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(Mon02) Interesting article on what lies in the future for Facebook.

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Rob Go
I predict cobwebs.
Like and dislike are too limiting, i need a star system
I love +Charlene Li's quote: “I’ve put myself on a social media diet." I have as well. Not 15 minutes a day, but I have started to "scrub" my social media assets and to think about how I want to use them personally and professionally. I recently decided that I only wanted to use Facebook for friends and family that I know, people that I've had dinner with or would welcome into my home. My friend +Ari Herzog liked the idea and wrote a post about it I believe that privacy and saturation will continue to be a factor. I think there is always the potential that saturation offends groups of popular teens and drives them away or towards creating communities somewhere else. 
The future of Facebook's already been written.

By MySpace.
Facebook sustainability I believe, lies with keeping those from age 13 upward engaged. Charlene Li perhaps underestimates the scope of said youth demographic. From personal experience my 14 year old daughter has been active on Facebook for at least the past two years, and I doubt she has a schoolmate, or neighborhood children, who I have not seen there. "They're not interested", claims Li? I too used to tell my parents almost anything I thought they wanted to hear (read: dumb enough to believe). Thinking back, and it hasn't changed, the reality was, and is, vastly different. Parents know a lot more, but seldom 'get' where their kids are until, it's become a 'got', and they're just 'so over it'. From what I see, RE Kids and Facebook, they are already inextricably linked, not just on Fb, but everywhere, and therein lies the difference, that will not change significantly, while we parents still have the wherewithal to watch.
+Brian Paone If you've seen it, I'd like to read it. Trading asinine assumptions is too easy. Be difficult next time. 
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