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Gwynne Monahan

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Gwynne Monahan

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Yes, I am a poor judge of my own writing. Laugh, of course, but please contain the eye roll until we examine the evidence.
From Poor Judge to Ripples of Confidence to Empty Bucket. March 12, 2015 4:32 pm ⋅ Leave a Comment ⋅ Gwynne Monahan. Tweet; Sharebar. Tweet. Yes, I am a poor judge of my own writing. Laugh, of course, but please contain the eye roll until we examine the evidence.
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Gwynne Monahan

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"Sieber says the entire industry needs to do what it's so good at: cause disruption." Exactly. I've found most articles written about the lack of women in technology amusing because it is an industry that prides itself on disruption, yet is content with the status quo. #irony  
Ana Redmond launched into a technology career for an exciting challenge and a chance to change the world. She was well-equipped to succeed too: An ambitious math and science wiz, she could code faster, with fewer errors, than anyone she knew.
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Gwynne Monahan

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"The kicker, though, is that you also have access to documents anyone else at the firm has accessed. Osborn, who has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Michigan, did his research and found that 40% of firm PACER downloads are duplicates. Take a second and reread that. So, at any given firm, more than one person at a firm has searched for and downloaded the same documents, 40% of the time. At $0.10 a page, that gets expensive. DocketFish removes that expense: it caches documents previously accessed, and makes them freely available to the rest of the firm."
When most people hear "legal research," they think of Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis. The ...
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Gwynne Monahan

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I'm interested to know who in the Cameron family, and non-commoners, who use messaging apps, and what they think of this. I find it interesting, too, that we're OK with encryption for some things, like bank data, health data, but not text, phone calls or emails which, by the way, are also used to check/exchange/update bank data, health data, etc.
In wake of Paris attacks, David Cameron targets encrypted communication services.
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Gwynne Monahan

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Yep. Rule of 3 applies.
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Gwynne Monahan

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Last week I went to this little-known conference called South by Southwest in Austin, TX. #SXSW #sxsw2015 #sxswi  
Mention South by Southwest (SXSW) and people get giddy. Mention that you get to go for work and they...
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Gwynne Monahan

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Why We Removed the Word 'Hacker' From Buffer Job Titles
Our journey toward more inclusive job descriptions

We want to be transparent about how we've fallen short in creating a diverse team. Here's where we are now, and what we're doing to change.

#diversity #womenintech #jobdescriptions #transparency
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Gwynne Monahan

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Increase scoring will most likely increase the length of the game, too. Unless the new commissioner wants to cut the game to 6 innings and institute a slaughter rule.
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Gwynne Monahan

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Sounds like what Google tried to do with Google+ when it rolled it out to Google Apps users. Will be interesting to see how this goes...
About six months ago, we reported that Facebook was working on a new product aimed squarely at the enterprise market under the working title, "FB@Work."..
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Gwynne Monahan

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Credit Photograph by Justin Edmonds/Getty
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Gwynne Monahan

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#Writer, #Editor and Problem Solver.
  • ABA Legal Technology Resource Center
    Managing Editor/Program Specialist, present
    I run Law Technology Today ( for the Legal Technology Resource Center, which includes sourcing content, promotion, interviews, and areas in between.
  • Clio
    Communications Manager, 2012 - 2013
    Clio’s first international hire, Gwynne documents Clio’s stories, development, and growth. She is an award-winning blogger and a social media veteran who is never far from the Internet.
  • Small Firm Innovation
    Editor, 2011 - 2013
    Blog sponsored by Clio. ABA Journal #blawg100 Winner: Most Popular Legal Practice Management Blog In charge of editorial calendar, contributors and promotion. Small Firm Innovation is a blog focused on two areas: the business aspect of running a law practice, and the nitty gritty of what has made a solo and small firm practice a success. From seasoned and successful lawyers to the newly graduated, Small Firm Innovation emphasizes practical solutions for real-world challenges faced by solo and small firm lawyers. Its focus on first person accounts of small firm success creates a dynamic exchange of ready-to-implement ideas.
  • Clio
    Community Manager, 2010 - 2012
    Managed Clio blog, started #cliotraining Tips series, maintained and grew #fb and #twitter followers and dramatically increased social media interaction with current and new users, thought leaders, publications and others in the legal and legal technology industry.
  • Self-employed/Freelance
    Writer, Editor and Researcher, 2008 - 2011
    Freelance writer/editor/technical communicator. Recent projects include: - User Guides for Time59, online time tracking software. - Content migration for new Managing Partner Forum website. - Edited book, "Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition" written by Adrian Dayton, published by the Ark Group. - Weekly blogging for personal injury law firm.
  • Shadow Froggy Consulting
    Founder, Chief Consultant, 2009 - 2011
    An independent project turned potential business geared toward educating the legal community on the practical uses of open source applications. She has written articles about open source for the Texas Bar Journal and Law Technology Today, and has also presented on the topic to such associations as the Chicago Bar Association.
  • TIme59
    Technical Writer and Social Media Consultant, 2010 - 2010
  • Comrad Esq
    Book and Blog Editor, 2009 - 2010
  • International Academy of Design and Technology
    Adjunct Professor, Technical Communications, 2009 - 2009
  • BBJ Linen
    Corporate Communications Coordinator, 2006 - 2008
  • Google
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Consumer of knowledge who shares, too.
I'm best known by myTwitter handle, @econwriter5, and a writer and consumer of knowledge who shares, too. From law schools creating incubators to social media as an eDiscovery goldmine to how lawyers can use "big data" from cloud-computing platforms to better run their practices, I follow trends in consumer and technology, and how they may impact the practice of law. I help connect the dots so lawyers can more effectively, and efficiently run their practices.

I do some fiction writing, and blog on my observations and experiences of living in Vancouver, Canada and, most recently, moving back to #Chicago.

I'm often quick with a book suggestion, witty comment or a laugh. I enjoy (read:love) baseball, jazz, foods I couldn't get in Canada (just) and the sound of the "L" (best sound!). #Mizzou graduate, and earned a M.Sc., with honours, in IT and Privacy Law from The John Marshall Law School.

This being the Internet, if you want to contact me personally, use this address.
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Snowboarded Whistler Blackcomb, and survived, having never been on a snowboard before.
  • The John Marshall Law School
    MSc with Honors, IT & Privacy Law, 2007 - 2009
  • DePaul University
    Professional Business Writing Certificate, 2005 - 2005
  • University of Missouri–Columbia
    BA, English, 1999 - 2003
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JUDGING from the condemnation, Facebook just “friended” Satan. The company has been pilloried for academic research it published, showing th

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