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Women went nuts about him. His story? He was born to Italian parents, apparently a troublesome child but nevertheless obtained a degree in agriculture. Somewhat colourfully, he eventually made his way to LA and became a dancer, including a marriage to a lesbian which was never consummated.  He started with bit parts in the film industry and eventually became a mega star in the 20s - the ideal dream man for the flapper lady. Ironically, men thought he was a threat to the ideal of the macho American man.  

Loads of drama in the life of this man, including being arrested for bigamy because he married someone less than a year after being divorced from his first wife. There is a suspicion that he was gay. He died at the age of 31 of a list of things you can look up on wiki.  Some women committed suicide as a result of his death.  

QUOTE from wiki: Valentino had no final burial arrangements and his friend June Mathis offered a crypt she had purchased (for the husband she had since divorced) in what she thought would be a temporary solution. However, she died the following year and Valentino remained in the adjoining crypt. The two are still interred side by side in adjoining crypts at the Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery (now the Hollywood Forever Cemetery) in Hollywood, California.
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Gwenny Todd

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Happy Secession day from your former Queen  :-P
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Wondering where to go this summer?  This sounds awesome.  And they have a Starbucks.
Remember when Tottori Prefecture finally got a Starbucks after all these years of being one of the few places in the world without one? Oh man, that was crazy. Tottori is just one of those places. The kind of area that's so quiet and uneventful that not even Starbucks, the corporate giant that's more than happy to ...
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Gwenny Todd

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Health authorities confirm that the death of a woman in Washington state earlier this year was the first US fatality from measles in 12 years.
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The judgement marks the end of a long legal battle and ordered Tel Aviv resident Eva Hoffe to hand all the Kafka papers in her possession to the National Library of Israel, who will post them online.
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Progress towards a universal flu vaccine.
The conventional flu vaccine protects only against a few specific strains of flu. However, experiments show that by including modified antibodies within the vaccine it may be possible to elicit broad protection against many strains simultaneously.
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Gwenny Todd

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Internet collective Anonymous circulated a poster on social media that calls for a #MillionPersonMarch to take place in Columbia, South Carolina on July 4.
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Gwenny Todd

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Declining prison populations?  Liberals are doing it right.
MOREAU, N.Y. — For sale: A 325-acre New York property containing more than 100 structures atop a mountain offering spectacular views. Sleeps hundreds. And one more thing: It's a former prison. The ...
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The family decided to keep the treasure hidden under a rug for three years before coming clean
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I used to have a friend.  For many years.  Today he is officially blocked.  All I asked is why the confederate flag is suddenly an issue and he claimed I was making an appeal to tradition and then stopped me from commenting.  NEVER has a man been able to accept my agree to disagree offer.  NEVER.  And yet, several women in my friends list disagree with me on one thing and we have successfully agreed to disagree. Deeply disagree. I accept that folks don't agree with me about some things.  I have very odd beliefs that completely fail to fall on one side or the other.  I am pro-choice but also pro-gun.  I am a treehugger but I HATE global warming cultists.  

So tell me now, men, if we disagree about something, should I just block you or try to reason with you?
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It's always better if we can talk about our differences, but both parties have to be willing to enter into meaningful discussion. There are also some things which should just not be tolerated.

I really don't know what to tell you about your friend. My practice is to clear my blocked list every few months. Those who simply don't want to communicate rarely bother me again.
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