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(Mon09) I can deal with this ranking of bestsellers. But hey, if you want to help, you can buy a copy here:
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How can we help, this was a great read with some excellent tips!
+Walid Muhammad Sounds like you already bought the book, so maybe you can get others to buy it too! Thanks!
yvw! I'll definitely continue to share my experience and the valuable insight I gained from some of the items within. Recommended reading.
Glad to see it up there at #3 - totally deserves it, and to be higher yet. It's great read +Guy Kawasaki - and not just for new people to G+, but experienced users can learn a thing or two as well. Well done.
Not that +Guy Kawasaki asked for this, but—GREAT BOOK! Cleared up everything for me, having been just poking around lamely since last year. Now I grok G+, and have since bought copies for a few other soon-to-be-formerly-lame colleagues. Thanks for the effort, Mr K.
Im reminded of a quote:
"When you add value to the world, money follows."-Robert Kiyosaki
And you good sir, are adding value to the world!
I already have a copy but I will be more than happy to spread the word :)
I had the privilege to read before being published and I found a book very useful and practical. Then I read the final version and now I consider useful, practical and good reference for anyone want to write about technology with emotional intelligence. The technology must increasingly emotional vector to be part of our lives as something really positive, besides being useful in our everyday life. It's just my opinion of course! +Guy Kawasaki Congratulations for one more inspiring legacy!!!!
Judging by the price comparison, no doubt that the book is taking over soon..
Second book. A bestseller. Just brilliant! Now just trying to squeeze in time to read d book. 
I bought both books, but I have to say, I finished yours the morning I bought it. Still haven't really gotten started on Jobs' biography. I think the length helped a lot.
Just purchased your book, but I have one nagging question-how do I find the time to read it? I find it extremely difficult to tear myself away from this site because I've learned more here in the past month than I have in the past 4 years on other "social" sites.
Wow. Awesome! It was great to hear you on +TWiT's The Social Hour today. Always funny and informative.
i don't have any money,
Planning on getting your Google+ book after I finish Enchantment!
Just finished Chris Brogan's book on Google+ and then two hours later I caught this post. So now I'm reading your book on Google+ and I think the books will compliment each other nicely..
Loved the book. I'm going to refer to it in my Public Speech class persuading Google+ is superior to Facebook...
I'm still not using Google+, oh wait.
Guy - Let me know if you want to come back on The Rise To The Top to discuss Google+ and pimp the book :)
I bought it and I need to dive into it! Can't wait especially after all these glowing recommendations.
Is there a way to get this e book in India, i tunes does not sell this one in India :(
Just bought it, looks great. Thanks Guy!
Hey +Guy Kawasaki I bought and read through most of your book in the past two days. It's really a great value for the price and it's already enhancing my experience on G+! However, I do still have a few questions that you didn't address in the book and I'm hoping you can help me find a solution.

1) Do you have a system for organizing your circles? Once you circle a lot of new people, there gets to be a lot of "noise" in your stream. How you make sure that you see all the best content and weed out most of the lower quality stuff?

I came across this great post on the topic today that you might find interesting (I don't know the person who created this, I just thought it was very well done).

2) I really like your strategy for finding great content and posting, but is there a way to schedule G+ posts to go out evenly over the course of the day? Something like Bufferapp for G+?

Thanks again for the great resource and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
+Aaron Zakowski 1) You just have to weed them out. Think of people as TV channels. Some you skip. :-) 2) There is not way to schedule posts. My greatest wish for Google+ is Bufferapp. I hate posting at night (Pacific) because of the spam comments from Southeast Asia.
+Guy Kawasaki Thanks for responding. From what I understand from conversations with the Bufferapp guys, they are just waiting for the G+ API to give them the ability to add G+ to their great product.
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