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(Tue02) Photo essay of Endeavor's last flight:

Photo credit: AP Photo/NASA, Carla Thomas

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Props to the Bay Bridge for making an appearance!
Sad to see this amazing craft put into mothballs. How about no more wars, just give all that money to research??
WOW!.... I didn't know they fly that thing to low to the ground!
Would soooo like to have witnessed this... one more end of an era!
missed it was up in WA..gurr and i have new cameras tooo...
+Luis Galarza The flight was for public visibility. An "honor lap" of sorts. They flew low around several metro areas so more people could see it. Photos like this were taken from the military escort planes.
the Plan flew over few people I know house too and very low too ..
wow too close from bridge
awesome..i like it.:)
I wonder the responses of the people in the cars below, crossing the bridge......  
Asi es que nacen los avioncitos entonces,
Absolutely awesome! The space shuttle takes a bow. 
Now you don't see that everyday!!
What a waste of taxpayers money...
Deng zhicheng, its not photoshop it was the last flight the shuttle took an it was on british news so i should imagine it was on your country's news too
so think before you speak please
Spend the money on job training those on welfare how to work
Nice photo - haven't seen this one yet!
Need a caption in each picture which tracks how many tax $ this silly show and tell cost us. Not to mention the number of car accidents caused, as dummy drivers gawked.
Seth Benkusky U give me hope for this country
Go to a museum and really see it shuttle tard
When one looks up the word"cool" a picture of Fonzy and this should show up.............
All the years in Florida I never had that view, wow
Man kind achievements in one picture from land to air! Amazing!
Very majestic,The end of a very expensive and useless program Ahhh,
the parties finely over for a bunch of overpaid smart asses I'm sorry I
wont loses any sleep over that.
Look up in the sky! It's a weak attempt by the government to distract us from the bullshit that's happening on the ground!
The computer you are typing on probably wouldn't exist if not for "expensive and useless program"s like that one. Troll.
This is how a tall girl must feel when she hooks up with a short man.
That is the best one I have seen and I saw some good one ;)
Was this taken from one of the escort jets?
That sure is a big plane the shuttle has to carry.  :<(
thats so cool i forgot all about it & nice shot
It is so sad to see a legacy of this country go out so solemnly. At least people are noticing it and saying goodbye. Thanks to whoever made this.
I never flown by plane and never in my life is not subject them to the heights if we have no money to travel on a plane
That plane flew over my school. I swear to god.
wow it looks like it was photo shopped
This photo's a fake! I know, because I saw the real photo, which was taken just before Godzilla swatted the shuttle!!! :P
To waste more taxpayer money what else? Photo op's? Give +Guy Kawasaki something to post? I've got a million of um'.
The space program coming to end shame live long endeavor
this is so cool i hope it is also on facebook. :)
add me to your circle for witty,fun posts
An acquaintance's mom was doing a marathon (of some sort) and the last leg was on this bridge just as the shuttle was flying over. Now that's a sweet memory. I'm enjoying it vicariously.
This could be photoshop im not sure
Say what you will while the space program will continue it will be a long time before it looks this cool again.
Hi""!!??ralf from cebu philippines
Now that is one great pic...super awesome.
Wow! Just saw the other one at the Intrepid in NY
saw it for a glimpse at SM high...too fast
Well that's a beautiful collection made available publically. Wonderful.
Ever hear of not showing off
Cool. Thanks for sharing!
Great picture. Is it real?
ugh! I miss San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, considering that's the golden gate bridge, it would've been on the news, and there's no motion blur. i call fake.
I wonder what thier baby will  look like
I wonder if they are going to give birth to a lil crop duster.
awesome capture!!!!!!!!!!!  :-D
I saw that, so amazing, once in a life time event!
This equipment gave a lot to to human thanks to the team 
they took rout threw tucson AZ where i Bz
ning lu
thanks , endeavor
Is that a plane carrying a shuttle WTC???(what the crap?)
Omg that was the space ship on Friday
once in a lifetime shot - award winner?
In the coming years large aircrafts, bigger than Jumbos, will remain airborne for weeks on a given route, for example, coast to coast  and back again.
Smaller planes will keep flying up from the airports to the large aircrafts and flying down from the large aircrafts to the airports with passengers, baggage and all the stuff they use. 
xe hoi qua duoc thi phi co cong nhau cung lot chu sao!
Translate be kept in the museum Ithink????...
Great shot guy Kawasaki I wouldn't believe that myself
Wish they would go back to the moon soon
We were there! But we didn't see it :-( nice shot though.
I wish I was there. But I was @ the aquarium!!!
Oh wow! That's 5000x better than the shot I got at school!
it  go too low  and i think it 's fake
Cu Lu
Amazing pic .thx;)
Yup,...and the last time we will ever see this again.
Its wonderful, which bridge is this?
Great Photo, but it is sad that engineers are able to land a remote control RV but are unable to move the space shuttle 12 miles with out cutting a lot of threes in Los Angeles.

looks nice.Its even better than photo shop.
Let that plan know who's boss
for this really need to have a skills lol
קלקוד של עטמנה
are they charging extra for being overweight ??
A wonderful pic. It shows the beauty of manned space flight along with normal flight. It also shows how technology is surpassing humans' abilities to deal with it.
rocket and plane....someone's been busy.
Ok so what's with this airplane carrying the space shuttle all about? Always repeating the same post. Yeah great shot, indeed. Bored? Maybe...
Amazing photos Guy, thank you for sharing this once in a lifetime event!
wow........its awesome!!!!!!!!!
no more extra luggage fee for passengers please, scumbag airline companies :p
all awesome pictures....! thanks for sharing.
A beautiful sight for Endeavors last flight over a historical landmark the golden Gate Bridge before its final resting place for all to see in all it's glory.
no, father plane tooring the baby plane@sonam
J Gohil
I saw that, so amazing, once in a life time event!!! <3
Perfeita a foto na maravilhosa ponte.
so cute to see. Ive never seen such beautiful real photo
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