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Rated by as a Superb attorney, 10/10, providing thorough and effective legal services for his clients.
Rated by as a Superb attorney, 10/10, providing thorough and effective legal services for his clients.

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Congratulations go to Ann Harris, future Superior Court Judge.  She will do a great job.  Thanks go to Judge Bodiford for letting the public choose his successor, not the Governor.

On July 15, 2014 the Georgia Court of Appeals rendered a decision limiting when similar transactions may be introduced at trial to help prove a person guilty of a pending DUI by showing that the Defendant has been found guilty, or pled guilty, in a prior DUI.  A good case for all DUI attorneys to read.  Frost v. State, A14a0730.

Post has attachment  This is a good read explaining why you should never talk to the police.

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Blake and I are going to Dockside Restaurant in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

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Went to see my best friend, Blake, over the July 4th weekend.  He has two smart and loving German Shepherds that love to retrieve balls.

6-27-14  Back from court this morning.  Client's DUI reduced to reckless driving, nolo plea, and dismissal of open container charge.  Client happy.

Those who have been critical of Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds for filing murder charges against the dad who left his child in his car now have more information that justifies those charges.  Vic Reynolds has performed very well as a former Criminal Defense Attorney, and  Magistrate Judge, and I expect that he will continue doing a fine job as our District Attorney.  As this case progresses he will release more information about this horrible death of a child and the father's actions.

The U S Supreme Court has issued a landmark decision that will require the police to get a warrant if they want to search someone's cell phone.  In the past many cops have seized cell phones to gather information leading to more arrests.  The court said that cell phones today carry a lot of information about a person's finances, and other data that should be private and now requires the police to get a warrant to search cell phones.  Now, the burden will be on the state to prove that a cell phone will contain information that may be relevant to the commission of crimes and therefore subject to an intrusive search.  The police have argued that many cell phones now have an app that will allow the owner to erase all data if their phone is lost, stolen, or in the hands of the police and that the delay will allow the owner to erase incriminating information before they can get a warrant to search it.  Well, that may give some people the reason to  get that app.  Many people store their passwords and usernames for their bank account, stock market account and other personal data that no one wants others to have. gave me a 10.0 rating.

Went to Fulton State Court last week for a motions hearing, thinking that we would probably lose as the facts were not good.  Client's third DUI.  We got the first two reduced to reckless.  This time, cop doesn't show up and we get case dismissed for want of prosecution.  Wow!  That doesn't happen very often.  Client shocked and happy.
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