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Guy Swarbrick
Photographer and management consultant. Isn't everyone?
Photographer and management consultant. Isn't everyone?

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Hopefully it's me being stupid, but...

I have no idea why the default ordering is by name. When you're only looking at pictures from one camera it usually makes no difference whether the files are ordered by file name or by date/time but when the counter on the file name rolls over it does because new files now go to the beginning rather than the end.

I'm working with two cameras FTPing pictures to a tablet via WiFi, so name order is an absolute nightmare.

I know that I can filter by date, but as soon as I develop an image and go back the image browser is in Name order again. It drives me mad!

I want the ability to set the display order to date/time permanently. A switch to flip between oldest/newest first would be useful but I could live without it.

Have I missed a setting somewhere, or is there really no way to do this?

If you need any more R3 beta testers (especially ones with multiple machines running Lollipop and Marshmallow) let me know... :)

Is anyone else using PM for the mobile part of a normally desktop workflow? I'm using PM and my phone to upload pictures live to a Dropbox during an event and then importing them (via Photo Mechanic) to Lightroom. There are a couple of things I can't get my head around in terms of metadata being passed through from a PM edit to Lightroom...

If I connect a USB card reader and rate an image out of 5 and label it with a colour, the colour label is seen by Lightroom when I stick the card in a PC, but the rating isn't. What am I doing wrong?

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What I did at the weekend...

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The 'long list' for the 5 day B&W Challenge...
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The 2015 trackcycling calendar is now available to pre-order

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