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It seems Wikipedia didn't appreciate our edits.
+Brandon Harris Any idea how to get these folks at google edits in to +Wikipedia ?
Likely the wikipedians are quick to remove this stuff because its a closed beta at the moment.
Brandon says from IRC after trying to log in to google plus:
<jorm> i give up.
<jorm> anyways, the answer is this:  there's no citation of significance.

Anyway, lets see if they appreciate my edits :)

I am adding it in, but I am no sure if to include XM as a sub-atomic particle. Since we know its created at CERN, one would assume its sub-atomic also hint hint regarding the 'water, ice vapor' analogy).
Dammit they reverted my edit!
Says "last version by Doniago: please provide secondary sources to establish signficance"
cc +Brandon Harris
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