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Learn the most annoying components of website design that may cause visitors to leave your site.
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Thanks +Guy Kawasaki for sharing, great article and sums it up well (I know I hit the back button for a good number of these!).
Excellent article...I personally dislike websites that auto run multimedia. If I want to watch the video or hear the music I will click on the play button. I really dislike ESPN's web site for this reason; good content, but nearly every page requires me to halt a video before reading what I came for.
I agree with everything, but would add the latest trend in new service websites of only describing the service in a video. You can't find out what they do unless you sit through the video. I can read faster than you can talk, and I don't want to sit though the testimonials. One example was that apartment sharing website. An example of how quickly I left is that I no longer remember the name of the website.
Thomas, wish I should +10 this! I hate sitting through a 10 min video for the one min of information I need. Problem is it is WAY faster and easier to record a 10 min video than to write a well-written explanation, that's why you see so many of them.
I don't mind flash at all, since I am not an iPerson.
This hits a lot of nails on the head +Guy Kawasaki, thanks!

What +Jeff Moore said. The thing that annoys me the most about flash, besides its overall sluggishness, is that it can hijack your keyboard shortcuts. So for example you can use ctrl-w to make a screen go away except when you're in a flash widget. I know this isn't an issue for mobile devices, but it's very annoying if you use a workstation a lot. I use a flash blocker and it saves me a lot of mental wear and tear.
+Thomas Dean I am 100% with you about video, and I produce video for a living. Video seems to be a first choice for a lot of people, but I won't step into one unless I have a damn good reason. You can always read faster than you can watch, and with reading, you can skip over the parts that aren't relevant.
Flash is great for the right audience. It simply comes down to knowing your audience. Great read, lots of good information!
I used to learn actionscripting when the version was 2.0 but when Adobe released ver 3.0, I completely stopped using flash.
Please forgive me for my ineptness ... But why do some videos start and stop; start and stop...they freeze, then take time to load some more (while I wait impatiently) start up just to freeze again?
+Thomas Wells Whitley Jr. that usually means the bitrate of the video is greater than your internet connection speed. Sometimes you can pause the video and let the cache in your browser build up for a while before hitting play again.
+Thomas Wells Whitley Jr. are you asking why a business would have slow Internet access? First you would have to make sure that was really the case, then you would have to ask them.
So it sounds like maybe the training videos are encoded at a high bitrate? Hope they're worth it!
Good advice but I'd like to think we have moved past much of this stuff. 
+Jeff Moore I don't buy it. I've been using the internet and Windows PC's for about 20 years now. I have never experienced any problems with flash, ever. People always complain and talk to me like I don't use the damn internet every day of my life, about how I don't understand how flash works. You don't know what I understand. If your PC is running slow, then I attribute that to user error. You may disagree, but then why do I never have the same problems as you? Why have I been using Windows on my own computers since Windows 3.1, and have never had a blue screen that was not caused by my own mistakes, or had a virus that could not have been avoided by not letting someone else use my internet? Why has flash never slowed down my pc, or done anything except make websites more visually pleasing? People complain and complain about flash. To them I say, get a decent PC, stop fiddling with your computer in ways you don't understand, keep your virus software updated and your hard drive de-fragged, and you will never have any problems that are not user created.
Thanks for sharing this. I found it helpful though I think a well-timed pop-up with an attractive offer might not be offensive.
Clutter? anyone else hates jammed-packed pages that clutter the experience so much that yo can't find the info you are looking for or don't understand what the company actually does?
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