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We are so frightened of a bug or too as too many have forgotten basic hygiene.
Wonder how weak one can get by not building up immunity.
No doubt about it...let em get dirty
I have long had a similar opinion. We're continually told that some product will protect us. Have you shopped for soap that's not labeled "anti-bacterial?" The markets even have hand sanitizers because someone else may have touched the handle on the carts.
The anti-bacterial products give us the illusion of safety, bit I think mere shift where a risk may come from.
Agree... kids seem to get sicker and sicker... Used to eat lots of dirt as a kid, never washed my hands...
Dirt doesn't hurt you Don't mind being dirty but can't stand to be sticky
PS according to research being to clean is as bad as being to dirty ..
Continual cleaning makes you more susceptible to disease and viruses
Can't believe people still buy that anti-bacterial junk like soaps and detergents. How does the anti-bacterial goop know if it's killing the beneficial or harmful microfauna?
+Guy Kawasaki absolutely right. In one of my previous jobs I interviewed a global opinion leader who studies and treats patients with Crohn's disease, an anti immune disease. He told me that long-term US military study found that this disease very rarely occurs in people who were stationed in parts of the world were levels of hygiene are low. He also recommends to his female patients who want kids that they let them play/be filthy so that they can build antibodies early on (there is a genetic component to the disease). Thanks for sharing
Oh but those commercials really help increase the OCD in people, which in turn makes this industry rich. We all know at least one person. Every 10 minutes like clockwork. :)
Really, Jane? is that where those nasty cooties come from, kids who aren't particularly mysophobic?
I play in dirt when I was a child and made mud patties with flowers in them and gave them to my mother to show her my love. I'm healthy
I only said that because in the swine flu epidemic,it was kids that were passing it about-through no fault of their own-their parents weren't always that carefull,and don't get me wrong,I have nothing bad about them,it just wasn't there own fault,that's all
A Pols
A couple of points:
Frequent use of sanitisers only helps bacteria select for immunity for sanitiser chemicals. There already exists bacteria that can live happily in sanitisers and soap solutions.

The mammalian immune system is adaptive - it can learn. Teaching the immune system how to deal with more organisms (and more importantly which ones are nasty and which are benign) is a good thing - the article above provides scientific evidence of this.

+Gabriela Ehrlich's comment about Crohn's disease is interesting because it highlights how many of our auto-immune illnesses (including Crohn's disease) are probably increasing due to increasing human use of antibiotics and sanitisers (which result in a less-trained immune system).

The germs have the advantage over us in the evolutionary arms race due to their short life cycle. The secrets of evolution are time and death (Carl Sagan).

Time and Death - The Secrets of Evolution with Sagan, Cuvier, Darwin, Eiseley, and Barlow
A Pols is correct, the greatest danger using anti-bacterial medications is NOT reducing immunity of people (except those with over-protective disorders), our greatest danger is using anti-bacterial medication incorrectly so filter bacteria to ensure the survival of more resistive bacterial strains which are much harder to defeat.
Use antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers often. Help make stronger microbes. The Microbe community thanks you.
That's what I'm talking about! I've always been of the opinion that if we would let our immune system be exposed to more things, it would get stronger. One of the reasons I try not to take antibiotics and let my immune system take care of it.
I had to take antibiotics once. Cousin's kids gave me something flu-like that knocked me out goodly for a few days. I was not used to what those bouncey germ-carriers had been passing around in school.
+Angela Lembo This is exactly why I try to go to a family doctor most of them have had experience in many different things that cause problems. Where specialist are spend more time on certain problems and forget what they learned in school
good message to all, that one should take care of cleanliness
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