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Cool stuff dude. Nice texture with the rocks. I guess they aren't shells. Honestly Guy at first glance without looking at the link this looked like a beach...Ok where are the Martian chicks in Bikinis?
How amazing it is to see such wonderful photos of another world, just hours after they are taken. Go Curiosity!
Amazing pictures! The impossible is now possible.
Reminds me of The Saddle at Mt. Kilimanjaro.
anyone find it odd that the saying is "curiosity killed the cat?" if so, then spirit should have survived... ironic huh?
That's the site of the biggest kegger in the history of the solar system.
Beautiful photos of The Other World, Mars. :-)
Really incredible stuff.  Way to go NASA!!
Is it true that Curiosity cameras have only 2 GB of memory each ?
someone forgot to water the grass.
That was the first step, now for the next couple of steps should be even more mind pleasure. 
Mega. Amazing and amazingly its own way and just like anything here on Earh
Let me know when you find the face and the door opens.  Otherwise Mars is pretty boring.
Diamonds on the surface. Now it make sense. NASA can recover their cost. LOL
+Cassie Lynn The actual saying goes like this...

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction Brought him back."
Is anyone else hoping to see a huge black monolith (1x4x9?) Something's going to happen. Something wonderful!
The black stuff looks like coal...
do you have a complete analyzation of the soil?
Could easily be mistaken from somewhere on Earth.
gather up this charcoal son,,,,, ill go find some beef
I got goosebumps as I scrolled the pictures, some kind of weird...

It looks like earth because the colors have been corrected to what they would look like in sunlight on earth to help the geologists make better sense of the landscape. The mars light version is also available.

Thanks Guy
Probably Mars, but that would be the best embezzlement scheme ever. 1) Take photo's 2) Fake Mars landing and keep funds for it 3) ...? 4) Profit!
Thanks for the pic. I am learning the same stuff about Mars and curiosity and blahblahblah...............
so the curiosity's best shot is.... dirt. yay
Don't expect that +NASA will really give us the best and true shots they have.
I want to see more of these photos,I can stare at them all night long.
I am still waiting on the crazy conspiracies that may arise from either strange shapes in photos or people saying it didn't really happen.
If you look closely you can spot the residual effects of walter white's meth lab.
Ken M
Thanks for sharing the link..
I love the mission. I love the concept. I love the technology. But I can not help but notice we had started a trash pile before we set foot on the place. :-) Just sayin'.....
Thank-you for sharing,it's intriguing.
Loaded with turqoise....?
NASA has once again proven that humans may be here to stay in our local universe after all.
Where that shit spot At what fucking joke 
Egypt or Sahara desert lol you all dumb ass to believe everything you see 
Merikh ya hamoon bahrame khodemoon
I wanna go an live on planet mars...cant wait till the Martians discover the Curiosity....
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I think, just like the moon landing, this was taken from a Hollywood studio basement
My question we have some sort of Comm. device on there? Talk about putting the shoe on the other foot..."Take ME to YOUR leader"...
whats in the making of the findings at 41014, has too do with two things ..Elvis`s son Jrs, home and the race too kill him in the reailty dream of plots, in the matter of the same place where alot of gas prices raised for him not too win the first Black man being president and more and fause media...,,the reasons over deception of whats here in the house that Dad built for me and covered up with a land fill....Elvis Arron Presley Jr....hand painted in the same area as 41014 ....
I heard Bank of America is handling all the pending real estate transactions on Mars and the associated derivatives...
There is probably gold everywhere.
This is beautiful ,i hope it will be in my lifetime when man finally steps a foot on mars !
My inner geek is beside himself with the possibilities this brings- as to Michael's comment, I've been wondering what elements they will find that are useful to us. I imagine corps. like GE and DuPont want to find out. I would bet that is a big portion of the expedition, 
i love the NASA org. since the guys are very hardworking en helpful
I,m sure I went camping there once, had a hard time putting the tent pegs in .
Shockingly similar to our blue planet. I can't wait to see that rock laser in action. Any Ideas when the first test will begin? 
That could be Arizona for all we knew.  Great Mars picture btw.
Remember that movie Arnold did about traveling to Mars ? Lol. 
Wait so cats are on mars? But curiosity killed it. Now nasa has to send another probe called satisfaction to bring the cat back.
Is that water on the left side of the photo?
Nope, those are dunes / clays / minerals etc. left by water when there was plentiful water on the surface of Mars. In the coming months we'll get closer to that patch...
Now, I am beginning to get the feeling that some are actually shots of a construction site down the road, being passed off as shots from Curiosity.
Interesting mars terrain
It almost looks like there is glass on the surface
Maybe it is just rock
Im excited looking the mars surface. wt will going to show abt the mars too expectation.
Pretty damn good picture for it being millions of miles away..
Oh wow that is so cool ! I love it!
Lools like curiosity is a grt photgrapher even ;-)
Laugh if an alien walked into view!
Amazing photos from Curiousity and the orbiter - last image is amazing, showing all that water flow on Mars - how long ago?!?
I think i see a penny on the ground:-)
This is a nice man made scene. Nasa using photoshop to the fullest yet again.
mangaler usha budhe paa/jatha echha tatha ja. er por ki bola jabe?
well yeah but if not then they could lose their jobs pretty fast if you know what i mean.......
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