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(Sat05) Motorola sent me a Droid Razr Maxx, and it's definitely a cool phone. For one thing, the battery lasts about twice as long as my iPhone 4S.

Imagine that: you can go a whole day without worrying about your battery. The Verizon 4GLTE just smokes.

YesterdayI learned about something called Smart Actions. This application enables you to write little scripts. For example, this happens when my calendar shows I'm in a meeting and someone calls:

- Ringer is set to silent but vibration is on.
- A text message is sent that says "In a meeting."
- If my wife calls, the phone rings.

And you can have multiple windows/widgets running multiple apps on the home page. Here's an in-depth review of the phone:

More on gadgets:
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I got the Droid 4 last week, which is the Razr with a Qwerty slider (I gotta have it). I LOVE THIS PHONE. Seriously.
WOW! That is hard to believe!. Battery life was one of the reasons why I stayed away from Android.
Wow, twice?! This thing is made of kevlar and gorilla glass so it's indestructible and its battery last forever?
It concerns me technology like this. What is something goes terribly wrong and we have to destroy it? It will be almost impossible.
+Calvin Lee I had the OG Droid, and the battery life was horrible. This one lasts so long I forget to put it on the charger overnight. I've got a smart rule setup to drop to "night mode" between 2-5AM, which drops all network sync and display to conserve battery. It automatically downramps performance when you hit critical battery so that it lasts as long as possible. I used to never consider an Android without JuiceDefender, but the new smart actions make power management apps obsolete.
+Calvin Lee After 16 hours yesterday, this phone was at 60% charge. Two of those hours it was on Airplane mode, though. Can you get 14 hours out of an iPhone?
I'm not sure if the Tasker app is in the same vein as this but it does these sorts of things. However there's a bit of a learning curve. For instance, being a physics teacher, my first task was to have the camera flash come on at a 25 Hz frequency if the phone is shaken vertically at a high rate. The strobe is turned off by shaking the phone left and right.
+Chris Jenkins +Guy Kawasaki When the iphone was new. I might have gotten full day. Now, I'm down to 60% by the late morning.

I have to carry power packs with me. Maybe +Verizon Wireless will send me a Droid Razr Maxx to try out. :)
+Guy Kawasaki How does it compare to your S2? I'm still lovin' the bionic and with the bigger battery heft, it has a built in self defense app.
Verizon has the laptop dock for Razr on sale for $150 today, go check it out.
Sounds cool.but if Razr Maxx still with the 1cm border just like Razr,I hava to say it's realy ugly.I am sorry for my poor English skill.
I love my Maxx, it will be the first phone that will make it through a NASCAR race :) and the 4g rocks, usually 20Mbs up and down, its faster than the Roadrunner.
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...So the commercial is true! Battery life is usually frustratingly low on all smartphones that I have used over the past 3 years. Perhaps I need to give this one a try!
Funny. One of the reasons I switched from an HTC EVO to an iPhone 4S was because of the battery life. I easily go the whole day without worrying about charging. My EVO was dead after 5 hours. My 4S has been unplugged for 13 hours and still has 1/2 a battery left.
EVO runs a lot of background apps that usually kill the battery without the user knowing.
I have never used an iPhone but I can say that the quality of the materials on the MAXX is awesome...
i dont like it
i dont know what is 4G
i use edge
i want one pleeeaaaasssseeeeee
Lucky you...the Droid Razr Maxx is going to be one of this year's biggest selling phones...I'd love to try one of those!...
Pfft my Nokia E7's battery lasts two or three days even with wifi on.
Nice review, +Guy Kawasaki - but I want to know if you're going to switch phones. Long battery life and the other features are nice, but can it really replace an iPhone? Also, if you decide to sell one of your phones on ebay, plase post the link in your G+ stream - thanks! ;)
"If my wife calls, the phone rings." LOL
Really power efficiency is a big push this and next year. You'll see tons of phones getting bigger batteries and all of the upcoming mobile system on chips are getting a die shrink so they'll chew up a lot less battery.

It is really amazing how thin the Razr is, considering how big current gen LTE radios are, and how they squeezed that big of a battery in that form factor.

