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(Fri07) South Korean retailer use 3D sculptures of QR codes that only work from 12-1 pm to pump up sales during lunch.

Emart shadowQRcode

Hat tip to +Bill Meade
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That is very creative. Reminds me of Indiana Jones movies :)
Brilliant !
This is the kind of idea that will allow us to bridge the gap between electronic social media and every day life.
Would they have a copyright on it? I will love some retailer friends to try it out on the US.
I'm kinda torn on this one. It's clearly a creative move and kudos to the marketing team for the program - very clever But on the other hand I think the pressure to shop shop shop all the time is a bit overkill. I guess they wouldn't go if they didn't want to but it just makes me feel the marketing volume these days is expected to be on 10 every hour of every day. Things like recency / frequency are still valid and I think too much can have a negative effect on a brand and turn consumers away. 
Just take a picture of the QR code, print it out and scan that copy.
Buy all day.
Y isnt this ad in Korean? Pretty smart business though
+holger feroudj said what I was going to say! I've been to Korea many times and there are entire months when you don't see the sun.
Great idea, we'll have to try that here! Thanks for posting. 
Excellent! 2 Points to consider...
1. Every QRcode 'sculpture' must be unique.
2. Shitty sales on rainy days?
Thats pretty damn awsome!! 
Re +Jesse Cotto :

I may be wrong, this is my idea:

1) set up the fix deal page and changes deal everyday.

2) The purpose is to raise brand awareness and brand loyalty. Regardless of the weather, now they have more membership and newsletter subscription which they can communicate with their audience directly; hence increasing their sales volume and makert share.
Dan Jen
Excellent idea, now ppl can't wait till lunch time for ann entire different reason
Probably sales Now dropped from 10-12 & 1-3 Now! LOL
This is a cool idea. Only if we had this in the U.S. we wouldn't have to stand in long lines to purchase our groceries today.
Like a sideways city... how interesting! Love the shadow effect... could make the picture different every pic ya take.
how in the hell would someone think of something like this ?
Cloudy days? And the sun moves so after a few days the time would drift up or down timewise.
aye you just said watz up on sometong else... Js
JUST DERIVER IT?! Was I the only one who saw that?
This is amazing - so smart - I would do that if they offered it to Aussies too! .xxxx
That is a very innovative marketing campaign. I hope some marketers learn from it ... copy it. The sincerest form of flattery, eh?
Wow - very clever
Very Clever. I wished Companies would make more use of QR Codes though. You don't see them often.
Amazing design ideas and imagination resonate throughout this work.
Koreans .... they always come up with something mind-blowing )))
It did not work with my best QRcode decoder app! Or is it because of the time? And it did not work with my QRcode and barcode scanner app too! Hmm?
that's clever... using a little of the "everbody is doing it" tecnhique from you book too! (and not only)
Very clever. Thanks for sharing.
"Just Deriver It!" Sunny Sale made a funny. :59
+holger feroudj no sale that day. Or have someone stand on top of a tall building with a spotlight :-)
Wow that is a really cool idea! Fantastic!
i love this dude's voice and general tone...its all leik "OMG do something productive and make people happy WOOOOOX!"
You don't often see QR codes used well, its quite refreshing to see such a creative example of it.
definition of disruptive technology
Clever way of integrating on-line sales channels with physical stores. If only BN could embrace the "GENIUS of AND."
best use of qr codes i've seen other than that they are stupid domains are better you cant brand a bar code
Smart marketing! I wish more companies would have ideas like that!
QR Code and a work of art! NICE!
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