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Must be a Swedish Bunny, or is he a Pole Walter?
lol how cute is this? Love the photo...
So cute! I got one of those for a couple of years =) Love the focus!!
Lovely with fennel, fresh veg, and a beer stock.
My goodness...that's a great shot!! I'm surprised how many photographs are grainy, blurry, or the colors are blah. This one is eye-catching, crisp, interesting, and colorful.
looking with kind of aggresion that it has rocket support and about to hit camera...
That aggressive little dude just got to be the Killer Rabbitt from Monty Pythons "The Holy Grail"! : )
That's one of the awesomest thing i have ever seen
those are some POWERFUL tiny legs
they see me hoppin'... they haten' XD
That is a very serious looking rabbit. Is she a Scorpio? Rabbits should do more sports photography.
oh my! this is awesome - i have a pet bunny she is too small to do something like this!!
Look on Rabbit's face is not cute..he is focused and won't distracted by carrot or any opposite sex. Inside his mind "C'mon u filthy B*** Barricades.
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
This is torture for the animal, why cant they let it do wateva it was born to do..
Jumping is torture? I encourage you to never watch gymnastics.
He's jumping cause he don't want to be supper. Lol ;-)
wow lovely rabbit.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall rating
wait for me HOT bunny lol
adi adi
flying rabbit...
aww soo cute my rabbits got a lead but it cant jump over hurdles i wish it could!
cool! Wish my rabbit could do just like this one :)
Oh god their coming run run ... save yourselves !!!
Heeeyy.. nice capture! isnthis kind of bunny competition?!
That must be the most determined rabbit ever.
That'll do, bunny. That'll do.
now, most people i wars depend on hero dogs to save them. But, they could also use a bunny!
oh, that's so effin cute!...hahaha
omg that is soooooooooo cute!!! :D
Jack Ng
Rabbit : I Can Do It !

awesome ! Positive thinking .
Well that might be a cute picture, but rabbits don't like it and it is a torture for them and not fun! chweettttttttttttt.
that is very cool. my rabbit would laugh if i asked him to do that :)
as aziz
Who is the winner ?...
it teaches just watch the destination.
muahhh !! rabbit boy.
Buunnehh!! I Want To Eat It..o.e Ish So Cute :)
Unusual,but good to see a change-a rabbit,insted of a dog..
The cutest jump I've seen. :)
Very cute didn't know bunnies could jump
hey thats cute yarrrrrrrrrrrrr..............
Man.. That a pissed off look. Someone needs to be careful,, lol :D
i have seen dogs doing this ..............but not rabbits
Why have I seen a rabbit jumping fences twice this week? First reddit and now google+. Strange. 
Cute indeed. But 268 remarks and nobody mentioning the possibility of it being a composition!
Some things don't match in this photo.
A tightened leash while the rabbit is jumping and going up or down. The (imaginary) line between front and back legs is to straight. Ears are in the down position and should at least be different while in such a dynamic motion. :-)
I have my doubts. Well no doubt left as both the rabbit and the leash have transfer spots around them. A proof of insertion.
Still nice picture. :-)
My cat can stand on one leg and whistle Dixey - and no I didn't Photoshop it - really, honestly!!
okay call of duty rabbit you can take off moon jump now
They should stop abusing that cute animal right now!
that is totally wicked dude keep it up
ooowwwhhhhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhhhh
We could all learn from that... exercise is good for everyone :)
w a s i s t d a s ?
what's that lol so funny
my neighbour is doing this with her cat!
It might be nice for a rabbit stew!!hahagha!!
niente male anche se lo trovo un po stupido mettere al guizaglio un
Me gusta tener amigos y conpartir com eyos
And to think at one time I had seven bunnies. I wish I had known the things you could do with them. Great image!
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