfstack team! I have the honor of h...

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Tech Talk - For the Office
Hey readers! Let's kick off the beginning of this week with a tech talk post! I wanted to share some great items that would work well in your office space. These can also be a great additions to a gift guide for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday next month!...
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