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I dont get the rabbit one....
Great post!  Thanks Guy.  We've been putting together survival stuff for awhile now.
Remember, we're talking about dry condoms here.
Would not be much difference with used one...
+cordarro gordon Use the condom to create a float to use for fishing. Covered in the article. As +Jakub Paleček notes, the rabbit is the only one not (clearly?) explained in the article.
It is, actually...darts are used with sling shot - for small game, like Rabbits.
It tooooo long to read boring......
So now you fuck rabbits?  What a Jack Hole you are!
men this is stupid
I think the rabbit is either like to suffocate or store the meat just guessing
They also help against Global Warming. When they told me that my mind was blown!!!!!
One thing you may consider since you're talking about being outdoors, is I always carry wrapped Maxi-pads in my med kit when I go camping.  If you get a good sized cut, they're one of the best things you can put on a wound.  They're sterile, absorbent, & usually large enough that another person can keep pressure on your wound without getting blood on their hands.

I know I know, it sounds weird, but trust works!
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