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Gwen Stoll
Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.
Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

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Following the properties of emergence, we don't need the best experts to produce viable fusion. What we really need is 100 of these geek experiments distributed over the planet who share their experience in a network.

The fight for religion is really a fight to prescribe all people to stay dumb, motivated by fear of the unknown.

That's human, but there's no need to prescribe anybody to share the anxiety, and it doesn't make the world a better place.

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Adenauer, Erhard, Kiesinger, Brandt, Schmidt, jetzt Kohl: Liegt ein tödlicher Fluch auf dem Kanzleramt?
Komplette PamS-Titelseite ansehen:

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Tee hee hee.

Here Sapolski explains fractal genes. There may be a simple rules that explain "grow 5 times your thickness, then bifurcate".

I suggest the rule is even simpler. In bifurcation scenarios, it has been shown that the bifurcation ratio is constant at 4.669 (Feigenbaum number) for all one-dimensional maps with quadratic maximum **). Thus, the rule could even be more simpl and say "bifurcate".

Or go even further and think the logistic map to the end: The rule may say "grow faster, at a rate that puts pressure on your system that exceeds a growth rate of 3.6 (the onset of chaos) on your environmental limit". Then any evolution is the breaking of prior constraints by exceeding the logarithmic appproximation in limited growth scenarios.

Then all phenomena that emerge on this pressure will automatically show these bifurcating patterns. The emergent phase state is a generalization of the productive pressure with quadratic map properties.

**) Can a mathematician comment on my assumption that this then applies on any one-dimensional map on a hilbert space, as its Hilbert-Schmidt-Norm is composed of quadratic components?

Just got some feed-back on an academic presentation that said it appeared to focus too much on perception and it was not clear what that has to do with learning.

I am tempted to say: Shut your eyes, hold your hands over your ears, and then go learn.

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Brilliant lecture that explains the problem of science at a necessary epistemological transition to chaos science.

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The U.S. are doomed. It's only a question of time to the riots.

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Dann muss ich mich nu doch hinsetzen und alles auf ein eigenes Blog übertragen, das crosspostet.
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