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Gwen Patton
Pink Pistols spokesperson, former webcartoonist, and Lockpicker.
Pink Pistols spokesperson, former webcartoonist, and Lockpicker.

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In case you're seeing the cryptic pop-up message:

"Sorry, Backup and Sync needs to quit."

It's a bug. A pre-production piece of software at Google got pushed into production prematurely and borked lots of people. They're working on it. Story courtesy of El Reg.

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I haz a kitteh.

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Ongoing "blizzard".

More like freezing rain at the moment.


I'm not sure what's creepier...asking my Google Home if the CIA is listening, or that it actually had a cogent answer to the question.

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Incredible piece of music here.

One bit of background. About halfway through, they slap a gadget on the front face of the acoustic guitar. The gadget in question is an ACPAD, an extremely thin MIDI controller for acoustic guitar, that provides presets, drums, additional instruments, looping, and special effects to the guitar player, turning one person into an orchestra right from the guitar face. It's an amazing device, and if I played the guitar enough to warrant it, I'd buy one. I've been following it since it was a Kickstarter device, lusting after it, but unable to justify it. It's such a wonderful bit of kit that I would love to have one just to be able to say that I have one.

The song is amazing. Walk Off The Earth (WOTE) is a fantastic group. Their rendition of "Happy" is one of my favorites EVAR.

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(I totally have Gamorra's big shoulder-fired gun in Second Life!)

h/t +Pradheep Shanker

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This is a damn shame.

IoT can be an excellent paradigm...if it can be adequately secured. That so little effort is spent either securing the devices or securing the data FROM the devices is either stupid incompetence or outright malicious intent. It's only Hanlon's Razor that makes me spit and say it's more likely the stupid incompetence.

Hanlon's razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways including "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity," or "Don't assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding." It recommends a way of eliminating unlikely explanations for a phenomenon (a philosophical razor).

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This makes me happy as a clam.

I've got Kicad running on my CHIP, and am using it to take an online class on Kicad. I'm pleased as punch with how well this little beast is working for some fairly complex operations.

I also installed TMUX, which seems vaguely familiar. Either I worked with it before many moons ago and just don't remember, or there was an MS-DOS program that worked much like it. I can't remember what it was called, and it's driving me mad. Some sort of multi-screen thing, but it was before Windows was popular.

I'll bet Dave Jones from +EEVblog would find this interesting. He likes little cool electronics projects, and learning how to do this on a +Next Thing Co. C.H.I.P. should be right up his alley.


I don't know who created this, as I found it in the depths of an old Google Groups mailing list archive. Whoever you are, you are a genius.

What if literature were published the way software is ?
Kenneth M. Sheldon

Dear Registered Moby Dick reader,

Enclosed you will find Moby Dick version 2.1, which replaces earlier versions.

1. Version 2.1 restored several key characters that readers reported were missing in version 2.0, which was subsequently recalled. We have also added several new characters to version 2.1. In particular, readers reported that the character of Harold the Bookkeeper, who was intended to act as a foil for Ishmael, simply did not work. This character has been replaced by Queequeg, a South Seas savage. Further modifications should not be necessary.

2. Version 2.1 contains corrections to errors reported by readers of early versions, most of whom were being too picky. However one misprint on page 127 could make it difficult to follow the remainder of the story. Note that it is a gold piece that Ahab nails to the main mast, not a cod piece. (Also note: If, beginning in this section, your version of Moby Dick refers consistently to the Great white Tuna, you have the original version, 1.0.)

3. Early readers of Moby Dick commented that the hardcover modification (intended to discourage unauthorized copying of the book) made it impossible to install the book into their libraries. Version 2.1 contains a modified key-type protection. In the enclosed envelope, you will find a key that will open your copy (and only your copy) of the book. Attempting to open the book without using your key will invalidate your readership license.

4. With this version of Moby Dick, we are inaugurating our telephone support service, available free of charge to all registered readers. If you have a problem while reading this novel, please refer to the Moby Dick Technical Reference Manual (#MD-1024), which contains answers to the most commonly asked questions and includes a complete table of literary symbols used in this book. If you still cannot resolve the difficulty, call (800) BIG-FISH. The customer service representative will ask for the serial number of your book before assisting you.

5. Finally, it has come to our attention that certain unscrupulous publishers have pirated versions of the Moby Dick reader interface or are producing complete Moby Dick clones. The most flagrant involves a pirate captain whose hand is swallowed (along with an alarm clock) by a large crocodile. We are suing the publisher of this work. If you buy it, you could become a codefendant in the lawsuit.

Please complete the enclosed registration card so that we can send you information on new versions of Moby Dick. We will also inform you of forthcoming products, such as our state-of-the-art novel, Ambergris, a tale of daring and intrigue in the perfume and whaling industries, to be released in the fourth quarter of 1889.

Melville Press
Seattle, Washington
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