Intel has prototypes that even have the Wifi radio baked onto the system on chip. Qualcomm Krait has the LTE radios baked on the chips themselves and will use a TON less battery on 4G. And a few nice display technologies to boot. End of 2012/Early 2013 looks to be an exciting time :) Unfortunately it looks as if, timeframe wise, the iPhone users are going to miss out on it, if it's true that they're pushing for a summer release. I would anticipate, at best, the iPhone 5 getting Samsung's 32nm die shrink, but still having Cortex A9 based hardware (current gen). Likely whatever will be in the iPad 3.

+Jonathan Wedd I really think that depends on how tied into the Apple ecosystem a person is. Same with Android, as an iPhone is not a good choice for someone that uses a lot of Google or Amazon services. Personally, I despise using iTunes. Yes, an Android can do everything an iPhone can do, in some cases more due to a more open API allowing system level control of third party applications. Exception being gaming in some areas, but even that lead is narrowing. But it really depends on the user.
Paid to get the first gen Razr the day it came out in November. In love with the phone, but constantly bump charging. Debating whether I want to pay again do soon for the Maxx...
Paid to get the first gen Razr the day it came out in November. In love with the phone, but constantly bump charging. Debating whether I want to pay again do soon for the Maxx...
I want this phone so bad cause im a powrr user and my droid x2 dies withing 3hrs of heavy usage ie. Browse the web, watch videos, google+, facebook etc. But i have to wait till 2013 till i can upgrade :(
min min
I wish Verizon just sent me new phones. :/
I hope T Mobile gets this phone I would love to have one. I am still using the HTC Magic MyTouch 3G.
Unless the bootloader is unlocked and the option to root the phone is there... the phone is not worth it.
Just got the Droid 4. Really digging it. Love the smooth keyboard action.
Yue Wu
Motorola should also send me a Droid Razr Maxx for review on my blog. :)
+9GAG and you thought the nokia 3310 was indestructible :p
I want Android software installed on my Memory
But I try to install programs on the internal memory is
What is the application programs installed on memory
I have Android system 2.3.5
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and shows nothing but words.
I dig my Razr, but be warned. Verizon doesn't take kindly to hacking.

My current razr is rooted, and I've removed the bloatware that Verizon installs on it's phones. The problem is that Verizon's update process wants that very bloatware to be present to complete.
Give me a good old fashion phone any day.
But it is not good for samsung's better than motorola and is not google phone!
+Sidhesh Ganeriwala I think there will be official ICS updates for most modern smarthphones with the specs to support it within a few months, unless they're planning to go directly to v 5 Jelly Bean later this year. For some there are already ICS based custom ROMs.

I'm currently using Gingerbread/ICS hybrid with some system files from ICS.

Regarding battery power, I don't think it makes much sense to say it lasts for x hours... I mean doing what, with which settings, firmware, kernel, screen light profile? With wifi, bluetooth, 3g, gps on/off, good/bad reception. What's interesting is the ampere hours of the battery and possibly the watts consumed by the cpu/gpu/screen at a given clock frequency and lumen. Simply some kind of fair benchmark.
I have by tweaking cut down the battery use by the system to a fraction of the stock system on my galaxy note.. The screen light is of course the heaviest power user but has been cut down a bit too by changing the auto light levels profile.. this can be done on nearly any rooted android device. Point being, what matters are the amperes.
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Crazy how far the RAZR name has come. I remember getting the very first razr that was the worlds thinnest flip phone. Haha. I am intrigued by this device though. 
nice phone........
Let's see how many months it lasts and the price of battery replacement.
battery replacement? how about tablets? are they replaceable? how many times did your replace you iphone battery? i do believe engineers are confident with it. are you an engineer sir?
+Jeff Schultz Sold my Galaxy Nexus on Ebay before getting the Maxx. Nexus has literally a 2 hour battery while browsing on LTE. You can actually see battery indicator drop as you browse. Today for the fist time in 3 years went on a two day business trip without a charger!. With smart actions this phone lasts 3 days of active use! Also it runs very "cold" which makes me think the battery will last much longer then the iPhone's.
:O!!!!! actually im crazy about phones but i can't because im still 13!! hurgh -_-'... btw nice phone!
i'll buy it 5 years later..then its price will be less than now...
El mejor de los mejores. Sobre todo su pantalla guao
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